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June 13th, 2015

Sinclair Product Report: Thumler’s Tumbler with Stainless Media

We know that many of our readers are now tumbling their brass in liquid media rather than dry media such as corn-cob or walnut shells. When done with STM stainless tumbling media (small ss pins), this system really does work, producing brass that is clean “inside and out”. The only down-side to wet tumbling is that sometimes the inside of the caseneck gets so “squeaky clean” that bullets take more effort to seat. This can be remedied with the use of a dry lube inside the necks. When cleaning with stainless tumbling media you’ll need a quality tumbler that is water-tight. The wet-tumbler of choice is the Model B Thumler’s Tumbler. Featuring a bright-red, side-loading drum, the Model B Thumler’s Tumbler is reliable and built to last.

A while back, Bill Gravatt, then President of Sinclair Int’l, had a chance to evaluate the Thumler’s Tumbler and the wet-cleaning process for cartridge brass. Bill came away a believer: “I wanted to share with you my experience using the Thumler’s Tumbler and stainless steel pin media to clean brass.


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June 13th, 2015

Special Offer: Lapua-Branded Cooler from

Lapua brand thermal chest cooler

We know you guys will like this, since most of you are using Lapua brass for your precision handloads. Now, for a limited time, is offering a custom thermal chest in Lapua livery with a Lapua logo. Use this cooler for your favorite beverage… or better yet, keep your precious match ammo cool. You will definitely get noticed at the range if you shelter your ammunition in a Lapua cooler. A $24.99 value, this Lapua thermal chest is FREE with the purchase of at least $200.00 in Lapua products from Order a couple boxes of brass and a box of Scenars and you’ve earned yourself a cooler (limit one per customer).

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