July 15th, 2007

New 'PodPaws' for Bipods

Here’s a cool new product from Forum member Kyle Posey. Kyle’s PodPaws add stability to Harris bipods (and similar designs), while reducing rifle sliding and hopping. When used with the optional rubber booties, PodPaws also reduce bounce and chatter on concrete or hard surfaces. PodPaws feature a clamshell (with O-ring) that fits around each rubber bipod foot. The clamshell can move within the PodPaw outer assembly, allowing each PodPaw pad to self-level on uneven terrain. Click HERE for more photos and field reports.

PodPaws for Harris Bipods

PodPaws inventor Kyle reports: “PodPaws can increase accuracy by allowing the bipod to recoil more like a bench rest rig instead of hopping after a shot and getting stuck in the roots as you try to get back on target or sink in soft soil. They are called PodPaws, will fit all Harris and similar bipods that use a foot like the Harris, install in seconds and require no modification to the bipod. On June 23rd, I shot a 197-6x at 1,000 yards and my shooting buddy fired a 197-10x on the same relay using PodPaws. FTR shooters and F-Open shooters that want a more portable rig as well as varmint hunters should take a serious look. They are made from 6061 aluminum. PodPaws sell for $50.00 per set with a $5.00 shipping fee per set (lower 48 US only), or see me at a match in OK, NM, TX or AR. You’ll find more info on our website, Zephyrdynamics.com.

Details of Swiveling Inner Clamshell:
PodPaws for Harris Bipods

AccurateShooter Forum members K. Hill and Milanuk have used the PodPaws and agree they function very well:

“These PodPaws really help prevent flexing of the bipod springs that cause vertical stringing. They helped me hold about 4-5″ vertical at @ 1000yds. I was shooting straight .284 with 162 A-Max. If I remember correctly, Kyle and I went #5 & 6 at TX State Champ (F-Open) using PodPaws. I was very happy. Got my Master Classification card the other day as a result. Great product!” –K. Hill

PodPaw booties for Harris Bipods

“Got some PodPaw rubber booties in from Kyle the other day… at first blush I must say they seem to solve the main ‘problem’ I had w/ the PodPaws, that being that the metal bottoms tend to slide all over the place on a hard surface such as a paved firing line or a concrete or wood bench. With the booties installed… I can lean into the ‘pod to ‘pre-load’ it a little to stabilize it and minimize the hop a good bit. That and they don’t make as much racket ‘clacking’ on a concrete firing line.” –Milanuk

PodPaws for Harris Bipods