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June 3rd, 2016

David Spaulding Clears the Air on “Tactical” Training

David Spaulding Tactical Tacticool Firearms gun training

Are you fed up with all the “Tacticool” nonsense? Do you wonder about guys who are more into “macho” fashion statements than actually learning effective gun-handling skills? Are you tired of the whole “tactical lifestyle” silliness? Well so is respected firearms trainer David Spaulding. In this refreshingly frank and candid video, Dave speaks the “plain truth” about firearms training, pistols in particular.

Great “No-BS” Video — David Spaulding Calls Out Firearms Training Nonsense:

David Spaulding Tactical Tacticool Firearms gun trainingDavid explains that you don’t need to dress up like a Spec Ops Warrior. You don’t need a beard and you don’t need to wear tactical pants and combat boots. Jeans and sneakers work just fine.

David also says that too many people are caught up in hardware “one-upsmanship”. Get the pistol that works best for you — it doesn’t matter if it’s not the one used by Delta Force. Likewise, get the holster that fits YOU best, even if it’s not on the cover of Guns & Ammo magazine.

Most importantly, David says that, to be truly proficient with any firearm, you must TRAIN with that firearm in real life. Surfing the web won’t substitute for actual training time, David says. agrees wholeheartedly — while this website provides a wealth of info on reloading, marksmanship, and other topics, you still need to get out to the range and train. There is no substitute for actual trigger time, preferably under the guidance of a competent mentor or instructor.

“The fact remains [that] if you really understood the psychological and financial trauma that occurs to someone when they take a life, you won’t want to do it. So the fascination with war-fighting, and gear, and killing people just does not make sense.

I’ll have people that contact me and say ‘What kind of trousers were you wearing?’ Who cares! They’re [just] a pair of pants…” — David Spaulding

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June 3rd, 2016

Doug Koenig, King of the Bianchi Cup, Wins 17th Championship

Doug Koenig Bianchi Cup 2016 Pistol Shooting Competition

Doug Koenig earned a record-setting 17th Bianchi Cup Championship last week, winning High Overall and High Open titles at the 2016 NRA Bianchi Cup in Columbia, Missouri. Koenig had the lead going into the Championship Final with a perfect score of 1920-183X. His combined Match X and Championship Final Aggregate score was 3840-361X, two points higher than runner-up Troy Mattheyer.

Mr. Perfect — Koenig won his first Bianchi Cup in 1990, and he was the first to finish the prestigious match with a perfect score. Since then, he has achieved a perfect score in all but one match.

This Video Profiles Doug Koenig, King of the Bianchi Cup:

Koenig Triumphs in New ‘Championship Round’ Format
New this year was a second “Championship” round. After completion of the match’s 192-shot, 1920-point Aggregate, the top 36 competitors fired an additional 192-shot Championship Round. Scores from the Championship Round combined into an overall Aggregate to determine each category’s champions.

The NRA Bianchi Cup, established in 1979, consists of four separate, fixed time matches: Practical Event (with shots fired from 10-50 yards), Barricade Event (shots taken from behind simulated cover), Falling Plate Event (banks of six 8″ falling plates), and the Moving Target Event (shots fired at a moving target exposed for six seconds).

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