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May 19th, 2007

Target Cam Sparks Debate

Noted shooter Lou Murdica announced plans to get a wireless target cam system for long-range shooting out to 1000 yards. Lou expressed a desire to use a camera system, similar to that employed by long-range black powder shooters, in an upcoming 1000-yard Benchrest match. This system would be different than the Kirk Roberts’ Target Cam (5/18 Bulletin), but it would operate on similar principles. Lou’s intention to use a long-range video camera in BR competition has spurred a heated debate on Benchrest Central. Click HERE to read the discussion, with comments from many top shooters including Dave Tooley, Regan Green, and Rich DeSimone.

wireless video shooting camera

We note that, while the use of cameras with remote monitors may seem radical to Americans, target telemetry is commonplace in Europe where many ranges have “target monitors” placed at every shooting station. These are used by 100m and 300m shooters to see their bullet placements (and scores) in real time. Bullet hits are plotted via acoustic targets linked to monitors. At some ranges, these acoustic or electronic targets are networked to a control center, allowing multiple targets to be automatically scored by a central computer.

300m target cam

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May 19th, 2007

QuickLOAD Review by Craig Boddington

quickload Guns and Ammo review boddingtonNoted gun writer Craig Boddington reviews QuickLOAD reloading software in the June 2007 issue of Guns and Ammo magazine. Boddington was impressed with the wealth of information on powders, cartridges, and bullets stored by the program. He was able to quickly find powders and bullets for his favorite calibers and generate reloading “recipes” that matched his goals for pressure, barrel time (of bullet), and velocity. Boddington also used the program’s powerful search/sort features. QuickLOAD, as we explain in the comprehensive QuickLOAD REVIEW on this website, allows you to specify cartridge fill density and maximum pressure. Then, with one click, the program will sort and rank all the available propellants by max achievable velocity, from fastest to slowest. We use this feature all the time to chose propellants for a new cartridge, such as the 6.5×47 Lapua. Boddington observed: “There are many ways to sort the data. I did a search at 62,000 psi–a bit warm but well under SAMMI maximum for the 8mm Remington Magnum. This gave me 35 powders and charges that would yield this exact pressures. This search suggested I could increase velocity quite dramatically with a half-dozen propellants, with acceptable load density as well as pressure. I found several more loads I’d like to try.”

QuickLOAD software review

QuickLOAD and QuickTARGET Ballistic software are sold exclusively by The latest version 3.2 costs $149.95 plus S/H. Click HERE for a full product description, and be sure to read our QuickLOAD Review and Users Guide.

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