June 15th, 2015

.22 Rimfire Special Edition from GUNS Magazine

.22 LR Rimfire Book Guns Annual Volquartsen High Standard Ruger charger

GUNS Magazine has just released a 180-page Special Edition dedicated to .22 Rimfire products — guns, accessories, and ammo. Rimfire fans may want to pick up the latest .22 Rimfire Book which covers all .22 rimfire types, from CB caps to the .22 WMR. The cover story features the new .22LR Charger handgun from Ruger. Varminters will enjoy the discussion of the .22 Magnum, a versatile round that is effective on squirrels and other small critters. Other features in this Special Edition include a review of the Volquartsen Custom Deluxe pistol, Dave Anderson’s take on the top .22 target pistols, and an article on Sig Sauer’s newest silencers.

Our favorite story was a history of High Standard’s .22 Match Pistols by contributor Robert Kolesar. High Standards are lovely guns, with a well-deserved reputation for accuracy. “Unlike a number of classic guns from the past, the High Standards I remember fondly are still in production,” Kolesar writes. “And they haven’t changed to keep the liability lawyers or bean counters quiet. Arguably, it’s a better pistol, with tighter quality control, sight upgrades not available previously and a good factory trigger — just too good a pistol to be forgotten.”

For AR fans, this $9.95 Special Edition includes a review of Smith & Wesson’s M&P 15-22. This AR clone offers familiar ergonomics and controls. We’ve shot the rifle. It’s a good choice for rimfire cross-training if you use an AR-platform rifle for gun games or High Power matches.

Smith & Wesson M&P 15-22 .22 LR AR15

Rimfire Book Includes 2016 Buyer’s Guide
The 2015 issue of the GUNS .22 Rimfire Book also includes a 96-page 2016 Buyer’s Guide featuring hundreds of products ranging from all types of handguns and long guns, to knives, lights and lasers.

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