January 9th, 2020

Comfortable, Low-Profile 27dB NRR Muffs for $6.99

ear muff earmuff 27 nrr db kryptek highlander passive deal $6.99
Note: You get one set of muffs (either gray or camo, NOT both) for $6.99 plus S/H.

Good muffs that offer 27 db Noise Reduction and won’t spoil your cheekweld — for under seven bucks? Can’t argue with that. Right now CDNN is offering a killer deal on Kryptek Sound Soldier 27 NRR muffs that sell elsewhere for around $21.00. Get these in Highlander Camo or Typhon Grey for just $6.99. That’s right, comfortable 27 NRR muffs for seven bucks a set.

These passive muffs have low profile shells engineered to stay out of the way when shouldering your weapon. The ergonomic headband keeps the muffs aligned, in their proper position. Purchasers report the soft leatherette ear seals are surprisingly comfortable. These muffs provide a pretty high NRR considering the low profile design. And the price, just $6.99 on sale, is hard to beat! NOTE: Other vendors have a more conservative 25 NRR for these type of muffs. That’s still quite good.

These affordable Kryptec Muffs are a good “back-up” item to keep in your vehicle or in your range kit. Though there are certainly higher-quality muffs, these Kryptecs function adequately for most shooting and hunting purposes. However, for maximum hearing protection, we do recommend running quality ear-plugs UNDER the muffs for double protection. Some government studies suggest that properly inserted ear plugs under muffs can improve the effective NRR by 3 dB. The top-rated plugs have a 32 dB NRR by themselves.

Why You Should Always Protect Your Hearing

“Science tells us that exposure to continuous noise of 85 dB for eight hours is enough to cause permanent hearing loss, and worse, spikes of 130 dB and more can result in permanent hearing damage instantly.”
Source: NRA Blog.

The Risk of Hearing Loss
Hearing loss can be progressive and irreversible. If you are a shooter, this is serious business. As the NRA Blog cautions: “You may not even realize you’re harming your hearing. Hearing loss occurs gradually, and can go effectively unnoticed until symptoms become severe. By then, the damage is done.”

Nobody wants to go deaf. But we often see shooters without effective hearing protection when they are walking around a few yards behind the firing line. That’s bad — even if you are away from the firing line, gunshot noises can damage your hearing. You MUST use effective hearing protection every time you go to the range. Good foam earplugs costs mere pennies but they can prevent deafness in your later years. Many folks also wear muffs over plugs.

Sound Levels for Common Noises:

9mm Luger pistol: 160 dB

Jet aircraft engine (near): 140 dB

.22 LR pistol: 134 dB

Normal human pain threshold: 120 dB

Noisy Nightclub: 110 db

Riding Motorcycle at 65 mph: 103 db

Power Lawnmower: 95 dB

Hearing damage possible: 85 dB (sustained for 8+ hours)

Ringing Telephone: 80 dB

Normal conversation: 60 dB

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