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January 31st, 2022

Bargain Finder 332: AccurateShooter’s Deals of the Week

AccurateShooter Deals of the Week Weekly Bargain Finder Sale Discount Savings

At the request of our readers, we provide select “Deals of the Week”. Every Sunday afternoon or Monday morning we offer our Best Bargain selections. Here are some of the best deals on firearms, hardware, reloading components, optics, and shooting accessories. Be aware that sale prices are subject to change, and once clearance inventory is sold, it’s gone for good. You snooze you lose.

1. Bullet Central — Krieger and Bartlein Pre-Fit Barrels

pre fit barrels
Great quality pre-fit barrels, ready to mount to your rifle

Do you own a Kelbly, BAT, or Impact action and need a new barrel but don’t want the hassle (and cost) of having a smith chamber and headspace the barrel? Consider a Krieger or Bartlein Pre-Fit Barrel from Bullet Central. On you’ll find a wide range of barrels in various calibers for multiple action types. Place your order for professionally-chambered, custom-grade barrels that you can install yourself.

2. Creedmoor Sports — Air Rifle Sale, Save $295 on Anschutz

creedmoor anschutz crosman air rifle airgun 3P rifle sale
Save hundreds on a high-quality rifle for young 3P competitor

Do you have a young family member getting started in competition shooting? Here’s your chance to get a premium Air Rifle at significant savings. Creedmoor Sports has slashed the prices of popular Anschutz competition air rifles by nearly $300, and there are also great deals on more basic Crosman PCP rifles. Right now you can buy the Anschutz 9015 Junior Air Rifle for $1999.95, marked down from $2295.00 — a $295 savings. Or get the Crosman PCP Challenger for just $799.95, $85 off the regular $884.95 price.

3. KYGUNCO — Heritage Rimfire Revolvers, $117.99 – $159.99

heritage revolver single action cowboy .22 LR 22 Mag wheelgun rebate sale
Super bargains on classic single-action rimfire revolvers

Everyone should have a rimfire revolver. Revolvers have crisp triggers, ample sight radius, and good accuracy. Inexpensive, with modest recoil, the little .22 LR round works great in revolvers. Right now you can get a nice Heritage single action revolver for $118-$160 at KYGUNCO, after a mail-in $20 Rebate. CLICK HERE to see 21 Heritage rimfire revolver models, four of which are shown above. Chose the standard .22 LR models, or twin-cylinder models that can shoot BOTH .22 LR and .22 Magnum.

4. Amazon — Frankford Arsenal Perfect Seat Priming Tool, $60.89

frankford arsenal deluxe hand priming tool
Precise Depth Control, 12 Shell Holders, Quick-Change, Carry Case

Seating primers to a consistent depth helps deliver enhanced accuracy and low ES/SD. However, most priming systems don’t allow precise depth control. If you’re looking for a priming tool that allows you to adjust primer seating depth, check out the Frankford Arsenal Perfect Seat Hand Primer. This tool comes in a protective case along with a full set of case holders and primer flip tray. A quick thumb release system allows you to switch from small to large primers quickly. Get this now for $60.89 on Amazon.

5. Amazon — Smart Weigh Gem20 Digital Scale, $21.99

gem 20 powder scale

Great little accurate, repeatable scale at amazing price — Watch the VIDEO!

The Smart Weigh Gem20 scale is an excellent option for those looking to reduce velocity Extreme Spread by weighing powder precisely to the kernel, without having to spend $1000 on a laboratory grade scale. At this low price (under $22 currently), this is also great option as a back-up or travel scale used at the range. Verified purchasers, including the maker of the video above, have praised the scale. Watch the video to see how precise it is — the scale can measure kernel by kernel. Use the “mode” button to select grains. The scale can also weight in grams, ounces, and other modes. Use the tare function to zero with powder pan. This scale ships with two 10g calibration weights.

6. Amazon — Osage River Double Rifle Case w/ Shoulder Straps

rifle case sale
Impressive twin case/pack for carrying two rifles plus handgun

There aren’t that many affordable rifle cases that fit long-barreled match and PRS rifles and still provide excellent, padded protection. Consider the Osage River Padded Cases available in sizes from 36″ up to 55″ OAL. These hold two rifles plus extra gear (magazines, Kestrel etc.) and also feature slots to carry one or two handguns. These all-in-one rifle cases should suit the needs of many rifle shooters. For a PRS/NRL rifle we recommend the 51″ case, while for ELR, F-Class, or Palma rifles with longer barrels, you may need the big 55″ padded case. All sizes feature strong, padded shoulder straps. Six color options are offered: Gray, Black, OD Green (shown above), Tan, Snow Camo, and ACU Digital Camo.

