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June 29th, 2016

2016 Sniper’s Hide Cup — Northwest Shoot-Out

2016 Colorado Steve 6.5 Guys Frank Galli Sniper's Hide Cup Tactical
Location: Overlooking Columbia River in Colville, Washington area, (North of Spokane, WA)

The annual precision tactical rifle event known as the Sniper’s Hide Cup (SHC) wrapped up on Sunday and it was quite an adventure this year. The match, held in a stunningly beautiful corner of Washington State, offered plenty of challenge for the competitors, along with memorable scenery. On the podium this year were: Nick Gadarzi (1st), 2nd Jesse Redell (2nd), and 3rd Brent Webley (3rd). Congrats guys!

2016 Colorado Steve 6.5 Guys Frank Galli Sniper's Hide Cup Tactical

These photos come from Frank Galli, Sniper’s Hide Founder, and our friend Steve Lawrence from Steve competed in Squad 8 with other members of the Northwest precision shooting community. Three members of the squad placed in the top 20. Steve placed 34th out of 148 shooters registered for the event.

2016 Colorado Steve 6.5 Guys Frank Galli Sniper's Hide Cup Tactical

2016 Colorado Steve 6.5 Guys Frank Galli Sniper's Hide Cup Tactical

Credit goes to Frank Galli of Sniper’s Hide, LLC, Mile High Shooting Accessories, and Carl Taylor of In Motion Targets for organizing, sponsoring, and hosting this event, as well as the dozens of Range Officers, volunteers, and companies who donated to the prize table which made this such a memorable match. The ‘Hide Cup will be featured on the Long Range Reality TV series.

2016 Colorado Steve 6.5 Guys Frank Galli Sniper's Hide Cup Tactical

Match Director’s Report — Sniper’s Hide Cup 2016
The 2016 Sniper’s Hide Cup was held in Colville, Washington in one of the most picturesque settings I have ever attended. We had 24 stages, 50 Range Officers, and 148 competitors at this year’s 2.5-day event. Starting off with heavy rain and fog, we quickly rolled in cool temps and partly sunny skies. It made for a great weekend of shooting.

Because Carl Taylor owns and operates In Motion Targets, we had 5 mover (moving target) stages. So every segment included a moving target stage, which was anywhere from 400 to 800 yards. This was a more traditional Field Course-type event, but the SHC was part of the PRS Series. Targets averaged from 300 to 1100 yards during the match, under challenging and unpredictable conditions thanks to the varied terrain. Competitors shot 360 degrees so they were subject to wind from every direction.

Congratulations to the Top 3, Nick Gadarzi, Jesse Redell, and Brent Webley. We thank key Sponsors Sig Optics, Swarovski, and Proof Research, along with Falkor, Prime Ammo, GA Precision, and Kasey Beltz with B&T Industries. They were Segment Sponsors.

We look forward to doing more in the Colville area next year. It was a laid back fun event.

— Frank Galli, Sniper’s Hide Cup Match Director

2016 Colorado Steve 6.5 Guys Frank Galli Sniper's Hide Cup Tactical
Steve Lawrence takes aim on a down-angle shot amidst the pines.

Steve (shown above) gave a shout-out to his sponsors: “We want to acknowledge the 6.5 Guys partners/sponsors who make it possible for us to bring viewers along with us on our precision rifle marksmanship quest. Travis Redell of R Bros Rifles who built me a superbly accurate, ultra-dependable match rifle, Jake Vibbert of JC Steel Targets, Glen Harrison and Mike Lee of Defiance Machine, Michael Ryan of Midsouth Shooters Supply, and Kevin Thomas and Adam Braverman of Lapua.

2016 Colorado Steve 6.5 Guys Frank Galli Sniper's Hide Cup Tactical

2016 Colorado Steve 6.5 Guys Frank Galli Sniper's Hide Cup Tactical

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June 29th, 2016

Adjustable Gas Port for AR-Platform Rifles from Wilson Combat

Wilson combat adjustable AR AR15 gas block

Wouldn’t it be cool if you could adjust the bolt cycling energy on your AR-platform rifle? Turn down the cycling rate for slow fire at the bench or varmint hunting. Crank up the energy for 3-Gun matches and rapid-fire disciplines. This IS possible with a handy accessory that fits on your barrel. Wilson Combat offers an Adjustable Lo-Profile AR Gas Block for direct gas impingement AR-type rifles. Wilson Combat’s adjustable gas block replaces a standard AR gas block and allows you to tune your AR’s gas system for smoother cycling and enhanced reliability. Wilson Combat explains: “Adjusting your rifle’s gas port will lower or increase your bolt’s cyclic rate. This tailors your rifle’s performance to your unique needs.”

