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May 29th, 2007

Super Shoot Final Results

The overall winner of the Super Shoot was Steve Robbins, topping a field of 346 competitors. Steve won the Two-Gun with a “Low Two” agg. Congrats Steve! His winning rig (built by Dwight Scott) featured a BAT Machines action, Scoville stock, Krieger barrel, March scope. He was shooting Bart’s Ultra bullets pushed by Vihtavuori N133 powder.

Lowell Hottenstein was second in the Two-Gun. Lowell also won the LV Grand Agg. Kent Harshman won the HV Grand Aggregate. Congrats to Kent Harshman for an impressive showing in challenging conditions. Steve Robbins was runner-up in the HV Grand Agg and HV 200.

HV Grand Agg Top 10:

3. LEE EUBER .2307
4. GENE BUCKYS .2443
5. JOE KRUPA .2457
6. DAVE BRUNO .2463
10. BART SAUTER .2555

Top 5 Shooters in the HV 200 were:

1. JOEL NADER .2195
4. GENE BUCKYS .2495
5. DAVE BRUNO .2536

Bob Hesotian had .199 Small Group.

Note, for the 200 yard scores, the actual average group size (in inches) is divided by two. Then this is combined with the 100-yard score for the Grand Aggregate.

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May 29th, 2007

Range Carts for Competition

Highpower shooters have a bunch of gear to carry to the firing line–pad, shooting jacket, scope stand, spotting scope, ammo, log-book and rifle(s). If you’re shooting F-Class, add a heavy front rest and 15-lb sand-bag to the list. A range cart makes life much easier, particularly if the shooting area’s a long way from the parking lot. Creedmoor Sports makes a folding range cart that is very popular with the iron sights crowd. This unit features 14″ ball-bearing wheels and the frame is made from solid aluminum–not lightweight tubing that can bend or crack. Lift a simple locking lever and the cart folds. The cart can be completely dis-assembled, without tools, to fit in a suitcase (collapsed size 30″ x 17″ x 8″). The Creedmoor cart retails for $499.00, and that includes a rifle case, tray, and rain-cover. The rifle case doubles as a rack/holster.

Creedmoor Sports Range Cart

Creedmoor Sports Range Cart

If $499.00 isn’t in the budget, or you’d like to build your own range cart with a lockable storage compartment, you should look at the carts used by Cowboy Action shooters. These wooden carts are heavy, but they provide a stable platform for multiple guns and a nice, solid perch for sitting. There are many do-it-yourself designs available. One of our favorites is the GateSlinger cart shown below. This well-balanced design breaks down into two pieces for transport. Click Here for cart plans, and read this “How-to Article” for complete instructions with many photos.

wooden range cart Gateslinger

The least expensive way to go is to purchase a Dolly (Hand Truck) at Harbor Freight, or a large warehouse store such as Home Depot. Make sure to get one with wheels at least 10″ in diameter, or you’ll have problems in rough terrain. The bigger the wheels the better. Normally you can find dollies for under $30.00. Just bolt a large box or milk crate to the bottom, and voilà, instant range cart. You can clamp a piece of wood at the top with slots for barrels on one side and a flat tray for ammo on the other. Use bungee cord or leather straps to hold the barrels in place. Having built a couple all-wood range carts (both collapsible and one-piece), this editor can assure you that starting with an inexpensive welded hand truck is the cheapest, simplest way to go overall. You can buy oversize, spoked wheels from (From the Northern Tool home page, search for “spoked wheels”.)

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