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May 11th, 2007

NEW Sinclair Light-weight Front Rest

Premium front pedestal rests for “pure” Benchrest competition keep getting bigger and heavier. The Farley Co-Ax, SEB Rest, and John Loh rest are impressively massive. That’s a good thing when you need maximum stability, but varminters and field shooters may be willing to sacrifice a little stability for a handier, more portable front rest.

There are a variety of relatively inexpensive light-weight front rests on the market, such as the Shooters Ridge Steady Point , but frankly, their controls leave much to be desired, and the rest tops tend to be flimsy or wobbly. On this writer’s personal “high-mileage” old-model blue Midway rest, the rest top had to be epoxied to the elevation post to eliminate annoying wobble.

Sinclair Int’l has a new front rest that offers high-quality controls and stout construction in a light-weight (6-pound) format. The components are strong and rust-resistant: machined billet aluminum body, stainless steel mariner handwheel, stainless steel center post, and stainless steel leg screws. The legs are low and straight–this is good when you want to place conventional sandbags on the legs for extra stability. Sandbags lay nice and flat when draped over the legs of the rest.

Sinclair tells us: “We have had numerous requests to produce a high-quality lightweight shooting rest for shooters needing more portability. Varmint shooters, hunters, and F-Class shooters have all been asking for a quality-built lightweight rest. Our latest Sinclair rifle rest weighs under 6 lbs. with top and filled bag. Our larger Sinclair rests weigh over 17 lbs. in comparison. We also had customers asking us for a more economical rest with the same Sinclair quality we put into all of our rests.” The Sinclair lightweight front rest costs $119.00 with basic top, or $147.00 with either multi-purpose top (shown in photo), or RT-3 top (for sporter fore-ends.)

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May 11th, 2007

Mother's Day, Sunday May 13th

We know this is a “guys’ site”, but all guys have mothers. Yep, it’s that special day Sunday. Don’t forget to remember Mom (and the mother of your kids). If she likes shooting, then take her to the range. If she doesn’t, well, treat her to a Sunday brunch and be a good sport and take her to her favorite activity even if that means, god forbid, shoe shopping.

If you haven’t bought a special gift yet, here are some quality online vendors all offering special Mothers’ Day promotions. Each one of these outfitters (Cabelas, Orvis, Woolrich, and Herrington Catalog), donates to this site, based on a percentage of sales.

Cabelas Mothers Day 2007 New for Spring from Orvis
120x90 Woolrich Herrington Sale Event (120x90) Animated
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