December 27th, 2015

Shooters’ Forum Upgrade Scheduled for Tonight

AccurateShooter Shooters Forum Software Upgrade

Here’s a “heads up” for our Forum members and site visitors. This evening, we plan to install new software for our SHOOTERS’ FORUM. As a result, the Forum will be offline for approximately 16 hours, starting at about 9:00 pm Central Time on December 27th. The Forum will remain off-line as we transfer all the data (600,000+ messages) to the server running the new Forum software. We anticipate this process will be conclude in the early morning hours of December 28th. If all goes well, we hope to have the Forum re-activated by noon on Monday, December 28th.

The new software gives us improved security and stability, and it should allow the Forum to run faster. In addition, the upgraded software is mobile-friendly so it will automatically adjust to the platform you are using — whether desktop, laptop, tablet, and even smartphone.

Current Forum categories and threads will be preserved, and we will maintain the general layout. But you will see some differences in link/button locations and in user profile screens.

Log-In Procedure (Read Carefully)
You will still be able to use your current Forum name and password. However, some users who changed their display name(s) will have to use their original name or original email address to log-in.

So guys… don’t freak out if you cannot access the SHOOTERS’ FORUM tonight. God willing, everything will be in place within a day. We’ve done a successful test, but there could still be some unanticipated hiccups. This is a MAJOR upgrade. If all goes according to plan, there will simply be a “time out” until mid-day on Monday.

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