February 6th, 2021

How to Find Ammunition Supplies Using AmmoSeek.com

ammoseek ammunition supplies

For the past three weeks, the most-read article on the Daily Bulletin has been a discussion of how ammo/reloading component shortages will persist well into 2021. So we know you guys are concerned about finding ammunition. With demand pushed by widespread worries over social unrest and the prospects of radical gun control laws, Ammo is definitely in short supply. The high demand is also driven by new gun owners: “NSSF estimates that 8.4 million people bought a firearm for the first time in 2020. That’s 40 percent of all purchases.” (Source: NSSF.org)

ammo sales 2021 2020 ammunition ammoseek

Certain types of ammunition are in short supply — particularly 9mm pistol ammo, .40 SW, and 12-gauge shotshells. And even .22 LR ammo is becoming harder to find, so you may want to stock up. Thankfully, if you shop around a bit, you can still find most types of defensive ammunition and .22 LR rimfire ammo, though prices are considerably higher than in 2019.

Find All Types of Ammunition Fast with AmmoSeek.com

Here’s a great search service that can help you locate hard-to-find ammunition and reloading components — while saving money in the process. AmmoSeek.com monitors dozens of online vendors — checking current pricing and available inventory, for pistol, rifle, and shotgun ammunition. Looking for .22 LR ammo for your rimfire trainer or .45 acp ammo for your 1911? Just select the cartridge type from AmmoSeek’s “Quick Seek” menu. Likewise you can find .223 Rem and .308 Win Rifle ammo with just one click.

9mm Ammo in Stock Now

And here are the 2/6/2021 search results for 9mm Luger (9x19mm) ammunition, the #1 most desired pistol ammo right now. These are five of the 406 entries, starting with the least expensive (click image to get latest update):

ammoseek ammunition supplies

LAMENT: These prices are depressingly high. Not that long ago, you could get a 50-round box of CCI Blazer or Sellier & Bellot 9mm ammo for under $10.00/box. Now a “good deal” is three times that price — and some places are charging $60.00 for 50 rounds — SIX times the price.

.223 Rem Ammo in Stock Now

And here are this morning’s results for .223 Rem ammunition. You can get significant savings by buying in bulk, that’s for sure. CLICK HERE for latest update.

ammoseek ammunition supplies

.22 LR Rimfire Ammo in Stock Now

And here are recent results for .22 LR rimfire ammunition. There are often supplies of .22 LR at major vendors such as MidwayUSA and Midsouth, but it sells out quickly so you need to check often.

ammoseek ammunition supplies

These results are from 2/6/2021 in the morning. CLICK HERE to get the latest updates.

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