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September 6th, 2007

Frazier Wins IBS 1000-yd Nationals. Bower Breaks HG Group Record.

Results are in from the 2007 IBS 1000-yard Nationals, hosted at Quantico, Virginia. With over 100 competitors in both Light Gun and Heavy Gun classes, the match was a resounding success, producing impressive scores and at least one new world record, Phil Bower’s 3.391″ HG 10-shot group. CLICK HERE for photos from the Nationals by Rich DeSimone.

Quantico Virginia Range

Dan Frazier, shooting a 300 WSM (in at least one class), was the Two-Gun Overall Champion. Dan had a 46 Rank Aggregate, edging runner-up Eric Springman by 12 points. The next three finishers in the Two-Gun were John Buhay, Shannon Ammerman, and Clay Earhart.

IBS 2007 Champion

Shannon also won the Light Gun Overall, followed by Clay Earhart and Lori King. Jay Cutright captured the Heavy Gun Overall, ahead of Eric Springman, and Dan Frazier. Regan Green, always a tough competitor, placed first in HG group, with a 5.797″ Agg (3 groups, 10 shots per group). Regan edged out Phil Bower (6.131″), and Matt Dienes (6.212″).

Bower Sets a Record
Phil Bower dazzled the field in his second Heavy Gun stage, nailing a phenomenal 3.391″ 10-shot group. This should be a new IBS Heavy Gun group record, edging Lee Fischer’s one-year-old 3.427″ mark. Congratulations to Phil–that’s mighty impressive shooting.

Small 6mms Hold Their Own
Shooting a 6-6.5×47 smithed by Mark King, Jeffrey Mottern shot consistently small groups to win Light Gun Group with an impressive 4.185″ Agg, based on 4.010″, 5.667″, and 4.767″ 5-shot groups. That proves that this new cartridge has serious potential in the 1K game. In another strong performance for a 6mm, Ray Carly’s little 6BR delivered a 2.691″ five-shot group — the LG small group for the match. Matt Dienes reports: “The 6mms did very well so did the 6.5s, but the Two-Gun was won shooting a 300 WSM. Ray Carley shot a 2.691″ with a 6mm BR and a lot of three-inchers were shot with 6mm Dashers.”

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September 6th, 2007

Battlestar Galactica For Sale: $700.00

Real Battlestar? Well, not quite, but you have to admit the metal stock shown below does bear a passing resemblance to the spaceship of TV fame (above). And it’s certainly massive enough to handle some heavy artillery. In truth, this is Butch Keen’s all-aluminum Heavy Gun Benchrest stock, now for sale in our AccurateShooter Classifieds.

Butch notes: “[This stock] comes complete with Barrel Block. Block and channel will accept 1.350″-diameter straight barrel. Inletted for Remington 700 right-hand long action. $700.00 plus shipping in CONUS (Cont’l U.S.).” That’s a great price for a stock of this kind. A custom barrel block by itself, installed, can cost a couple hundred or more. Butch added: “The stock was an earlier model made by Springman Rifles (Eric & Wes Springman). I don’t use the stock anymore due to the fact that I don’t shoot very much 1000-yard Heavy Gun class. The stock is built from a solid piece of aluminum except for: front rails on either side of the foreend, trigger guard, and the barrel block. The stock’s empty weight is 34.5 pounds. The OAL of the stock is 36″, foreend width (with rails) is 6″, and the butt stock width is 2″. The stock, fully loaded with barrel, action, and scope will run at least 50 pounds. This provides a very stable, nice tracking, heavy gun configuration for competition or long range varmint shooting.” If you’re interested, contact Butch via email: keenvisionvideo [at] comcast [dot] net.

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September 6th, 2007

New Breathable Camo Coating for Guns and Scopes

FaceAway Camo has introduced a new coating that can be applied to guns, binoculars, tripods or scopes. FaceAway claims that ThinSkin™ is a truly breathable camo tape that allows moisture to escape before rust can form, unlike traditional camo tapes. ThinSkin™ is also thinner and more pliable than most other camo tapes. Application is easy, since ThinSkin™ readily conforms to curved surfaces, unlike some other camo applications. For 2007, ThinSkin™ comes in handy packs designed for smaller items such as binoculars, cameras, and scopes. ThinSkin™ Breathable camo tape sheets are available in seven different patterns including popular Hardwoods and Grasslands styles from RealTree and Mossy Oak. For more info on ThinSkin™ breathable camo tape products visit or call (866) 926-2266.

Thinskin Camouflage coating tape

Editor’s NOTE: Since this product is so new, we are not able to verify FaceAway’s claim that rust won’t form on metal items coated with ThinSkin™, but the product is promising. We recommend you test the coating on an inexpensive piece of steel before you use it on expensive guns or scopes.

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