A simple adjustment of the hex screw at the front of the block modulates the gas volume allowing you to tune your rifle’s function to your favorite loads. This is very handy when shooting non-standard AR calibers, unusual hand-loads, or suppressed rifles. Adjustable Gas Block systems are sold as complete kits starting at $74.95. Wilson Combat offers two diameters (.750″, .937″) and three lengths (Carbine Length, Mid-Length, & Rifle Length), so you can select the right dimensions for your rifle configuration and barrel diameter. The blocks are Chromoly steel with a Melonited finish.

Package Includes:

  • Adjustable Gas Block (Melonite Finish)
  • Adjustment Set Screw (Installed)
  • Straight Gas Tube (Installed, Gas Tube Pin Installed)
  • 12″-Long Allen Wrench to Adjust Inside Handguard
  • $74.95 – $79.95
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June 29th, 2016

Report from Raton: King of 2 Miles Match, Day 1 and 2

Raton New Mexico King of 2 Two Miles

The King of 2 Miles Extreme Long Range (ELR) competition is underway at the NRA Whittington Center in Raton, New Mexico. Many of the nation’s top shooters are competing — aiming for hits on targets as far out as 3500 yards.

Raton New Mexico King of 2 Two MilesBryan Litz of Applied Ballistics offered this report:

Day One went well. I was the third shooter this morning. Started out good with 4/5 hits at 1454 yards including a first-round hit which is worth a lot of points. The second target was only 100 yards further, but the wind cycled and I missed the first two shots. If you miss three shots on any target after the first, you’re out! So cautiously, and with help from my teammates/spotters Paul Phillips and Mitchell Fitzpatrick, I scored a third round hit at 1550 and was able to advance to the 1720-yard target. I manage to hit that 1720-yard target three out of three times.

The final target on Day One was at 2011 yards. Unfortunately I had three close misses. (Editor: Close only counts in horseshoes and hand grenades, Bryan…)

Twenty teams shot today and about 15 more will shoot the qualifying stage tomorrow then the top 10 from the two days will shoot on Thursday at over 3300 yards for the crown. My score of about 29,000 points is good. But I won’t know for certain if I’ve made the Top 10 until all tomorrow’s teams fire.

Raton New Mexico King of 2 Two Miles
Mitchell Fitzpatrick hit every target on his first two shots and finished with 40,000 points on Day One. His farthest shots were just over 2000 yards.

So that’s my story so far, but that’s not THE story. Teammate Mitchell Fitzpatrick (with rifle above) topped the field today with a monster score, hitting all targets and racking up over 40,000 points! The prototype Berger .375-caliber, 400gr bullets and Mitch’s .375 Wildcat from Lethal Precision Arms LLC are a super high-performance combination that made short work of the ELR course.

Also, teammate Paul Phillips, who originally was only here to spot, has entered the competition. He’ll be shooting my .338 Edge tomorrow. Luckily I brought plenty of ammo!

Picture below is the full Applied Ballistics team with sponsor Kelly McMillan. Kelly has been great to our team and we’re looking forward to some future projects with him in ELR.

Raton New Mexico King of 2 Two Miles

In all the King of 2 Miles event is very enjoyable. It’s a great place to come and learn from fellow ELR shooters what works and what doesn’t work at these ranges. The spirit of the match is education and growing the knowledge base and I think it’s doing a great job at that. We’re thrilled to be a part of it!

DAY 2 UPDATE: Top TEN Shooters

Results of King of 2 Miles After Day Two
The Top 10 listed below continue to Day Three. On this final day, the ten remaining competitors will engage targets from 1-2 miles. Paul Phillips reports: “I managed to finish today with the highest score of the day. That placed me 7th overall and allows me into the shoot-off tomorrow. Team Applied Ballistics place three shooters in the 10 Final: Michael Fitzpatrick, Bryan Litz, Paul Phillips.”

King of 2 Miles Raton New Mexico

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