April 17th, 2020

NRA Launches New Website — NRAWomen.com

NRAwomen.com website NRA lady shooter hunting

The National Rifle Association (NRA) recently launched NRAWomen.com, a new, full-featured website dedicated to the fastest-growing group of firearm owners — America’s women. This new website serves the increasing number of female gun owners, huntresses, and competitive shooters. Female involvement in firearms is growing significantly. Consider these facts:

23% of American Women Own Firearms
Based on a Gallup poll of self-reported gun owners in 2011, 23% of women say they owned a gun compared to 13% in 2005.

There Are Now 3.35 Million Female Gun Owners in the USA
The National Sporting Goods Association recorded a 43.5% increase in female hunters from 2003 to 2013.

NRAwomen.com website NRA lady shooter hunting

The new website will provide a wide range of information. Visitors to NRAWomen.com can learn the fundamentals of gun safety, find female-centric training, and hone a defensive mindset for confrontations that could require armed response. Huntresses and outdoorswomen will find free hunter education, skills training, and coverage of hunting adventures.

NRA President Carolyn Meadows stated: “For decades, the NRA has been dedicated to paving the way for female gun enthusiasts…. Whether your interest lies in personal protection, hunting, or gun collecting, NRAWomen.com will be your hub for all your firearm-related needs and news.”

“NRAWomen.com will serve as a comprehensive online resource for women who seek the knowledge, confidence and empowerment obtained through personal protection, the shooting sports, and an outdoor lifestyle”, said Doug Hamlin, NRA Publications Executive Director.

Broad Coverage of Self-Defense and Home Security
Self Defense and Home Security will be key topics on the NRAWomen.com website. Along with instructional articles, there will be feature stories on gun selection, and self-defense strategies.

NRAwomen.com website NRA lady shooter hunting

NRAwomen.com website NRA lady shooter hunting

Video Features on NRAWomen.com
Along with dozens of informative articles, NRAWomen.com features many instructional videos featuring skilled lady shooters and instructors, such as Olympic Gold Medalist Kim Rhode.

NRAwomen.com website NRA lady shooter hunting

Free Sherpa Blanket for New NRA Lady Members
For a limited time, women who join the NRA will receive a free NRA-branded Sherpa Fleece Blanket gift. CLICK HERE for Special Offer with NRA memberships starting at $35.00.

NRAwomen.com website NRA lady shooter hunting

In addition to offering current news relating to the firearm industry and gun rights, NRAWomen.com will spotlight women who stand up to political foes, shoot competitively, conserve wildlife, and protect their loved ones. NRAWomen.com is for female supporters of the Second Amendment, all of whom are welcomed into a powerful sisterhood of women with shared values.

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