April 20th, 2019

Great Deal — RCBS ChargeMaster Lite for $229.99 at Midsouth

Chargemaster Lite Midsouth Sale

Do you need an electronic powder scale and dispenser? Check out this great deal at Midsouth Shooters Supply. Suggested retail for the ChargeMaster Lite is $299.99. Amazon’s best price for this unit is $269.49. But now you can get it for just $229.99 at Midsouth. So you can save at least $40 with this Midsouth sale. Put the money saved into bullets or powder.

The RCBS ChargeMaster Lite is the modern second generation Scale/Dispenser, descended from the original ChargeMaster. We have a 10-year-old first gen RCBS ChargeMaster in our loading room that is still going strong. The ChargeMaster Lite features an easy-to-use LCD touchscreen with many nice features. The hopper holds nearly one pound of powder. The unit comes with twin check weights and a convenient plastic cover for the powder pan. Your choice of propellant can be measured out 2 to 300 grains with a plus or minus accuracy of 0.1 grains.

Chargemaster Lite Midsouth Sale

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