7. Creedmoor Sports — Rifle Stock Cleaning Comb Cover, $29.95

stock cleaning cover
Protect your expensive stocks with deluxe Comb Cover

Cleaning rifles barrels/actions can lead to solvents getting on the buttstock and ruining your finish. A great way to protect your stock is with a comb cover such as the one from Creedmoor Sports. These high-quality covers are made to order in several different colors. With their “Quiltee” design they stay in place and do a good job protective your rifle(s). These 8.25″ x 16″ covers are offered in Red, Blue, or Black colors.

8. Natchez — 100rds 9mm American Eagle Ammo

9mm handgun ammo sale
Very reliable USA-made 9mm ammo, great price for 100 rounds

Good factory ammunition is making its way back to store shelves but pricing can be high. If you need good reliable 9mm Luger ammo at a great price, Natchez has 100rd boxes of American Eagle 9mm ammo for just $35.99 (that’s like 50 rounds for $17.99). This is a good deal on quality American-made ammo.

9. Midsouth — Ammo Boxes .22 to .45 Sizes Starting at $2.30

ammo box sale
Large variety of durable, inexpensive ammo boxes

ammo box saleIf you load your own ammo, you’ll need good ammo boxes. Right now Midsouth Shooters is running a sale on quality, house-brand hinged ammo boxes with clear or red tops. Choose among polymer boxes designed for a wide variety of cartridge types/sizes, with round counts from 20rds up to 100rds. These ammo boxes are durable and long-lasting. Most have good external hinges so the lids open smoothly and don’t pull back.

The prices are really attractive so you can get plenty of boxes to hold all your pistol and rifle ammo. For example, the hinged red top 100-rd .22 LR ammo box is just $2.38, while a 50-rd .223 Rem box is just $3.14.

10. Graf & Sons — Wolf Ammo In Stock, Many Calibers

wolf ammo sale
Bargain-priced, reliable steel-cased ammo (NOT reloadable)

Sometimes you just need affordable ammo for fun shooting, with reloading not a consideration. If you shoot .223 Rem, 7.62×39, or .308 Win, check out the budget-priced yet reliable Wolf Ammunition. Available now at Graf’s for a variety of popular cartridge types, this is good range ammo that gets the job done. IMPORTANT: This Wolf ammo has STEEL cartridge cases which are NOT reloadable.

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January 31st, 2022

Save Money with Brownells 2022 Discount Codes

Brownells coupon shopping discount code June 2018

With inflation and rising prices, it’s more important than ever to take advantage of discounts and promotions. We’ve located the latest Discount Codes for Brownells Purchases that can save you 10% (or more) on your purchases. These Brownells Discount Codes qualify you for significant savings on guns, ammo, parts, and reloading components at Brownells. Use these Codes during check-out and the savings will reduce your net cost. For example, save $60 on a $600+ purchase, $40 off $400, or $25 off $250 — getting 10% savings. NOTE: Some of these discount codes expire today, while others may expire at any time, so don’t hesitate. If one Code doesn’t work, try another.

Coupon Code: MC4 — $60 off $600
Expiration date: Unknown expiration

Coupon Code: MC3 or RTAMC3 — $35 off $350
Expiration date: Unknown expiration

Coupon Code: MC2 — $25 off $250
Expiration date: Expires 1/31/2022

Coupon Code: WC2 or VJS — $20 off $200
Expiration date: Unknown expiration

Coupon Code: SAE — $15 OFF $150
Expiration date: Unknown expiration

Coupon Code: RTA or PTT — $10 OFF $100
Expiration date: Unknown expiration

Coupon Code: Q63 — FREE Shipping (threshhold unknown)
Expiration date: Unknown expiration

In addition, Brownells is offering FREE 2-Day Shipping on most orders with $49.95 Annual Membership

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January 30th, 2022

Sunday GunDay: Cooper .204 Ruger M21 Montana Varminter

While many of our readers are caught in the wicked cold-spell hitting the Northeast, take heart — spring is not far away. That means folks will be getting ready for varmint safaris. Here’s a story that may help you choose a cartridge for your next varmint rifle.

For many years, Ken Lunde journeyed to South Dakota to visit with his father, and do a little varmint hunting. This article features Ken’s Cooper Model 21 Montana Varminter chambered in .204 Ruger. During past varminting holidays in South Dakota, Ken had a chance to try the speedy .204 against his “old reliable” .223. He came to favor the .204 for its accuracy, flat trajectory, and superior performance in the wind. Ken told us: “I love my .223, but the .204 has the edge for Dog-Town duty.”

