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July 7th, 2021

High Power Rifle Competition on Shooting USA Today

Shooting Usa service high power cmp rifles

This week’s Shooting USA TV episode features CMP High Power competition. High Power Rifle, sometimes called XTC from “Across the Course”, is a shooting sport using centerfire (aka “fullbore”) target rifles. Major High Power matches are run by the CMP and NRA, as well as state rifle groups. The sport is divided into classes by equipment, and popular classifications include Service Rifle, and Open Class. This episode of Shooting USA focuses on High Power competition at the Talladega Marksmanship Park in Alabama.

This episode of Shooting USA airs Wednesday, July 7, 2021, 9:00 PM Eastern and Pacific, 8:00 PM Central on the Outdoor Channel. Shooting USA is also available On Demand via

This week Shooting USA TV features CMP High Power competition from the Talladega Marksmanship facility in Alabama. High Power is a challenging discipline that requires high accuracy in the rifle and great marksmanship skills in three positions — standing, sitting/kneeling, and prone. The CMP competition involves slow- and rapid-fire at 200, 300, and 600 yards in all three positions. There are separate Service Rifle and Open divisions.

Service Rifle High Power

Young 15-year-old Tyler Fisher from Arizona shot superbly at the 2020 CMP Western Games Match in Phoenix (Ben Avery). His impressive marksmanship secured second place overall (and High Junior) at the Western Games EIC Match shooting Service Rifle, a subclass of High Power.

High Power highpower cmp shooting use rifle

Camp Perry AR15 Tubegun High Power Space Gun Tubb 2000 Rifle Standing
High Power Open division Tubb 2000 with a shortened handguard, and custom hand support bracket forward of mag well.

The CMP conducts a number of High Power clinics each year. The CMP offers a pair of High Power clinics in conjunction with the U.S. Marine Corps Rifle Team and members of the Remington-Bushmaster rifle team. There is a Junior Clinic as well as an advanced High Power clinic. Both focus on service rifle disciplines.

USAMU PRO TIP: Bullseye Pistol Competition

In addition to the High Power rifle feature, this week’s Shooting USA episode has a good USAMU Pro Tips segment about bullseye pistols. Staff Sergeant Ryan Franks with the USAMU Service Pistol Team shows the fundamentals of bullseye shooting, the classic pistol competition shot from a one-handed standing position. In this Pro Tip, SSG Franks focuses on proper stance and grip.

Shooting usa usamu bullseye pistol competition grip stance handgun

Shooting USA Garand Presidents 100
Shooting USA will air Wednesday, July 7, 2021, at 9:00 PM Eastern and Pacific (8:00 PM Central) on the Outdoor Channel. Shooting USA is also available On Demand via Watch a single episode for $0.99, or get a full-month subscription for $3.99 and watch as many shows as you like with limited commercial interruptions.

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July 7th, 2021

9mm Pistols Are Most Popular Handguns in USA

Pistol Production usa decade 2010 2020 ATF 9mm Luger 9x19mm handguns statistics Smith Wesson Sig Sauer

What is the most popular pistol chambering in the USA? It is the 9mm Luger (aka 9x19mm Parabellum). And nothing else is very close. Four out of every 10 pistols made from 2010-2020 were 9mms. And the percentage of 9mm is on the rise. In the year 2010, 27.9% of all handguns produced were 9mms. But in the year 2019, 9mm pistols represented 56.8% of all handguns made in the USA. For the entire decade, 9mm pistols made up 42.8% of all pistols produced domestically (15,111,566 of 35,315,097).

Pistol Production usa decade 2010 2020 ATF 9mm Luger 9x19mm handguns statistics Smith Wesson Sig SauerBased on data collected by the ATF, we can compare production numbers for the entire decade 2010 through 2020. During this 10-year span 15,111,566 9mm pistols were produced. That’s roughly twice as many as the next largest category, .40 up to .50 caliber, with 7,661,896 produced. Americans also liked their .22-caliber handguns, with 4,605,411 “up to .22″ handguns produced.

According to Shooting Industry Magazine: “9mm pistols were the most prolifically produced caliber in the 2010s. Thanks to the ATF’s Annual Firearms Manufacturing & Export Report (AFMER) … we’re able to able to quantify the scope of [the 9mm caliber’s] dominance.”

Pistol Production usa decade 2010 2020 ATF 9mm Luger 9x19mm handguns statistics Smith Wesson Sig Sauer

Smith & Wesson is Now America’s Top 9mm Pistol Manufacturer
Among 9mm pistol producers, Smith & Wesson (S&W) tops the field, with the M&P line leading the way. In second place is SIG Sauer, followed by Ruger (3rd), and Glock (4th). Notably, Glock seems to have lost market share over the past decade. S&W produced nearly four times as many 9mm pistols as Glock.

This YouTube Video Compares the SIG P365 and the S&W Shield

SIG Sauer made a big jump in the last decade: “The second-largest 9mm producer, SIG Sauer grew at an impressive rate during the 2010s — no doubt led by its P320 Modular Handgun Series and high-capacity, micro-compact P365.” (Shooting Industry.) Notably, SIG Sauer also secured the U.S. Military contract for the M17/M18 9mm pistol.

Pistol Production usa decade 2010 2020 ATF 9mm Luger 9x19mm handguns statistics Smith Wesson Sig Sauer

Click Photo for Field Test Comparison of Three Popular 9mm Carry Pistols:
Carry 9mm pistol gunsamerica digest sig sauer glock smith wesson

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