April 3rd, 2018

Doom to Small Varmints — 2000 Rounds of 17 HMR for $339.00

Bulk 17 HMR ammo deal

For blastin’ small varmints (such as ground squirrels) out to 200 yards or so, it is hard to beat the little 17 HMR rimfire cartridge. Yes there are much more powerful centerfire varmint rounds, and the newer 17 WSM rimfire offers more velocity, but the 17 HMR offers a winning combination of accuracy and affordability, plus there are many excellent 17 HMR factory rifles with a variety of stock options. We like the Savage A17 with thumbhole stock. Volquartsen also makes fine 17 HMR rigs, including this rifle belonging to Top Shot Champion Dustin Ellermann. Dustin says this rig has shot half-MOA groups at 100 yards with CCI A17 ammunition.

Dustin Ellermann 17 HMR varmint Rifle

For Those Serious Varmint Safaris — 2000 Rounds of 17 HMR
Fans of the 17 HMR who shoot a lot of rounds during varmint season should rejoice at this latest offer from Midsouth Shooters Supply — 2000 rounds of Hornady 17 HMR V-Max for $339.00. That’s a very good deal that works out to $8.47 per 50-round box. This Hornady ammo typically sells for about $11-$12 per box ($11.69 at MidwayUSA), so you can see this is a very attractive offer. 2000 rounds may seem like a lot, but we’ve shot up to 400 rounds in a single afternoon on a West Coast Squirrel Safari.

Bulk 17 HMR ammo deal

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