The Cooper Montana Varminter in .204 Ruger

Story and photos by Ken Lunde
I’ve been a big fan of Cooper Arms rifles ever since my dad introduced them to me a few years ago. I prefer Cooper Arms rifles over others because they perform as they should out-of-the-box, and have outstanding workmanship and beauty. You get form and function. You don’t need to choose one over the other. For the price one pays, Cooper Arms rifles are a great bargain. I mount a quality scope, usually a higher-end Leupold with a 40mm objective, go through barrel break-in, and they always perform extraordinarily well. I should state that all of my rifle shooting is geared towards hunting. In other words, any shooting I do on paper is treated as preparation for using the same rifle for hunting, whether it’s for varmints such as prairie dogs, or for larger game.

Cooper Montana Varminter 204 Ruger
Photos Copyright © Ken Lunde, All Rights Reserved

Cooper Varmint Rifles–Components and Variations
The featured rifle is a Cooper Arms M21 Montana Varminter (aka “MTV”) chambered in .204 Ruger. It has a 24″ varmint-taper stainless steel barrel with a 1 in 12-inch twist. This twist rate seems to be typical of .204 Ruger barrels from other manufacturers. The stock is AA+ grade Claro Walnut, and has the varmint fore-end, “Buick” vents, and steel grip cap that are standard on the Montana Varminter configuration. Among Cooper’s three wood-stocked varmint rifle configurations — Varminter, Montana Varminter, and Varmint Extreme — I prefer the Montana Varminter as it seems to be the best balance of value versus features. Plus, I like the “Buick” vents. They’re very pleasing, at least to my eyes. Maybe that’s why I own seven of them, in M21 and M22 actions, and in a variety of calibers. [Editor: Ken’s father has a near-identical .204 Ruger Cooper, with consecutive serial number.]

For this rifle, I decided to mount a Leupold VX-III 6.5-20×40 LR scope with the Varmint Hunter reticle. The rifle came with Leupold STD bases in Matte finish, and I used Leupold 30mm STD rings in Medium height and Matte finish. I took the time to align the bottom rings on the bases, and properly lapped them. Other than mounting the scope, no custom work was done, because none was necessary. The trigger is superb out-of-the-box, which is typical of Cooper rifles.

Ruger 204 Cooper varminter varmint rifle gun load reloading South Dakota

Load Development and Accuracy
Cooper Montana Varminter 204 RugerI first tried factory ammo, loaded with Hornady 32gr and 40gr V-Max. The 32gr load shot the best — five-shot groups were slightly larger than a half-inch at 100 yards. My dad heard that Alliant Reloder 10X was a good powder for this cartridge, and he worked up a load using the Sierra 32gr BlitzKing bullet. He found that 26.5 grains was the right amount for his rifle. Considering that my rifle was probably made on the same day, having a consecutive serial number, I decided to try my Dad’s load, along with a half-grain up and down: 26, 26.5, and 27 grains of powder. I, too, found that my rifle prefers 26.5 grains of RL 10X. With this load, I could shoot consistent quarter-inch, five-shot groups at 100 yards. Cartridge OAL is 2.353″, or 1.990″ measured from the ogive.

I am using Winchester brass, Federal 205M primers, Alliant Reloder 10X powder, and Sierra 32gr BlitzKing bullets. I use Forster dies, and load with a Forster Co-Axial single-stage press. Here are two typical targets. As you can see, this .204 can shoot.

Cooper Montana Varminter 204 Ruger

WARNING: Current lots of Reloder 10X powder may be somewhat different. 26.5 grains of RL 10X may be TOO HOT for your rifle and 32gr bullets. Seating depth, throat length, and COAL will affect pressures dramatically. START LOW at 24.5 grains and work up.

Cartridge Smack-Down — .204 Ruger vs. .223 Remington

Ken made these comments when he first tested his .204 Ruger vs. his trusty (and very accurate) .223 Remington: “I brought along two rifles. The first was my ‘proven’ varmint rifle, the one chambered in .223 Rem. It has stunning wood, and clearly escaped the factory with AAA grade Claro Walnut. That rifle also shoots consistent five-shot, quarter-inch groups at 100 yards. For the .223, my preferred load uses Winchester brass, Federal 205M primers, Hornady 40gr V-Max bullets (non-moly), and 26.2gr of Vihtavuori N133 powder.

I found that I very much enjoyed shooting the .204 Ruger rifle, which explains why I used only the .204 Ruger during the second trip, although I also brought along the .223. Why did I favor the .204? Well, those little 32gr bullets really zing out of the barrel, with a very flat trajectory, like a .22-250. And, to my surprise, they buck the wind very well, perhaps even better than .223. While I am no ballistics expert, I think that this may be due to its high velocity, clearly over 4,000 fps.

Related to the flat-shooting characteristics of the .204 Ruger cartridge, I found that I was able to depend on my Leupold’s Varmint Hunter reticle for both bullet drop and wind compensation. It was a very pleasing experience. For determining ranges in the field, I used a new set of optics for this trip, Leica’s new Geovid 8×42 BRF range finder.

