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November 3rd, 2021

Sightron Offers Huge Holiday Discounts on Popular Scopes

Sightron scopes holiday instant savings rebate sale

Sightron is now offering “instant holiday savings” on two premium riflescope lines, the SIII Precision Long Range (PLR) models as well as SVIII FFP tactical scopes. These are high-end optics, ready for competition. Save $250 on the SIII PLR optics and a whopping $800 on the SVIII. It is rare to see these kind of instant discounts on high-end optics.

Sightron’s 2021 holiday sales event kicked off on November 1st and runs through December 31, 2021. Visit an authorized Sightron retailer or online vendor to take advantage of these big discounts. For more information on the holiday sale visit:

Sightron scopes holiday instant savings rebate sale

Sightron SVIII ED $800 Instant Savings

Now get an instant savings of $800 off the very impressive new SVIII 5-40x56mm ED optic with low-dispersion ED lenses. This illuminated First Focal Plane (FFP) riflescope was designed for long range target shooting, tactical competitions, and hunting. The scope provides 20 MILS of windage and 40 MILS of elevation with 0.1 Mil tactical knobs.

Sightron scopes holiday instant savings rebate sale

Sightron SIII $250 Instant Savings

SIGHTRON is now offering a $250 instant rebate off all SIII Precision Long-Range (PLR) Series scopes. These SFP riflescopes are optimized for long-range benchrest, silhouette, and F-Class competition and general precision target shooting. Models include the 6-24x50mm, 8-32x56mm, and 10-50x60mm. The 10-50X optic (shown below) is a top choice among long-range benchrest shooters and F-Class competitors.

Sightron scopes holiday instant savings rebate sale

CLICK HERE for more information about the Sightron Holiday Instant Savings Program. The Sightron website showcases the scopes on sale and explains their features.

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November 3rd, 2021

AR-15 Rifle Maintenance — How to Keep Your AR Running Right

Barrel cleaning AR15 bolt carrier carbon Jerry Miculek gas key direct impingement

Let’s face it, AR-platform rifles run dirty, at least compared to typical bolt-action rifles. The AR-15 works by piping gas from the barrel back into the bolt carrier, causing the bolt to unlock and the carrier to move the bolt backward. The “exhaust gas” from the barrel contains soot and carbon. The carbon will form hard deposits on the bolt. In addition, the carbon can combine with lube on the bolt carrier to make a nasty, paste-like sludge. This can be particularly problematic when the black paste pollutes the ejector and extractor recess.

This Editor has inspected dozens of ARs over the years. Other than mag-related malfunctions, the most common cause of AR cycling problems I found was oily gunk in the extractor and ejector areas. Many AR owners overlook these critical areas. Look at an AR that hasn’t been cleaned properly and you’ll probably find black gunk (and small brass shavings) in the ejector and extractor recesses.

If you want to keep your black rifle running smoothly and reliably, you must clean it regularly and follow the correct maintenance procedures. Here are three videos that explain how to properly disassemble and clean AR-platform rifles. And then they cover the essential lubrication ARs need to run reliably.

Take-Down and Full Cleaning of AR15 by Jerry Miculek

Here ace shooter Jerry Miculek takes down and cleans an AR-platform rifle belonging to his daughter Lena. This is a good video because Lena’s rifle was “run hard and packed up dirty” so you can see where carbon and grease build up. This 35-minute video is very thorough. Jerry is one of the nation’s top action carbine shooters, so listen carefully to his advice on cleaning and lubrication.

General AR-15 Maintenance and Lubrication

There are various schools of thought on AR lubrication. Some guys like to run “wet” with lots of CLP, while others choose to focus lubrication on the key spots that receive the most friction and wear, such as the contact point for the bolt carrier. We do advice check the ejector recess and extractor spring recess frequently as gunk can get in there, causing malfunctions. Here is a good video from Pew Pew Tactical — a 7-minute guide to cleaning and lubricating AR-platform rifles. This shows important details for both the upper and the lower.

How to Clean Your AR-15 Bolt Carrier Assembly

This video offers very specific advice on the bolt carrier group, which receives the dirty gas directly from the barrel. Be sure to check the extractor and ejector recesses. That’s where old lube, brass shavings, and carbon accumulate. Follow the directions in this video for lubrication, and don’t over-lubricate the bolt carrier — that will only capture more carbon.

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November 3rd, 2021

FREE Online Emergency Medical Training Course

Mountain Man Medical emergency trauma online course education video series

Every firearms owner should have some basic first-aid/trauma training. And now during hunting season, hunters should be prepared to deal with injuries in the field. And bad things can also happen at the range, even if that’s just a blown primer, or a richochet off a metal target. That’s why all shooters should always wear ear and ear protection, and be PREPARED for situations requiring emergency first aid.

Mountain Man Medical emergency trauma online course education video seriesThankfully, there is a way shooters can get emergency trauma training for FREE. The folks at Mountain Man Medical offer a FREE Emergency Trauma Course. This 100% FREE online course, entitled “Emergency Trauma Response” (ETR), consists of a 13-module training program conducted via a series of web-hosted videos. It can benefit anyone who wishes to be better prepared for traumatic medical emergencies.

Mountain Man Medical emergency trauma online course education video series

Online Course Description — Module Subjects
“Emergency Trauma Response” (ETR) is a comprehensive training program for to help person become better prepared to deal with massive trauma. Building off the popular “Stop The Bleed” program, the online ETR course goes above and beyond to ensure the student has the practical knowledge to use emergency products and gear when dealing with a wide variety trauma emergencies. Of course, in any serious emergency, professional medical assistance (EMTs and First Responders) should be summoned immediately whenever that is feasible.

The Mountain Man Medical ETR Course Features 13 Modules:

1. Trauma Medicine and Combat Mindset
2. The Gear Of A Medic
3. Vital Signs and Anatomy
4. Intro to MARCH
5. Massive Hemorrhage
6. Airway
7. Respirations

8. Circulation
9. Hypothermia and Head Trauma
10. Reassessment
11. Other Injury Types
12. Practical Tourniquet Exercises/Solutions
13. Your Role As A Medic

Army Medic Commentary: This Editor’s brother was a U.S. Army combat medic in Viet Nam. He received months of special training before being deployed. He told me this online ETR course provides valuable information, but one should always summon qualified medical professionals when presented with serious trauma. But when that is not possible, immediate on-the-spot correct assistance can save lives or prevent further injury.

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