September 13th, 2007

New 6mm 95gr MatchKing — More Details

As promised, here are specifics on the new 95 grain Sierra MatchKing bullet. As you can see below, it looks very similar to the Sierra 107 MatchKing, but it’s just a bit shorter, with a bit more curve in the top quarter. Our samples measured 0.2433 at the pressure ring — same as the current Sierra 107 MKs. Jason Baney provides this info:

95 SMK OAL: 1.182″ | 107 SMK OAL: 1.216″ | 105 Berger OAL: 1.235″

Sierra 95 MatchKing

Shown below is Jason’s group from long-range testing. Jason tells us: “I had 8 shots group 2.75″ high x 3.5″ wide, with nine shots in just 4.2″–that’s excellent. One shot went high, opening it up to 6.9″. Keep in mind a 4.2″ is considered pretty spectacular at Williamsport. And a 6.9″ is a very competitive group that will win many relays. I shot this group in decent, but nowhere near perfect, conditions at 1025 yards. These new 95s definitely have some potential at 1000. . . and even more at 600 yards.”

Sierra 95 MatchKing

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