Comparative Ballistics: .204 Ruger vs. .223 Remington vs. 22-250
Cartridge Bullet BC Powder Max Load Muzzle Vel 400yd Drop 400yd 10mph Wind
.204 Ruger 32gr V-Max .210 Benchmark 28.0 4047 fps 25.50″ 17.88″
.204 Ruger 40gr V-Max .275 H4895 27.7 3741 fps 26.93″ 14.10″
.223 Rem 40gr Nosler BT .221 Benchmark 27.3 3666 fps 30.67″ 19.02″
.223 Rem 50gr Nosler BT .238 BL-C(2) 28.0 3428 fps 34.21″ 19.01″
22-250 40gr Nosler BT .221 H4895 37.0 4060 fps 24.73″ 16.67″

Load data from, for 24″ barrel. 2.250″ COAL .204s, Fed 205s. 2.210″ COAL for .223 Rem, Winch SR. 2.350″ COAL for 22-250, Winch LR. Always start 10% low and work up. Calculated at 1000′ altitude, 80° F.

This 2022 third-party video records the performance of .204 Ruger Hornady factory ammunition with both 32gr and 40gr V-Max bullets.

Dakota Dog-Town Adventures with Dad

Editor: When this story was originally written, Ken Lunde made two summer trips to South Dakota to hunt prairie dogs with his father. Here is his account of those summer-time adventures.

I drove to South Dakota twice [that year]. For the first trip, I brought two Coopers, both M21 MTVs, in .223 and .204 Ruger. My .223 Cooper was already proven during previous trips to South Dakota. I fired a total of 300 rounds, 200 from the .204 Ruger and 100 from the .223. I found the .204 Ruger to be flatter-shooting than .223, and it also seemed to buck the wind better, even with the light 32gr bullets.

For the second trip, I ended up shooting 301 rounds, all from the .204 Ruger rifle. I had discovered the importance of accuracy when hunting prairie dogs — and the .204 Ruger had exceptional accuracy. There are many variables with which to contend while shooting: wind speed, wind direction, variable distance to target, bullet drop, steadiness, and the accuracy of the load in the rifle. I find that the more of these variables I can control or compensate for, the greater the success.

Cooper Montana Varminter 204 RugerI estimate I bagged about 250 prairie dogs during each trip, meaning about 500 in total for this season. There were misses, of course, but those are generally 400 yards and beyond, when wind becomes too much of a factor, or shooter error. And, for each trip, I managed to get two or three “doubles,” which is lingo that means that a single bullet results in two dead prairie dogs. Prairie dogs tend to congregate, and when they do, “doubles” become possible, and “triples” are not out of the question. One of these “doubles” was clearly visible through my scope.

The best part of these trips is spending quality time with my dad, doing something that both of enjoy: shooting and hunting. I grew up in Wisconsin, and my parents moved to South Dakota in December of 2004. South Dakota, and sometimes Wyoming, have come to be our preferred hunting states, because they’re superb hunting destinations. It is great that my parents have decided to settle in one of those states. In fact, the drive from California is not bad. It takes a little over one day. I also brought my teenage son along. He enjoyed the chance to go fishin’ with Grand-Dad, and one day “teen-angler” managed to catch us six fine trout.

Cooper Montana Varminter 204 RugerMy first trip to South Dakota, at the end of June, offered a unique oppor-tunity, since First Stop Guns was having a show that coincided with my time in the area. Dan Cooper, founder and owner of Cooper Arms, was present at the show. My dad and I decided to host a small dinner at my parents’ new home, and we invited Dan Cooper and others. I brought tenderloin steaks from California for this. In addition to Dan Cooper, Mark and Steve Blote of First Stop Guns, along with Paulette Kok of Dakota Arms, attended the dinner. It was a pleasure and honor to be in their company. They’re all very personable.

My father has a rather vast collection of Cooper Arms rifles, so I naturally invited Dan Cooper to check them out. A couple of them turned out to be special. One turned out to be the very first .22-250 rifle that Cooper Arms built. It is a Model 22 Varmint Extreme with ebony fore-end tip. Another is an Model 21 Classic with Schnabel fore-end, and according to Dan, less than 30 such rifles were ever crafted. It’s in the rack picture at left. Two of Dad’s rimfires are also very early Coopers, with two-digit serial numbers. They were made before Cooper started using the magazine insert supplied by Anschütz. And check out the middle rifle in the rack. It’s a Dakota Arms Model 97 Deluxe Hunter that I bought for Dad. He hand-picked the amazing wood blank, and it turned into an outstanding rifle stock. You can see how it stands out in the photo. Interestingly, the day before our dinner, I used Dad’s M21 with the Schnabel stock, chambered in .222, to hunt prairie dogs in the 9,000 acres of public hunting land bordering the eastern side of my Dad’s 56-acre “recreational” property, situated just north of Hot Springs, SD. Here’s a photo. Yes, I’d say this is a great place to hunt and “get away from it all”.

