May 8th, 2007

First Weekend at Williamsport

Jason Baney, our 1000-yard Editor, offers this report of the first 1000-yard match of the season at the Williamsport Club: “The weather for Williamsport Match 1 this past weekend was gorgeous, but mirage and wind remained to make it tough. From the very beginning mirage was horrendous! Even at 20x magnification it was hard to deal with, and at 42x it looked like we were shooting through water–the target danced around constantly. Wind was fairly light to start, but was increasing from the start. In the group shootoff on Saturday, shooting a borrowed 300WSM with 210 Bergers, I needed a solid 7 MOA to get in the middle of the target. Sunday was even worse with some of the worst results in the club’s 40 year history. Lots of people are already out of the Heavy Gun 10-Match Aggregate unfortunately.” For more info about the Williamsport Club, and for complete match results, log on to

John Buhay won the Light Gun shoot-off with his 6mm Dasher. Shooting his 6BR, Jason had small group of the day at 5.851″ (for ten shots), and Diane Hoover had High Score at 97, shooting a 6.5-284. Below is Jason’s excellent target:

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