May 23rd, 2007

6BRs Dominate 300m Europa Cup

The results of the recent Lapua 300m Europa Cup, held May 8-12 in Pilzen, Czech Republic are now available online. Click HERE for a .pdf file with complete results, and visit the Europa Cup Website to view excellent photos of the competition. Top shooters from a dozen European countries competed in both prone and three-position (standing, prone, kneeling) disciplines, all shot with iron sights, using either Standard Rifles or Competition-Class rifles. (Standard rifles are more conventional-looking with heavier, deeper stocks, and fewer adjustments. The “Competition” Rifles are often metal-framed with elaborate adjustments and hand platforms hanging below the fore-arm. Many of these high tech stocks are convertible for use with a rimfire barreled action in small-bore competition.)

French shooter Solveig Bibard (photo below) dominated the women’s matches, winning both the 300m prone match with a 589 score and the three-position match with a 576 Score. Solveig also lead the French team to victory in the women’s prone team event. Bibard was shooting a French GE600 stock by SERCS, with (we believe) a Bleiker action. She used Lapua 6mm BR Factory ammo. Notably, Bibard’s 589 prone score would have placed her 10th in the men’s competition.

In the mens’ ranks, Germany won the three-position Competition Rifle team event, while the Swiss team won the three-position match with Standard Rifles. The German Team used Lapua 6mm BR factory ammo. We are told the Swiss team was shooting RUAG factory 6mm Swiss match ammunition. In men’s individual competition, Sweden’s Stefan Ahlesved won the three-position Standard Rifle event (582 score), and was first in Competition Rifle prone (594). Arild RØeyseth (Norway) won the three-position Competition Rifle match. Stephan used Norma 6XC factory ammo and Arild used Norma-brand 6mm BR factory ammo. All matches, both invididual and team events, employed acoustic target telemetry. This plots shot placements (on the target) in real time, outputting data to monitors at the shooting stations and a central scoring computer. You can see a target monitor in place below.

Europa Cup 300m Target Monitor

Photos courtesy Europa Cup, All Rights Reserved