.204 Ruger Montana vaminter cooper arms

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January 30th, 2022

Scrambling Eggs at 600+ Yards with 6mm BRX

6mm BRX egg shoot

Can you hit an egg at 600+ yards? We mean hit it reliably — not just by luck. To do that you’ll need good shooting skills and a very accurate rifle. How accurate? Well, a chicken egg is, on average, 2 1/4 inches (57 mm) long and 1 3/4 inches (44.5 mm) in diameter. That means to hit an egg (on demand) at 600 yards, you’ll need a rifle capable of 1/3-MOA accuracy (or better). Forum member DukeDuke has such a gun, and he demonstrated its egg-busting prowess in this short video. DukeDuke’s rifle is chambered in 6BRX (a 30° 6BR Improved) and it’s loaded with DTAC 115gr bullets pushed by Alliant Reloder 17. In the video, the eggs are placed on top of poles set 616 yards from the firing line.

See Egg Hit at 38 second mark…

6 BRX 6mm 6BRX wildcat 6mm BR NormaAs you can see in the video, that’s a heck of a nice shooting range where DukeDuke scrambled those eggs at 616 yards. The range is situated just outside of Lake Jackson, Texas. As for the gun… the action is a Rem 700 SA BDL, blueprinted and bedded in a Rem/HS Precision PSS stock. The 31″ barrel is 1:8″-twist Broughton. The “P3″ on the barrel stands for Porter’s Precision Products, Lake Jackson, TX. The rifle was built by Kenneth Porter. The load was 33.5 grains of RL-17 at 2950 fps, with 115gr DTAC bullets touching the lands. Cartridge OAL is 2.400″.

The 6mm BRX was developed by Bob Crone. Retaining the 30° shoulder of the parent 6mmBR case, the BRX has a little less capacity than a 6mm Dasher. Bob told us that his original design for the 6mm BRX always had a .100″ longer head space than a 6mmBR Norma and that he never deviated from that. But after Bob developed the first 6mm BRX, Bill Shehane made a 6mm BRX version that had a .120″ longer head space, and thus some confusion started. In truth, the original 6mm BRX always was (and still is) a chambering with a head space .100″ longer than a 6mm BR Norma.

6mm BRX reamer print, Whitley

Reamer Print provided by AR-X Enterprises LLC,

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January 30th, 2022

Find Ranges with FREE Where-to-Shoot Mobile APP

where to shoot mobile app nssf range locator software

The Where To Shoot Mobile App quickly locates shooting ranges near you, drawing on North America’s most comprehensive directory of shooting ranges. Users can search by current location, state, or zip code. Once you locate a range, you can view activities offered along with a summary of range facilities. You can even get driving directions.

CLICK HERE for FREE iPhone and iPad App | CLICK HERE for FREE Android App

Where to Shoot App for Android

where to shoot mobile app nssf range locator software

The app is modeled after NSSF’s popular® website and is updated frequently with range information for every U.S. state and Canadian province. Once you’ve located a place to shoot, the App can provide directions to the range. The App also includes video tips for shooters, news, and firearm-safety information.

Where to Shoot iOS App for iPad

where to shoot mobile app nssf range locator software

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January 29th, 2022

Saturday at the Movies: Five Entertaining Colion Noir Videos

Colion Noir video second amendment

Colion Noir video second amendmentColion Noir is one of the most popular gun-centric social media personalities. His YouTube Channel boasts 1.97 million subscribers while his Top 10 most popular videos have each been watched over 1.5 million times. Remarkably, his #1 video (linked below), has racked up 12 million views — which may be some kind of record for a satirical gun video. (Watch it, we guarantee you’ll have a chuckle or two).

One reason Colion Noir has been so successful, is that he’s a bright guy (with a law degree) and a genuine passion for firearms and the Second Amendment. Noir’s sponsor Mossberg notes that: “Colion [combines] intelligence with wit to provide frank observations about gun control and 2nd Amendment rights. A lawyer by trade, Colion’s … platform allowed him to reach and attract a new generation of gun owners with timely, important messages about gun ownership, gun rights, and the issues of gun control.”

Seven Types of People at the Gun Range

12 million viewsMostly satire, but lots of truth in the characterizations. Laughter guaranteed.

Colion Noir video second amendment

Editor: Folks, do take the time to watch this video. It is very entertaining, very clever, and it makes some important observations about problematic personalities you’ll see at gun ranges. There is a reason this video has racked up over 12 million views.

