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May 22nd, 2007

Bianchi Cup (NRA Action Pistol Championship)

The 29th NRA National Action Pistol Championship/Bianchi Cup will take place May 23-26, near Columbia, Missouri. Even if you’re not a pistol shooter, you would enjoy watching–this is the “Formula 1″ of action hand-gun shooting, with major prize money and exotic, custom pistols and revolvers. The prestigious Bianchi Cup draws competitors from around the globe–Australia, Canada, Germany, Italy, Japan, New Zealand, Netherlands, Norway and United States.

The Course of Fire consists of four separate matches: Practical Event (timed shooting from 10 yards to 50 yards); Barricade Event (timed shooting from “cover”); Falling Plate Event (timed fire at banks of six, 8″ plates); and the Moving Target Event (target travels and is exposed for just 6 seconds). Click HERE for more information. The Match is hosted at the Green Valley Rifle and Pistol Club’s Chapman Academy Range, in Hallsville, MO, (573) 696-5544. Click HERE for complete 69-page, Bianchi Cup Program Guide.

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May 22nd, 2007

Empty Chamber Indicator (ECI) for Rimfires

Larry Medler has come up with another smart little invention–a simple, inexpensive Empty Chamber Indicator for rimfire rifles. It is made from a section of plastic “weed-wacker” line and a wooden ball from a hobby shop.

Medler Rimfire Empty Chamber Indicator

Larry explains: “At all Highpower rifle matches, silhouette matches, and other shooting events I have attended, Open Bore Indicators (OBI), or what are now called Empty Chamber Indicators (ECI) have been mandatory. The NRA’s yellow ECI for Highpower rifles is easy to use and has been well-received by the shooters. However, I have not seen ECIs used much for smallbore matches. In fact I had not seen a truely workable ECI for 22 rimfire rifles–until I visited Michigan’s Washtenaw Sportsman’s Club where I saw juniors using ECIs for their 17 Caliber Air Rifles. Someone at the club made the empty chamber indicators by attaching an 8″ piece of weed wacker line to a 1″-diameter wooden ball, painted bright yellow. I now make similar ECIs for the 22 rimfire silhouette matches I run.”

Construction Method: First, drill a 7/64” diameter hole all the way through the 1″-diameter wooden ball. Then enlarge half of that 1″-long hole using a 13/64” diameter drill. Next insert an 8″ piece of heavy duty (0.095″ diameter) weed wacker line through the ball, leaving about 2″ on the side with the bigger-diameter hole. Then, with the short end of the line, fold over the last half-inch so the line is doubled-over on itself. Then slide the line into the ball, stuffing the doubled-over section through the 13/64″ (large) hole. Finally, pull the longer end of the line until the doubled-over section is flush with the outside of the ball. This gives you a sturdy line attachment without messy adhesives. When the assembly’s complete, hold the ECI by the tail and dip the ball in yellow paint. If you’re making more than one ECI, you can drill horizontal holes in a spare block of wood and use that as a drying rack.

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May 22nd, 2007

Sako L461 Custom .223 on Gunbroker

Guys, there’s a sweet thumbhole custom Sako .223 Rem on right now. We hope one of our readers is able to snag this little gem. Built on the classic Sako L461 action, it features a 28″ barrel and custom walnut thumbhole stock. We really like the looks of that stock–it would work equally well shooting prone from bipod, or shot from a pedestal rest. The thumbhole is nice when you’re steering the gun from one critter to the next. The front section has small flats on the side, and the underside of the forend is almost flat for stability on a front rest. Sako 461s are much prized for their compactness, smoothness, and quality of machining.

The seller writes: “This is an older rifle, 223 caliber, in very good condition. It has a 28″ heavy barrel, custom built with a thumbhole walnut stock. The inside of the barrel is clean (no pits) and the stock does not have any cracks. The length of pull is about 13-1/2 inches. It also comes with a Simmons 2.5X10X50 scope as seen in the pictures.” This gun is Gunbroker Auction item #72216185, expiring 5/24/2007 11:17 AM eastern time. The current bid is $635.95. NOTE: has no connection with the seller.

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