February 19th, 2015

NRA World Shooting Championship Revisited…

Trijicon is out, and Magpul is in (as lead sponsor), so the much-ballyhooed NRA World Shooting Championship (WSC) will continue — at least for one more season. Held at the Peacemaker Nat’l Training Center in West Virginia, the inaugural 2014 “World Shooting Championship” left some folks shaking their heads after match directors made a few puzzling rule changes on the fly. In addition, it was hard to call last year’s NRA event a true “World Championship”. In 2014, almost all the WSC shooters were American, and, what’s more, a real ISSF World Championship was staged at the very same time last year in Granada, Spain. That important ISSF event in Spain had shooters from 40+ countries and many Olympic medalists.

World Shooting Championship Peacemaker Glengary NRA

Nonetheless, we’ll see more WSC action this fall. The 2015 NRA World Shooting Championship will be held September 24 – 26, 2015 at Peacemaker in WV. This will once again be a “big money” event, with a $200,000 prize table and $50,000 in cash awards. With a quarter-million dollars worth of cash and hardware prizes up for grabs, this is probably the richest shooting event in the world. And, as before, the match organizers will provide all the guns and all the ammo.

Competitors at the 2015 NRA World Shooting Championship will compete in three divisions: Pro, Amateur, and Junior. The event will feature twelve (12) stages drawing from a variety of firearm disciplines, such as Cowboy Action, F-Class, and Smallbore standing.

World Shooting Championship Stages

Stage 1: Cowboy Action
Stage 2: NRA Conventional Bullseye
Stage 3: NRA Bianchi Mover
Stage 4: NRA F-Class
Stage 5: 5-Stand
Stage 6: Double Wobble Trap

Stage 7: .22 Smallbore Standing
Stage 8: 3-Gun
Stage 9: USPSA
Stage 10: USCA 2Gun
Stage 11: PRS Long Range Challenge
Stage 12: NRA Action Rifle

“We’ve created the NRA World Shooting Championship to be the top competitive shooting event in the world,” said NRA General Operations Executive Director Kyle Weaver. “Not only will providing all firearms and ammunition help level the playing field, but it will alleviate competitors needing to buy new equipment and simplify international and domestic travel.”

Get more information about the WSC at NRAWorldShootingChampionship.com. Registration for the 2015 WSC is now open. Match fees, by division, are: Pro $395.00, Amateur $325.00, Junior $375.00. CLICK HERE to REGISTER

Peacemaker Nat’l Training Center, Glengary, West Virginia

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