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January 19th, 2022

SHOT Show 2022 Day 2 — Featured Rifles and Pistols

SHOT Show 2022 caesars forum venetian gun pistols

SHOT Show 2022 continues in Las Vegas. Attendance is down compared to years past, but there are still many innovative products on display in the “miles of aisles”. This year’s SHOT Show encompasses two facilities — the Venetian Expo AND the new Caesars Forum. Combined, these facilities provide over 800,000 square feet of exhibit space. The two trade show halls are connected by a new elevated walking bridge.

SHOT Show 2022 caesars forum venetian gun pistols

New Rifle Systems

There were some interesting new bolt-action chassis rifles for the PRS/NRL crowd, along with some impressive, high-end hunting rifles on display, such as the eye-catching Christensen Arms Modern Hunting Rifle (MHR). In addition there were quite a few new rimfire rifles. With the increasing cost of components, and the difficulty of finding primers and powder, many riflemen are shooting more rimfire than ever before.

Christensen Arms Modern Hunting Rifle (MHR)

SHOT Show 2022 caesars forum venetian christensen arms modern hunting rifle mhr

The Christensen Arms Modern Hunting Rifle (MHR) features an interesting multi-piece, modular stock with a metal center section and composite fore-arm and buttstock sections. The barrel is carbon-wrapped. The MHR’s modular design lets the customer select from a variety of different forearm and butt section components. That allows you to configure the rifle for field carry or long-range work from prone.

Aero Precision Bolt-Action Rifle with Barrel Nut

At SHOT Shot 2022, Aero Precision displayed its new bolt-action rifle. This features a 3-lug (60-degree throw) bolt with three interchangeable bolt face sizes (standard, medium, magnum). Notably the rifle features a Savage-style barrel nut so pre-fit barrels can be used. The rifle has a metal chassis with modular fore-arm, extended forward bipod mount, quick-adjust length of pull, and rear bag-rider keel.

Rock Island TM22 — AR Style .22LR Semi-Auto Rimfire

SHOT Show 2022 caesars forum venetian gun pistols

Rock Island Armory’s new TM22 Rifle employs AR-type design and construction, being made from 7075 aircraft-grade aluminum. It also has a AR-type grip and an M-LOK capable fore-end that can accept a wide variety of accessories. The TM22 is available in both 20″ barrel (TM22-A20) and 18″ barrel (TM22-A18) versions. The TM22 ships with a 10-round magazine, but aftermarket 15- and 25-round mags are available. In the video below, the GunsAmerica Digest team tests the TM22 at the Industry Day at the Range earlier this week.

Timbercreek Outdoors Colorful AR Platform Build Kits

SHOT Show 2022 timbercreek Outdoors ar ar16 color handguard

Tired of that boring black rifle? Would you like your AR-platform rifle to stand out from the pack? Then consider bolting on some bright-colored components from Timbercreek Outdoors. This Oregon-based company offers build kits with handguards, grips, buffer tubes, and other components in a variety of eye-catching colors — red, orange, purple, green, blue… you name it. If you like bright-colored rifles, this is your solution.

Notable Handguns — Semi-Autos, Revolvers, and a Bolt-Action

There were scores of handguns on display at SHOT Show. There was certainly an emphasis on small carry pistols, even at the Smith & Wesson booth. Gun sales have been at record levels in the past couple of years, as more states are authorizing concealed carry. Accordingly the gun-makers are providing new pistols suited for everyday carry.

SHOT Show 2022 caesars forum venetian gun pistols

SIG Sauer P365 in Rose Gold Plate with Jewells

SHOT Show 2022 caesars forum venetian gun pistols
To learn more about this gold-plated pistol, watch SHOT Show TV video starting at 4:16 time-Mark.

There was a stunning SIG Sauer P365 pistol on display at SHOT Show 2022. This little carry pistol had a stunning 18-carat Rose Gold finish with dozens of diamonds embedded in the slide. This sets a new standard for Carry Pistol Bling. This one-of-a-kind handgun was created by the Seattle Engraving Center.

SHOT Show 2022 caesars forum venetian gun pistols

The P365 is a very popular carry gun that is very thin with good ergonomics. SIG Sauer claims the P365 series is now “America’s #1 Selling Handgun”. Multiple P365 models are currently offered including: P365X, P365 SAS with flush sights, the P365 Nitron Micro-Compact, the P365 Romeo Zero with integrated Red Dot, and the P365 XL with longer slide and barrel.

Savage 110 PCS Bolt-Action Pistol

Savage 110 PCS bolt-action pistol SHOT Show

The new Savage Arms 110 PCS bolt-action pistol features a Savage model 110 blueprinted action secured in a one-piece aluminum chassis from Modular Driven Technologies (MDT). The 110 PCS features a 10.5″ barrel, a user-adjustable AccuTrigger (2.5-6 lbs.), and AICS-style detachable box magazine. There are five chamberings: .223 Remington, 6.5 Creedmoor, .300 AAC Blackout, .308 Winchester, and .350 Legend.

.44 Auto Mag — Beautiful Stainless Semi-Auto with Power

The .44 Auto Mag semi-auto pistol is literally a “blast from the past”. First released decades ago, this is the latest version of a handsome, powerful handgun. In this video, TFB’s testers try out the legendary .44 Magnum Auto Mag pistol at Industry Day at the Range. Other gun journalists at the event who tested this latest Auto Mag gave very favorable reviews. And we think it is one handsome pistol. In a world of polymer pistols, we love the all-stainless steel construction.

