July 17th, 2007

Williamsport Winner's Rifles

We contacted Matt Dienes, Williamsport Two-Gun Aggregate Overall Champion, to learn more about his winning rifles. He shot both a regular 16.5-lb Light Gun and a big, over 50-lb Heavy Gun, both chambered in 300 WSM. He used the 30-caliber Berger 210s and Hodgdon H4350 powder.

Matt told us: “The Heavy Gun is just two weeks old. In its first big match, in Ohio, the Heavy Gun did really well. Though I had only 4 days to develop and test a load, the Heavy Gun ended up winning the Ohio HG overall, plus HG score and HG group. (By the way, I was sitting next to Tom Sarver when he shoot his 1.403″ record group at Thunder Valley. Truly spectacular. As for me–I shot a 6″ in that Light Gun relay.) I’m really pleased the Heavy Gun (and my LG) continued to perform at Willliamsport. There were are many excellent shooters and rifles at this match, so winning the Two-Gun overall is the highlight of my shooting career. The Williamsport World Open is a very tough match to win, probably tougher than the Nationals. The 10-shot Light Gun target does make it more challenging and so does the range, it is tough to shoot. Thanks to all.” –Matt

Matt’s Equipment Profile
Gunsmith: Wes Springman, Springman Rifles, Allenwood, PA, (570) 547-1905, springmanrifles[at]hotmail.com
Stock Work: Bruce Baer, Baer Custom Rifles, (717) 349-4077
Chamberings: Both LG and HG are standard 300 WSM, smithed by Springman
Light Gun Barrel/Action: 1:11″ Krieger, BAT 8.5″ action
Heavy Gun Barrel/Action: 1:10″ Broughton, BAT 10″ action
Load: H4350, Norma Brass, Berger 210gr VLD, CCI BR2

Williamsport 1000 yard shooting club

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