Why You Shouldn’t Get into Guns (Because It Can Be Expensive)

3.9 million viewsBe forewarned this might help you justify adding to your gun collection.

Behind the Ammo Shortage — Interview with Nosler President

1.6 million viewsExcellent insights from a top industry Executive.

Benelli M4 Shotgun — Superb 12ga Semi-Auto for Defense

229,000 viewsColion Noir delivers a great review of an iconic, best-in-class defensive shotgun.

Ruger Mark IV Suppressed — The One Gun Everyone Should Own

824,000 viewsYes, everyone should have a .22LR semi-auto and the suppressor adds to the fun

Texan Colion Noir is an attorney and owner of N.O.I.R. Inc. a production company dedicated to the modern firearms industry and Gun Lifestyle. He produces a popular YouTube Channel, runs the website, and has hosted the NOIR show for NRA Freestyle Channel. Colion has written: “I’m [a] 2nd Amendment advocate, reviewer of all things gun, an urban (city) gun enthusiast and one of many who personify the Pew Pew Lifestyle.” Colion Noir now owns more than 50 guns.

Colion Noir video second amendment
Image from Real Time with Bill Maher TV interview.

“Colion Noir” is public identity created a decade ago back when Colion started making videos. He was born Collins Iyare Idehen Jr., the son of two Nigerian immigrants. Noir was raised in southwest Houston, and was trained to respect “facts, logic, and reason”. He started his shooting hobby while attending Texas Southern University’s Thurgood Marshall School of Law. READ Colion Noir Bio Profile.

Colion Noir video second amendment
Colion Noir testing Daniel Defense MK12 AR-platform rifle in YouTube video.

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January 29th, 2022

Shipping Guns via FedEx Now Limited to FFLs & Gov’t Agencies

Fedex firearms pistol rifle shipping policy ban FFL Federal Firearms license

IMPORTANT: FedEx policies now prohibit regular persons from shipping ANY firearms through FedEx. The shipping company now limits firearms shipping privileges to FFL-holders and certain government agencies. NOTE: This is not a new change for 2022. The restrictions went into effect in Q3 2021. However, the great majority of gun owners may not be aware of this restrictive policy, because it does represent a major change from the past. SEE FedEx Firearms Shipping Rules.

This represents a significant FedEx rule change that severely restricts the gun shipping options available to normal Americans who do not have Federal Firearms Licenses. FedEx policies state: “Nonlicensee shippers — Nonlicensees are prohibited from shipping firearms with FedEx.”

In years past, a regular gun owner (without an FFL) could ship both long guns and handguns from primary FedEx locations, provided you disclosed the contents. That was important for returning guns to manufacturers for warranty work, or shipping guns to a gunsmith. Now the options are limited. Long guns (rifles, shotguns) can still be shipped via the U.S. Postal Service and via UPS. However, the USPS prohibits shipping handguns. So the only viable alternative for private individuals to ship handguns (pistols and revolvers), is through UPS. And even with UPS, some affiliate locations will not handle firearms.

Here is the official FedEx Policy found at

Fedex firearms pistol rifle shipping policy ban FFL Federal Firearms license

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January 29th, 2022

FREE Data Book App Records Match & Practice Scores

Creedmoor Sports High Power CMP Competition Scoring App Apple Android

Creedmoor Sports High Power CMP Competition Scoring App Apple AndroidTired of carrying old-fashioned paper Score Books? Well now you can go digital — Creedmoor Sports offers a full-featured Scoring Book App that lets you plot your shot locations/scores using an Android device or Apple iPhone or iPad. The price is right — FREE! Just visit the iTunes store or Google Play Store to download the App for FREE.

Record Match and Practice Data
This FREE Data Book App, available in the Apple App Store, and the Google Play Store, provides all the same functions and capabilities of the traditional, spiral-bound print-format Creedmoor Rifle Data/Score Book, but with the convenience and ease of recording your match and practice information with your mobile device. With this App you can break your 20 shot slow-fire segments into either 10- or 20-shot targets, and also opt for sighting shots. All the specific event data can also be recorded, such as location, wind, light etc., along with wind and elevation adjustments.

creedmoor scoring app

CLICK HERE for iOS (Apple)

creedmoor scoring app

CLICK HERE for Android OS

creedmoor scoring app

COMMUNICATIONS Restrictions: In some matches you are not allowed to have electronic communication ability, so you may have to set your iPhone to “Airplane Mode”, or use this only with an iPod (which does not have two-way communication capability).
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January 28th, 2022

Taurus G3c Carry Pistol under $245 with Rebate, Free Shipping

Taurus g3c pistol sale rebate kygunco

Looking for a slim, compact carry pistol but have a tight budget? Here’s one of the best deals we’ve seen in many months. The compact 9mm Taurus G3c is on sale now for just $267.99 cash price ($276.03 CC price) with FREE Shipping. Plus this Taurus 63c pistol qualifies for a $25 Taurus factory rebate. That lowers your net cost to $242.99. That’s half what you might pay for a similar Glock.

