October 24th, 2017

New Anti-Gun Legislation Introduced in U.S. Congress

Cheaper than dirt Legislation Shooters Log

In the wake of the tragic events in Las Vegas, politicians have drawn up new anti-gun legislation in Congress and in State Legislatures. As expected, there are bills to ban “bump-fire” stocks and rotary triggers, but there is more… much more. Anti-gun politicians have used the Las Vegas tragedy as an impetus to draft much more far-reaching restrictions on guns, magazine, and ammunition.

Here is a summary of new Federal legislation released in the past month. Note that none of these new bills specifically targets rapid-fire technology. Instead they seek to restrict conventional firearms, or impose new restrictions on purchasing shooting supplies. For example, H.R.3962 will ban online ammunition sales by requiring face-to-face purchases of ammo.

Cheaper than dirt Legislation Shooters LogHere is a list of anti-gun measures that have recently been proposed in Congress. This list was prepared by the Cheaper Than Dirt Shooter’s Log. The list provides a representative sample, but it is not comprehensive — readers should note that other legislation has been introduced in various states. And expect more anti-gun legislation to come….

H.R.3984 – Rep. Schiff, Adam B. [D-CA-28] (Introduced 10/05/2017)

Summary: This would repeal the Protection of Lawful Commerce in Arms Act, and provide for the discoverability and admissibility of gun trace information in civil proceedings.

Comment: The Protection of Lawful Commerce in Arms Act (PLCAA) protects firearms manufacturers and dealers from being held liable when crimes have been committed with their products.

H.R.3962 – Rep. Watson Coleman, Bonnie [D-NJ-12] (Introduced 10/04/2017)

Summary: To require face-to-face purchases of ammunition, to require licensing of ammunition dealers, and to require reporting regarding bulk purchases of ammunition.

Comment: This measure is designed to eliminate online sales of ammunition.

H.R.3986 – Rep. Velazquez, Nydia M. [D-NY-7] (Introduced 10/05/2017)

Summary: To provide for the establishment of a national standard for incorporating a passive identification ability into all firearms sold in the United States.

Comment: This essentially would require all firearms to have smart gun technology.

H.R.3987 – Rep. Velazquez, Nydia M. [D-NY-7] (Introduced 10/05/2017)

Summary: To reduce gun violence, fund gun violence research and victim assistance, and enhance the tracking of lost and stolen firearms, and for other purposes. Any transaction involving at least on firearm, would have a $1 fee added.

S.1945 – Sen. Menendez, Robert [D-NJ] (Introduced 10/05/2017)

Summary: To regulate large capacity ammunition feeding devices.

Comment: In truth, there is not much new here, but the threat is as serious as it ever was.

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