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April 28th, 2019

Sunday GunDay: The Modern .308 Win F-TR Rifle

F-TR Rifle laminated stock X-Ring Borden Action SEB Joy-Pod
A carpet is used up front for smoother tracking with the Joy-Pod’s flat, ski-style feet. The arms of the Joy-Pod were painted to match the stock. The rear bag features low-drag material on the ears.

On Sundays, we feature notable rifles that exhibit fine craftsmanship, quality components, and noteworthy shooting accessories. Today we are featuring an F-TR (F-Class Target Rifle) rig that showcases the types of components, and accessories used by top F-TR competitors — including a coaxial bipod and Labradar Chronograph. If you’re considering getting started in the F-TR game, take a close look at this modern F-TR build from Forum member DM.Oakes.

F-TR Rifle laminated stock X-Ring Borden Action SEB Joy-Pod

Modern F-TR Rig with Borden Action, Krieger Barrel, and SEB Joy-Pod
This handsome .308 Win F-TR rig features a smooth-running Borden BRM action, 30-inch 1:10″-twist Krieger barrel, and an X-Ring Laminated Wood stock. Up front is a coaxial “Joy-Pod” joystick bipod. This is a state-of-the art, wide footprint bipod used by many competitors at the Worlds in Canada. The long joystick allows the “driver” to quickly adjust both elevation and windage in a smooth, continuous motion. The Joy-Pod can be adjusted so it will hold setting during the shot — you don’t have to “hard-hold” the joystick. Many shooters let the joystick slide through their fingers as the rifle moves back on recoil. With a little practice (and careful placement of the rear sand-bag), the tracking is excellent and you can slide the gun right back to point of aim after each shot.

Action: Borden BRM
Trigger: Blue-printed Jewell BR
Barrel: Krieger 30″ / 4-Groove / 1:10″ twist (.30 Cal)
Chamber: .308 Winchester with 0.170 Freebore
Stock: X-Ring Laminated F-Class
Scope: Nightforce 12-42x56mm Competition
Potential Name: Blue Thunder

F-TR Rifle laminated stock X-Ring Borden Action SEB Joy-Pod
This F-TR rifle is shown during load testing with a LabRadar chronograph.

» Full LabRadar Field Test/Review by Ray Gross

If you are considering purchasing a LabRadar Chronograph system, we strongly suggest you read the very thorough and informative LabRadar Review by Ray Gross, past Captain of the USA F-TR team. Ray notes: “It takes me about 3 minutes to set up [my LabRadar] at the range. Because there are no downrange screens, I do not have to hold up other shooters on the range like I would when setting up a traditional chronograph. The convenience alone will mean that I will use it more often than my old chronograph. Every time I take it out, I enjoy it a little bit more.”

Bart Sauter Ray Gross LabRadar Benchrest Review Chronograph Bench tripod

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April 28th, 2019

Final Day at NRA Annual Meetings & Exhibits 2019

celebrity NRA Convention 2019
NRA badge photo courtesy Forum Gold Member hoz53.

Today is the final day of the 148th NRA Annual Meetings & Exhibits in Indianapolis, Indiana. This is the last day to attend a seminar, visit manufacturers’ booths, meet a notable celebrity (e.g. Chuck Norris is at the Glock Booth), and check out the Wall of Guns! The Convention Hall opens at 10:00 am today and the Exhibits close at 5:00 pm. Special events start at 7:00 am!

Annual Meetings Indianapolis Indy NRA Convention 2019

Major Sunday Events

National Prayer Breakfast (ticket required)
J.W. Marriott, White River Ballroom
Event starts at 7:00 am

6th Annual NRA Womens’ Breakfast (ticket required)
ICC, 500 Ballroom
Event starts at 9:30 am

NRA Youth Day
ICC, Wabash Ballrooms 1-3
Event starts at 10:00 am

Seminars and Workshops on Sunday, April 28

9:00 AM – 10:30 AM, Room 234 – National Gun Collectors Award Ceremony
11:00 AM, Rooms 237-239 – Concealed Carry: The Science of Draw Time
11:00 AM, Rooms 140-142 – Current and Emerging Threats: How it Affects You!
11:00 AM – 1:00 PM, Room 232 – Refuse to be a Victim: Crime Prevention Strategies
11:30 AM, Rooms 134-135 – Armed Citizen: How to Interact with Law Enforcement
11:30 AM, Rooms 235-236 – The Aging Defender
11:30 AM, Rooms 130-131 – You’re the First Responder: Whether You Know It or Not!
12:00 PM, Room 231 – Gun Control Lies
12:00 PM, Room 233 – What You Need to Know About NRA’s Collegiate Program
1:00 PM – 2:00 PM, Rooms 132-133 – NRA School Shield Town Hall
1:00 PM, Rooms 140-142 – Technological Determinism: Guns and History
1:30 PM, Rooms 235-236 – Advanced Long Range Shooting – World Class Techniques and Technology
1:30 PM, Rooms 134-135 – Medical Mindset: Are You Prepared?

CLICK HERE for a complete list of seminars, workshops, and special presentations!

Major Everyday Events

Wall of Guns, Crossroads Hallway at Hoosier Hallway
Pyramid Air® Air Gun Range, Rooms 143-144
NRA Booth, Booth #3639
NRA Store, Rooms 136-139
Eddie Eagle, Crossroads Hallway – Booth #15
NRA Hunter Education – Booth #3838
NRA Country Sound Stage, Wabash West Lobby

Celebrity Appearances

CLICK HERE for a complete list of celebrity appearances! Shown below are the Miculek family, Kristy Titus, Doug Koenig, and Jessie Harrison.

celebrity NRA Convention 2019

Map for Convention Center in Indianapolis, IN

The Indiana Convention center is in the heart of Indianapolis, so it’s easy to find. However, events are spread out over multiple facilities, so you’ll want to study this map when you get to your hotel.

To see the full schedule, visit

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