KYGUNCO has the Taurus G3C 9mm 3.26″ Pistol on sale for just $267.99 (cash price) with a $25.00 rebate and FREE Shipping. This pistol ships with THREE 12-rd magazines and features a tough Tenifer-finish slide plus Teflon coatings on all operational controls. Buyer reviews have been positive: “I bought this pistol for my wife to carry. It is a great option for that purpose. It is reliable [and] easy to shoot. The pistol is easy to operate, clear, and the re-strike capability is nice. Great gun and not just for the money.”

Taurus G3c Subcompact 9mm Carry Pistol Specifications

Manufacturer: Taurus
Caliber: 9mm
Frame Finish: Matte Black
Slide Finish: Matte Black
Capacity: 12+1

Barrel Length: 3.2″
Height: 5.1″
Overall Length: 6.3″
Weight: 22 oz.
Manual Safety: Yes

The Taurus $25.00 factory rebate applies to all Taurus G3c Pistols.

Taurus g3c pistol sale rebate kygunco

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January 27th, 2022

Secrets of Winning Barrels — Brux Barrels Ken Clemens Interview

brux barrels cut-rifle rifling Erik Cortina Krieger Ken Clemens

In this 54-minute video interview, Ken Clemens, co-owner of Brux Barrels, is interviewed by F-Class ace Erik Cortina for the Cortina Precision YouTube Channel. A lot of ground is covered, with many fascinating insights into barrel-making revealed. Watch and learn:

Interview with Ken Clemens, Co-owner of Brux Barrels

brux barrels cut-rifle rifling Erik Cortina Krieger Ken Clemens

If you are involved in competitive shooting, and especially if you compete in F-Class or long-range benchrest, we recommend you take the time to watch this interview, perhaps in a couple of sessions because it runs for a lengthy 54 minutes. Ken Clemens explains the important procedures that go into making match-grade, cut-rifled barrels. Ken also explains some factors to consider when choosing a barrel-maker and specifying length, contour, land/groove configuration, and twist rates.

For more information visit, use the online PRICE ESTIMATOR, or call (608) 592-3324.

brux barrels cut-rifle rifling Erik Cortina Krieger Ken ClemensAbout BRUX Barrel-Making Methods
Brux starts with 4150 chrome-moly or 416R stainless steel double-stress-relieved bar stock — the best available. Barrels are bored with the Barnes gun drill, and reamed with an industry-standard Pratt & Whitney reamer. Brux uses solid carbide cutter hooks and employs special methods to achieve best results.

After the bore-cutting process is complete, each barrel is hand-lapped to high-precision standards. Multi-point inspections and meticulous hand processes (not possible in mass production) ensure extremely high quality. The Brux website says: “If there is the slightest deviation in surface finish or tolerance, the barrel is discarded.”

BRUX Specializes in Cut-Rifled Gun Barrels
Brux produces custom cut-rifled barrels, precision-crafted by professionals with extensive experience in both machine tools and competitive shooting. While Brux earned its reputation building great barrels for F-Class, benchrest, and long range competition, Brux also crafts hunting barrels. Brux states: “Hunters, big game and varmint, can benefit from the accuracy and dependability of a custom barrel made to your specifications.”

brux barrels cut-rifle rifling Erik Cortina Krieger Ken Clemens

BRUX Barrels’ Owners Are Competitive Shooters
Brux owners and machinists are shooters themselves. So they understand how important a truly top-quality barrel can be. Everything else about a rifle can be great, but you need a superb barrel to win at the highest level. Owners Ken Clemens (pictured above) and Norm Brux are both seasoned shooters with years of experience using their own products.

Made in the USA — About the Home of Brux Barrels
The Wisconsin River Valley near Lodi has a storied history of hunting and shooting. The glacier spared many granite escarpments, leaving secluded glens and a topography rich in soil and wildlife habitat, which attracted families with old-world values and skills. Many of their descendants turned raw steel and iron into the tools necessary for farming – and some evolved to precision tooling and making gun barrels.

brux barrels cut-rifle rifling Erik Cortina Krieger Ken Clemens
Wisconsin River Valley near Ferry Bluff State Natural Area.

