March 11th, 2015

Brownells “Forever” Satisfaction Guarantee

“Forever”. That’s a serious concept. In a world where many products are guaranteed for just 30 days (or not at all), the Brownells “forever” 100% satisfaction guarantee is pretty darn impressive. In this video, Pete Brownell, company CEO, explains how the Brownells guarantee works. If any product Brownells sells ever proves unsatisfactory, at any time, Brownells will replace it or refund your money. That applies to both Brownells-branded products as well as third-party manufactured items sold by Brownells. Think about that the next time you buy a trigger or scope rail or other firearm accessory.

Pete Brownell

“One thing about Brownells that sets it apart from any other organization inside or outside the firearms industry is our return policy. Here’s how it is… it’s guaranteed forever. What this means is, if you buy [a product] from Brownells… whatever it is, it’s guaranteed forever. Not just lifetime, but forever.” — Pete Brownell, CEO

100% Satisfaction Guarantee on Everything We Sell
If you aren’t completely, 100% satisfied with any purchase you receive from Brownells, for any reason, at any time, return it for a full refund or exchange. No hassle, no problem. And, we won’t bog you down in endless paperwork. [This statement appears on].

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