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May 30th, 2007

6mm Match Bullet Diameters

There’s been some controversy surrounding the “ideal” 6mm bullet diameter. This is compounded by the fact that 6mm match barrels are available with both .236″ and .237″ land diameters. It has become quite clear to us that bullet diameter is an important variable to consider when choosing the best projectile for your particular barrel. Some barrels prefer “fat” bullets while other barrels prefer “skinny” bullets.

Jason Baney recently took the time to measure 12 different sets of 6mm Match Bullets, including a couple different lots of the same bullet design. Interestingly, Jason did measure the “old” Berger 105 VLD, the “new” Berger 105 VLD (first lot from the new die), and the “new, improved” Berger 105 VLD from the new die, after it was polished. Ten (10) Bullets were measured per type. Each bullet was measured three times (3X) around the largest circumference, normally where a pressure ring would be located (some bullets have a pronounced pressure ring, others do not).

6mm bullet diameters

Download this CHART as an MS Word Document.

Columns one and two of the chart show the smallest and largest bullet diameters measured for each 10-bullet sample. The third column shows the extreme spread over each 10-bullet set. Note, these numbers are NOT averages, but represent the “low” and “high” diameters for each set. (FYI: Jason noted that while the Lapua Scenars measured very consistently the earlier 2005 “JEVDAK” lot had noticeably smaller meplats than the current 2007 lot.) A Mitutoyo Micrometer was used, zero-checked for each bullet.

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May 30th, 2007

MidwayUSA Tumbler just $29.99

If you don’t have a vibratory tumbler yet, here’s a real bargain. Now through the end of June, 2007, MidwayUSA is selling its “Quick-N-EZ Tumbler”, item #587176, for just $29.99. At that price you can afford one of these just as a dedicated bullet-coater or parts cleaner. Most of the user reviews have been very positive, though some folks felt the older-style pumpkin-shaped bowl provided better agitation. Personally we think the wide-mouth bowl with clear top is a great idea. This lets you see the “work in progress” without having to unscrew the top. Click HERE for product reviews.

MidwayUSA bullet brass case tumbler

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May 30th, 2007

Berger Plans New Load Manual

Berger Bullets plans to release a new Loading Manual at the 2008 Shot Show. This book, a collaboration between Walt Berger and writer Richard Mann, will include some of the history of Berger Bullets as well as load information. This is the first time Walt Berger’s load data has ever been published and the first time the story of Walt Berger and his bullets has been put in print. In the new book, Walt will cover many topics including the development of J4 Jackets and the VLD bullet, and how the bench rest world championships were started. Whether you’re a benchrest shooter, a big game hunter, or a collector of outdoor books, this new reference should be of great interest.

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