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January 27th, 2022

Julie Golob Wins First-Ever “Woman of the Gun” Award

nssf julie golob award child safety

nssf julie golob award child safetyThe NSSF named ace shooter and safety advocate Julie Golob the winner of its first-ever “Woman of the Gun Award” during the 2022 SHOT Show in Las Vegas. The award recognizes Golob’s achievements and contributions to shooting sports, as well as her work to promote the mission and message of NSSF’s Project ChildSafe program.

“Julie is a mom, veteran, hunter, and one of the most decorated handgun shooting champions in the world,” said Joe Bartozzi, NSSF’s President and CEO. “For more than a decade, she’s also been an invaluable partner to our Project ChildSafe program, giving of her time, her talents and her energy to promote firearm safety education.”

Julie’s career in competitive shooting started when she took top honors in several matches as a junior competitor, leading up to her recruitment by the U.S. Army Shooting Team. Since then, she earned more than 150 major championship titles, including more than 50 world and national titles, over the past 20+ years. She is also the first woman in history to win U.S. Practical Shooting Association Championships in all seven handgun divisions.

Golob began working with NSSF’s Project ChildSafe program in 2013, lending her name and expertise to a host of firearm safety education efforts, including guests columns, social media campaigns, public appearances, and videos—including a feature video on how to talk to kids about gun safety.

“As a mother, I know full well how challenging this conversation can be,” Golob said. “It’s crucial that parents set an example and teach their kids about firearm safety so children don’t learn about guns solely from what their friends say or what they see on video games and TV.”

“Too often, children don’t know what to do if they find a gun,” said Steve Sanetti, President and CEO of NSSF, which developed and sponsors the Project ChildSafe firearm safety education program. “This video opens a door for honest conversation and empowers parents to be the authority on gun safety for their kids, whether they have guns in their homes or not.”

Julie Golob safety book smith wesson

Julie — pistol champion, Army veteran, wife and mother, is also an accomplished author, who has written about the shooting sports in many publications, newswires, and internet blogs. Her book, Shoot: Your Guide to Shooting and Competition, serves as both an introduction to firearms for novices and a primer to help experienced shooters improve their skills.

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January 26th, 2022

Adaptive Shooting Event Featured on Shooting USA Today

adaptive shooting summit SIG Sauer academy shooting usa

Today, Wednesday, January 26, Shooting USA TV will feature the Adaptive Defensive Shooting Summit (ADSS) held last fall at the SIG Sauer Academy in New Hampshire. Camp Freedom and SIG Sauer teamed up with Trevor Baucom for the third year of this accessible shooting event for people with disabilities. The ADSS helps adaptive shooters train and learn at a world class facility. For persons with disabilities, including injured military and law enforcement members, the ADSS Summit provides the opportunity to learn new skills and adapt to challenges.

This hour-long episode will be broadcast on the Outdoor Channel Wednesdays at 9:00 pm Eastern/Pacific, and 8:00 pm Central. The entire episode can also be streamed later online for a small fee.

adaptive shooting summit SIG Sauer academy shooting usa

Adaptive Shooting Programs

Adaptive Shooting Team USA matt matthew schwartzkopf

Marksmanship is one of the few sports where physically-challenged persons can compete at the highest level — with some provisions for wheelchair access and mobility. For example, in the world of F-Class competition, Matt Schwartzkopf is one of the best in the nation. Matt, a rangemaster at Ben Avery in Arizona, is a double amputee (below the knee). He hasn’t let that challenge stop him. He has been a Top-10 finisher at major F-Class matches, and was chosen to shoot with F-TR Team USA.

Adaptive Shooting Team USA matt matthew schwartzkopf

NRA Resources for Adaptive Shooting Events

Adaptive Shooting Team USA matt matthew schwartzkopf

The NRA Adaptive Shooting Program also provides information for organizations planning an event to include person with disabilities. Events may be organized by veterans’ groups, rehabilitation facilities, and gun clubs. For more information visit

Adaptive Shooting Team USA matt matthew schwartzkopf

Making Ranges Suitable for Disabled Shooters
The NRA Club Connections magazine has a feature on Adaptive Shooting. This article explains how range owners can make their lines of fire more accessible with the addition of a simple mat.

Adaptive Shooting

NRA’s Hunter Services and Adaptive Shooting Programs have maintained a list of organizations offering people with disabilities outdoor opportunities. Now available in a searchable database, any adaptive shooter can easily choose from adventures such as guided whitetail hunts, chartered fishing trips, and accessible hiking trails anywhere across the country. To find a program, visit the NRA Adaptive Shooting Program’s Hunting/Fishing Trip Database.

Adaptive Shooting Programs in the United Kingdom

Across the pond, the National Rifle Association of the United Kingdom (NRAUK) also has adaptive shooting programs. The NRA.ORG.UK website has a wealth of information for disabled shooters.

Adaptive Shooting Team USA matt matthew schwartzkopf

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