September 12th, 2007

Rem 700 Actions at MidwayUSA: $399.99

MidwayUSA has a supply of Remington 700 actions suitable for use in a custom rifle build. These include a standard Rem trigger and bolt, but NO trigger guard or floorplate. The trigger is the standard 700 trigger, not the X-Mark Pro. This is a normal NON-ISS bolt — it does NOT have an internal locking switch. These are factory actions. They have not been “trued” by a gunsmith or otherwise modified. Midway has three action configurations available:

Item 110410: Short Action 223 Rem Bolt Face, Blue Steel, $399.99

Item 877614: Long Action Magnum Bolt Face, Blue Steel, $439.99

Item 122950: Long Action Magnum Bolt Face, Stainless Steel, $449.99

Remington 700 short Action

NOTE: An FFL is required to purchase these actions. Have your FFL of choice send MidwayUSA a signed copy of his current FFL license.

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