December 25th, 2015

Happy Holidays to Our Readers — Thanks for Your Support

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Christmas Elk CanadaHoliday Greetings to Our Readers
Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all our readers and especially our nearly 30,000 Forum Members. This marks our our 11th Christmas “in business”, and the site is stronger than ever thanks to our members and industry sponsors. (and are now accessed by over 550,000 visitors every month. Part of the reason for that success is the hard work of our volunteer helpers.

Unsung Heroes Deserve Recognition
I want to acknowledge some guys who have really helped out the site. Number one is JayChris, our IT guy — he keeps the servers running smoothly and maintains our Forum. Jay has been working through the holidays on a major Forum upgrade we hope to roll out at year’s end. This is a big undertaking, requiring great technical expertise. Jay deserves our thanks for all his hard work and his dedication… working nights and weekends to keep this big project on schedule. Thanks also go to Jeff Williams, our “Answerman” who fields miscellaneous questions from our readers. We have a great place to test rifles thanks to our good buddy (and designated trigger-puller) Joe Friedrich. Special thanks go to the 6.5 Guys, Ed Mobley and Steve Lawrence, who authored our latest Cartridge Guide, and contributed SHOT Show videos. I also want to recognize our regular contributors, including Vince Bottomley, German S., Jason Baney, Robert Whitley, Tony Chow, Mark LaFevers, and Gavin Gear. And we must acknowledge Boyd Allen and EdLongRange who tirelessly supply story leads for the Daily Bulletin. These guys (and many others) have all contributed much time and effort.

We also want to thank our major sponsors, without whose support the site could not provide the full experience, with an active Forum, an archive of in-depth articles, and fresh content 365 days a year in our Daily Bulletin. We’re grateful to all our sponsors and advertisers. In particular, I want to acknowledge Shiraz Balolia, a great friend of the shooting sports, and a gifted marksman in his own right. Shiraz has provided key support for this site though his companies and Grizzly Industrial.

Christmas Elk Canada

John Adams and Jerry Tierney Have Left the Range…
I also want to say a word in remembrance of two good men (and talented shooters) who really helped the site. John Adams, one of the site’s first Forum members, and a great supporter of our efforts, passed away just over a year ago. And we lost Jerry Tierney, a champion shooter in many disciplines, just this month. These men both served as mentors to me, and their knowledge (and good fellowship) will be missed. John and Jerry — rest in peace, my friends.

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