July 16th, 2007

Matt Dienes Wins World Open — Big 30s Prevail

Forum member Matt Dienes triumphed at this weekend’s Williamsport World Open, capturing the Two-Gun Overall Championship (9.215″ Group Agg, 91.250 Score Agg). Congrats to Matt, whose Light Gun and Heavy Gun were both chambered in 300 WSM. Matt’s new HG, smithed by Wes Springman, was just two weeks old. Eric Springman finished second in the Two-Gun, shooting a 30-330 in Light Gun and a 6mm BRXS in Heavy. Finishing Third Overall was William Kilpatrick, running a 6.5-284 in both classes. (Note: this data is from the equipment list; some competitors may have chosen to run their Light Guns in Heavy Class).

Matt Dienes, Williamsport World Open Champion

According to our 1000-yard Editor Jason Baney, “Conditions were really challenging. The wind was strong and switchy. On Sunday it was going crazy. In one of my relays we saw it go from prevailing full right to a full left during the course of fire. That can put you off paper at 1000.”

While many shooters were campaigning 6mms (including Jason), this seemed to be a weekend made for the big 30s. Piloting a 300 Weatherby Improved (with 240 SMKs), Scott Weber won the Heavy Gun Class (5.784″ Group Agg, 96.500 Score Agg) and shot the Heavy Gun Small Group, an impressive 3.488″ ten-shot cluster shown below. This was just one bullet diameter off the Williamsport record.

Jennifer Springman finished second in Heavy Gun with her 300 Win Mag, posting a 6.664″ Group Agg plus 92.500 Score Agg. Shannon Lowman won the Light Gun Overall Agg (8.601″ Group Agg, 91.00 Score Agg), shooting a 300 Win Mag. Andy Murtagh finished second in Light Gun (8.995″, 92.00), shooting a 6.5-284 Hoover. Complete match results are found on the Williamsport Website.

Lori King 6mm DropPort Dasher

NOTE: We will update this Bulletin report later with more info and video. Check back tomorrow.

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