June 17th, 2015

Custom Oak Cartridge Caddies with Timer from Nando

Ammo Ammunition Caddy WSM 6mmBR Oak ammo holder custom timer

Retired engineer Alexander Müller (aka Nando-AS on our Forum) produces handsome oak ammo caddies in his home workshop. Cartridge-specific, the caddy’s holes are sized for specific casehead diameters, so your cartridges go in and out easily. There are also through-holes, allowing loaded cartridges to be placed nose-down if you wish.

To order, visit this Forum Page: http://forum.accurateshooter.com/index.php?topic=3875396

Alexander, a retired engineer tells us: “As many of you have requested, I am again making the Oak Cartridge Caddies, which have worked out very well, and are durable. I am making the Cartridge Caddies out of solid oak, and finishing them with five coats of polyurethane. The proper-diameter counter-bore diameter and through-holes allow the cartridges to be placed bullet up or bullet down. All Caddies have 25 holes.”

Nando offers caddies for the following calibers: .223 Rem, 6 PPC, 6mmBR (and similar), .308 Win, 6.5-284, and .300 WSM (New). The $70 Price includes the Timer and shipping via USPS Priority Mail. (conus). You can pay by check, Money Order, or PayPal. CLICK HERE to ORDER.

Ammo Ammunition Caddy WSM 6mmBR Oak ammo holder custom timer

About the Timer
I supply Tyler Timers, which I buy from Wal-Mart for around $5. These have served well, and besides the low price, they have a distinct advantage over other, more expensive timers. The Taylor Timers can be set and run up to your preset elapsed time, at the end of which a not-too-loud beeper beeps. However, in matches where beepers are not permitted, the Taylor Timers can be run up from 0:00, and display the time elapsed, without a beeper going off. The two other (more expensive timers) I tested (around $20) did not have this run-up, beeper-less feature.

About the Wood
I did continue to look for a viable source for affordable walnut, but was not successful. The price of a caddie made out of walnut would need to be around $90, and I did not believe that this was an attractive price. The oak went up in price slightly, as did the shipping and packaging, but $70 for the Caddie, shipped, sounds reasonable.

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