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December 29th, 2021

SHOT Show 2022 — Exhibitor Directory, Mobile Apps, and Maps

Shot show 2022 mobile app supplier directory map venetian expo las vegas caesar's forum

Headed to SHOT Show in January? It will be a huge event, with a new twin-building layout. As before hundreds of exhibitors will be in the Venetian EXPO Center. But next door, the new Caesar’s Forum building will house scores of other exhibitors, and there is a new Outdoors Pavilion. Check it out:

Shot show 2022 mobile app supplier directory map las vegas venetian expo caesar's forum

SHOT Show 2022 Exhibitor List | SHOT Show Supplier Showcase

This animation shows the layout of SHOT Show 2022, with the multiple buildings and levels. At the end you can see the new elevated walkway connecting the Venetian facility with the new Caesar’s Forum building. NOTE: This video will auto-run once. Click the button lower left to replay or pause.

Shot show 2022 mobile app supplier directory map venetian expo caesar's forum

FREE SHOT Show 2022 Mobile Apps

As in years past, FREE Mobile Apps are available for both iOS and Android users. These handy Apps provide interactive maps, schedules of seminars, plus a full directory of exhibitors. One of the best features of the App is that you can plot the most efficient route among multiple booths. That saves considerable time. To download the SHOT Show Mobile App for Android (Google) and iOS (Apple), go to

GET App for Android | GET App for iPhone and Ipad

Shot show 2022 mobile app supplier directory map venetian expo caesar's forum

SHOT Show 2022 Notebook

This 59-page digital resource contains the full list of exhibitors, along with maps, activity schedules, resource links, and much more. If you will be attending SHOT Show in January, this Notebook provides a wide collection of important information all in one place.

Shot show 2022 mobile app supplier directory map venetian caesar's forum

SHOT Show 2022 Floor Plan (Searchable Vendor Booth Locations)

Shot show 2022 mobile app supplier directory map venetian expo caesar's forum

There is a special website with detailed maps of all the exhibitor locations. IMPORTANT: You can type in the name of a vendor, such as LAPUA, and this page will display that vendor’s booth on the appropriate floor map. This is very helpful for planning. CLICK HERE to search vendors on Floor Plan.


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December 29th, 2021

Reloading Skills — Learn the Basics with Sinclair Int’l Videos

free reloading videos sinclair international

Sinclair International has created a series of instructional videos illustrating the basics of metallic cartridge reloading. The 8-Part series starts with reloading basics and provides step-by-step, how-to instructions that will help new reloaders get started. Detailed, animated illustrations show you what happens inside the chamber when shooting, and inside the dies during each step of reloading. The videos can be viewed on Sinclair International’s YouTube channel. Shown below is the first video in the series:

Each of the Sinclair videos is hosted by then Sinclair Int’l President Bill Gravatt (now with Creedmoor Sports). Bill doesn’t just show you “how”, he tells you “why”. The how-to segments cover case inspection, proper die set up, case sizing, primer installation, powder measuring, bullet seating, crimping, and even goes into the record keeping needed for the handloader. “We wanted to give shooters who haven’t reloaded a look at all the advantages of creating your own ammo and how easy it is to get started,” said Gravatt, “without telling them they had to have any certain brand or type of equipment to do the job.”

The Eight Video Topics Are:

Part 1 — Intro to Video Series
Part 2 — Intro to Reloading Safety
Part 3 — Metallic Cartridge Components
Part 4 — The Firing Sequence
Part 5 — Tools for Reloading
Part 6 — Loading Bottle-Neck Cartridges (2 videos)
Part 7 — Loading Straight Wall Cartridges
Part 8 — Reloading Series Conclusion

CLICK HERE to Watch all Sinclair Reloading Series Videos »

Reloading Tools
Shown below is Part 5 of the video series, covering the tools used for precision reloading.

Sinclair International Reloading Videos

We also strongly recommend the Part 4 Video to readers who are getting started in reloading. This “How Things Work” segment covers the sequence of events inside the chamber (and barrel) when the cartridge is fired. The video includes helpful graphics that show what happens to the primer, powder, cartridge, and bullet when the round is fired. The video also illustrates “headspace” and explains how this can change after firing. We think this video answers many common questions and will help reloaders understand the forces at work on their brass during the firing process.

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December 29th, 2021

Comparison Review of Affordable Red Dot Optics

Ammoland Red Dot Review Bushnell Vortex Nikon Aimpoint Trijicon

Frankly, we are not big fans of Red Dot sights, as they are not a good choice for precision rifle shooting beyond 100 yards. But Red Dot sight systems do have a place for pistol shooters, night-time hunters, and folks defending their home and property at short range.

Those considering purchasing a Red Dot sight system should read the Ammoland Red Dot Review by former U.S. Army Ranger Rex Nanorum. Rex took four affordable (under $200) Red Dot optics into the field, putting them through their paces. Rex notes: “Red dot sights are excellent options for those wanting a lightweight upgrade to iron sights and those prioritizing speed over the maximum accurate range.”

READ Full Ammoland Red Dot Sight Review »

Rex tested the five Red Dot units, evaluating them based on multiple key factors: weight, brightness settings, ingress resistance to moisture and particulates, range performance, and battery life.

The Four Under-$200 Red Dot Optics were:

Bushnell TRS-26
Nikon P-Tactical Superdot
Primary Arms Microdot (Md-Ads)
Vortex Crossfire Red Dot

We recommend you read the full review, which includes detailed discussion of multiple factors. But there were some interesting “take-aways” from Rex’s Ammoland review.

Dot Size — The Bushnell has a 3 MOA central Dot, while the other units have a 2 MOA Dot.

Weight — The four units are similar, weighing 5.3 to 6.6 ounces.

Battery Life — The Bushnell TRS-26 and Primary Arms Microdot enjoyed a huge advantage in battery-life, with a claimed 50,000 hours! The Nikon SuperDot offers 14,000 hours, while the Vortex Crossfire delivers only 7000 hours.

Intrusion Resistance — All four units claim to be fog-proof, shock-proof, and water-resistant, typically good for 30 minutes immersion at 1 meter water depth. But the Nikon unit also has a particulate-ingress resistance rating. In the real world, keeping dust out may be more important than the ability to survice a half-hour dunking. In dry states such as Arizona, dust is a bigger issue than water.

The Primary Arms Microdot Earned Top Honors in Ammoland’s Test:

Overall, based on a variety of factors, Rex the reviewer rated the Primary Arms Microdot “best in test”, followed by the Bushnell TRS-26 in second place. The Nikon placed third, while the Vortex was ranked fourth. Rex was somewhat disappointed with the Vortex’s battery life and brightness controls.

Newer Bushnell TRS-26 has larger objective and longer battery life than older TRS-25:

Review of Higher-Priced ($400-$1000) Red Dot Optics
If you’re willing to pay $400 or more for a Red Dot optic, there are many good options. The same reviewer, Rex Nanorum, has tested and ranked five more costly Red Dot Sights:

Trijicon MRO – $400
Vortex UH-1 – $499
Meprolight RDS Pro – $610
Leupold LCO – $700
Aimpoint Comp M5 – $820 ($981 with LRP mount)

Of these units, Rex rated the Aimpoint Comp M5 the highest, with the Trijicon MRO Second.

Ammoland Red Dot Review Aimpoint Trijicon

READ REVIEW of Five Higher-Priced Red Dot Sights »

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