September 9th, 2015

New CADEX Two-Stage Trigger from Canada

Cadex two-stage trigger remington adjustable tactical

There’s a new two-stage trigger for Remington and Rem-clone actions from CADEX Defense of Canada. The new CADEX DX2 double-stage trigger adjusts from 1.5 to 5.0 lbs pull weight. Both stages can be adjusted separately through allen-head screws located on the front of the trigger body. The trigger shoe also adjusts fore and aft. The CADEX DX2 is offered in both a standard version (no safety or bolt release) and a version with integral safety and bolt release. The cost of the standard DX2 is 267.95 Canadian dollars, or $202.62 U.S. Dollars at current exchange rates. Add forty dollars (Canadian) for the version with safety and bolt release.

Cadex two-stage trigger remington adjustable tactical
DX2 Dimensions: 7.21cm x 4.42cm x 1.22cm | With Safety/Bolt Release: 7.65cm x 5.23cm x 3.35cm
DX2 Weight: 37.5 grams | With Safety/Bolt Release: 52 grams

Frank Green Tries the CADEX Two-Stage
Frank Green of Bartlein Barrels recently acquired one of the CADEX two-stage triggers and he likes it. Here is his report:

“My CADEX two-stage trigger arrived[.] I installed it into my Badger M2008 action/rifle in 6 Creedmoor. Initial impression is that it’s very nice. You can adjust each stage for pull of weight. You can adjust the position of the trigger shoe and [adjust] for over-travel as well. I think the pricing on the trigger is going to be very competitive and it will be a nice option out there for another two-stage trigger.

I installed it and made no adjustments. Checked it for function and measured some pull weights while the barreled action was out of the stock. Reassembled the whole rifle and again made some pull weight measurements. I recorded the last five and they came in at 2.09, 2.15, 2.15, 2.1 and 2.12 pounds. The little variance I’m going to chalk it up to me and how I pulled on the trigger scale …but it broke clean.”

Cadex two-stage trigger remington adjustable tactical

Cadex two-stage trigger remington adjustable tacticalInstallation Considerations
Frank Green said there may be some clearance issues with some trigger guards: “The CADEX trigger shoe assembly is a tad longer than a stock Remington. In my trigger guard it barely bottomed out/touched in the guard but functioned just fine but to give it a little room I milled .010″ off the bottom of the shoe. My trigger guard is a Defiance. I’d have to throw the trigger onto a Remington rifle/trigger guard assembly and a Badger bottom metal to see if it does the same thing but [this] is minor in my opinion.

You need a T6 Allen wrench to adjust the trigger shoe location. I had to move my shoe forward just a tad from how it came out of the package. When pulling the trigger it would just touch the back of the trigger guard.”

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