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July 27th, 2007

Gun Glossaries Explain Tech Terms

Confused about the meaning of a term such as “meplat”, “magnaflux” or “obturate”? Need to know the OAL of an unusual Wildcat such as the .218 Donaldson Wasp? Well CCI and MidwayUSA offer handy answers on the web. CCI’s Shooters’ Glossary is a very complete collection of gun-related and reloading terms. MidwayUSA’s GunTEC Dictionary contains short descriptions of hundreds of cartridges, plus definitions of thousands of shooting-related words and phrases. How many of you knew that “Maggie’s Drawers” is “a colloquial term used for the red flag once used by pit workers to signal a missed shot at high-power rifle competitions”?

MidwayUSA GunTec Dictionary

Consulting the dictionary, we learned that “Magnus Force” was not a Tom Selleck TV show. Rather, “Magnus Force is the movement of a bullet in the direction it is rotating (and downward) due to the lower air pressure surrounding it. The low pressure pocket is caused by the effect of the bullet’s fast rotation on the surrounding air.” MidwayUSA’s GunTEC dictionary even includes short “bios” of notable firearms inventors and marksmen, including J.M. Browning, Fredrich von Martini, and Peter Paul Mauser. A serious shooting buff could spend hours browsing the GunTEC dictionary, learning new facts (and a ton of obscure trivia.)

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July 27th, 2007

NSSF's New Online Product Database

The National Shooting Sports Foundation (NSSF) announced the launch of its new online NSSF Marketplace Buyers Guide. Available on NSSF’s Web sites, this directory allows shooters to quickly locate specific products and services by keyword or category. The NSSF Marketplace employs a powerful search engine that continually indexes the Web sites of all companies represented in the directory.

The Marketplace has both keyword-search capability and dozens of links for specific product categories such as ammunition, optics, cleaning gear, and guide services. Click on “Optics/Electronics”, for example, and a page appears with linked subcategories for Scopes, GPS units, Rangefinders, Eyewear, Binoculars and more.

NSSF Marketplace database

The NSSF Marketplace also offers a downloadable desktop search application. If you install this, you can search for products and services directly from a small search window on your desktop. The NSSF Marketplace also includes a Request for Information (RFI) tool, enabling users to contact a group of suppliers with one click of a button. The buyers guide can be found on and other association-supported sites, including,,, and

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