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July 2nd, 2007

Suhl 150 Match Rifles at Century Arms

The Suhl 150 is a great rimfire match rifle. This East German 22LR can be as accurate as an Anschütz–you’ll just find the Suhl a bit rougher around the edges. Suhl barrels can be very accurate–some Suhl factory tubes are benchrest competitive. Many Suhl 150s have been converted into succcessful BR and Silhouette guns. Joe Friedrich won the ARA 2006 Grand Agg shooting a Suhl 150 with custom McMillan stock and aftermaket barrel. Florida’s Century Arms recently acquired a supply of the hard-to-find Suhl 150s. Two models are offered–a prone rifle with straight comb, and a position model with adjustable cheek-piece and more vertical pistol grip.

suhl kk 150 22 target rifle

Century Arms has a couple dozen of the Suhl 150s left, with the “dealer” prices running about $610-$630 (Century will not sell direct to individuals, so you’ll have to purchase through your local dealer.) These are used guns, so they vary in cosmetic quality. Most of the rifles include front and rear iron match sights but NOT extra inserts or separate tool kits. If you’re looking for a high-quality smallbore rifle for considerably less money than an Anschütz 54, call Century Arms at (800) 527-1252. These guns will sell out quickly as Suhl 150s are no longer being made and the supply of good, used guns is drying up.

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July 2nd, 2007

Virtual Varminting Game from CCI

CCI offers a fun interactive “shooting gallery” game that lets you plink at varmints. CLICK HERE to load the game (requires Flash-enabled browser). It starts off easy, but then you need good reflexes (and a fast mouse-finger) to tag all the critters as they pop out of tin cans. Among the various Flash shooting games, this is one of the best. Note: it’s not necessary to enter a user-name or password–that’s only if you want your score recorded. WARNING–This game can be addictive. Also there’s some realistic sound effects so you may want to turn down your speakers if you’re at work. Have fun!

CCI Varminting Game

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July 2nd, 2007

Use 6mm Comparator as Rimfire Gauge

Here’s a great way to use an existing Stoney Point-style bullet comparator to measure smallbore case rim thickness. The Stoney Point tool, now sold by Hornady as the “Lock-N-Load Bullet Comparator“, comes with a red comparator body into which inserts of various calibers can be fitted. If you have a 6mm (.243) insert for the comparator, you can use it as a “poor man’s” rimfire rim-thickness gauge. It works perfectly for 22LR and 17HM2–just drop the rimfire round to be measured in the hole, and then slide the unit against the caliper jaws. For a slightly tighter fit, use the .223 insert and ream VERY slightly. But we think you’ll find the standard 6mm insert is just about perfect. We were able to get repeatable readings to about .0005″. This is an ideal “Zero-Cost” adaptation of a popular tool.

hornady stoney point comparator rimfire thickness gauge

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