Korth .357 Mag Revolver from Nighthawk Customs

nighthawk custom korth blued revolver .357 Magnum

Korth revolvers are produced in Germany and distributed in the USA through Nighthawk Custom. For 2021 Nighthawk is offering the spectacular Korth Heritage Edition in .357 Magnum. This six-shot double-action wheelgun features an heirloom-quality color case-hardened and charcoal-blued finish by Turnbull. The 5.25″ precision cold-forged barrel is chambered in Korth’s traditional .357 Magnum. The trigger has been highly polished with a roller trigger system for single- and double-action shooting. A fully adjustable rear sight pairs with an 18k gold bead front sight. The grips have been carved from figured Turkish walnut.

Masks Required as the Pandemic Isn’t Over Yet…

SHOT Show 2022 caesars forum venetian gun pistols

SHOT Show 2022 Daily

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January 19th, 2022

SHOT Daily Day 2 — Read Optics 2022 and Ammo 2022 Features

SHOT Show 2022 SHOT Daily magazine digital product review

Here is the digital version of the SHOT Daily print magazine provided on site at SHOT Show by the NSSF. You can navigate page by page with the left/right white arrows in the gray box below. To quickly scan through the entire 64-page digital magazine, use the slide bar. When you find content you want to read, use the zoom control or click the FULL SCREEN brackets icon at lower right.

SHOT Daily Day 2 — 1/19/2022

There are two big feature articles you’ll want to read in this SHOT Daily Day 2 edition. On page 36 you’ll find the Optics 2022 Guide which lists notable new riflescopes, spotting scopes, rangefinders, binoculars, and red dot optics. On page 24 you’ll find Ammo 2022, a comprehensive guide to new rifle, pistol, and shotgun ammunition. There are some notable new ammo types being introduced this year including Hornady CX lead-free hunting ammunition. CCI is also offering new lead-free pistol ammo.

IMPORTANT: To read either story, click the full screen (brackets) icon in the gray box above and then zoom to the start page (page 36 for Optics, page 24 for Ammo).

SHOT Show 2022 SHOT Daily magazine digital product review

SHOT Show 2022 SHOT Daily magazine digital product review

NOTE: We will post other SHOT Daily journals as they become available. You can find these posted here on the AccurateShooter Daily Bulletin (SEE DAY 1 HERE). Or you can visit

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January 19th, 2022

Sand Bag Tuning for Best Results — Fill Type, Levels, Mixing

This discussion of rear bag designs and fill levels may offer some new insights for many readers. By “tuning” your rear bag you can reduce hop on shot-firing and help your rifle track better. All that can translate to better scores, particularly with large-caliber rifles.

Tuning Your Rear Sand Bags

Over the years, noted gunsmith and a Benchrest Hall-of-Fame inductee Thomas ‘Speedy’ Gonzalez has learned a few things about “tuning” rear sandbags for best performance. On his Facebook page, Speedy recently discussed how sand bag fill levels (hard vs. soft) can affect accuracy. Speedy says you don’t want to have both your front and rear sandbags filled up ultra-hard. One or the other bag needs to have some “give” to provide a shock-absorbing function (and prevent stock jump). And you want to tune your fill arrangements to match your shooting style. Free recoil shooters may need a different fill levels than bag squeezers (who a softer bag but harder ears).

SAND BAGS & HOW TO FILL THEM by Speedy Gonzalez

I was asked several times by competitors at the S.O.A. Matches and F-Class Nationals as to how I fill my sand bags for benchrest competition. Here is a copy of a reply I gave several years ago:

Back in the old days, Pat McMillan told me: “You can not have two bags filled so hard that you gun bounces on them in the process of firing round at your target, especially if you have a rig with a very flexible stock. The bags must be set up in a manner for them to absorb the initial shock of the firing pin moving forward and igniting the primer.

Then [they must] maintain their shape and absorb the second shock wave as well the rearward thrust and torque of the rifle. What happens to the rifle when this is not done? Well let me tell you. The rifles have a very bad tendency to jump and roll in the bags. This causes many of those wild, lost shots that one can’t explain.”

Here’s some Good General Advice for Bag Set-up:

1. You should not have TWO hard bags [i.e. both front AND rear] in your set-up.

2. Heavy sand magnifies these phenomena.

3. If you are a bag squeezer, pack ears hard and leave bag pliable enough to squeeze for the movement required. You may pack front bag as hard as rules permit.

4. Free recoil shooters pack both bags firm, but not so hard as to allow stock jump. Especially if you have a stock with a very flexible forearm.

5. We use play-ground sand, also know as silica sand. I sift mine to get any large impurities out then mix it with 25% to 50% with Harts parakeet gravel to the desired hardness that I am looking for. The bird gravel keeps the sand from packing itself into that solid as a brick state.

Speaking of bricks — another thing that happens when shooters employ that heavy zircon sand is the ears form a low spot under them from recoil and then tend to rock back and forth with the rifle causing many low shots to crop up. Edgewood makes an Edgewood/Speedy rear bag specially reinforced under the ears to eliminate this scenario.

Shown below are the latest SEB Bigfoot Bags. Note that the bags sit perfectly flat — there is no bulge on the bottom even though the bags are “packed to the brim with sand”.

SEB Bigfoot Rear Bag sandbag Sebastian Lambang

General Thoughts about Bag Construction and Ear Materials
I do not like the solid double-stitched leather bottoms. While this seems like a good idea, I see more shooters have problems because of them. They tend to slide around the bench and or slide with the rifle on recoil. The standard Protektor with Cordura rabbit ears and an Otto ring bag with a Cordura front would be what I would suggest to the new shooter or one of the Edgewood / Speedy rear bags, these mimic the “Donut” and feature a ring of leather around the bottom circumference that keep the bottom from rocking on the bench or ground[.]

One last note –If you use the Cordura bags, keep them sprayed with a good silicon spray or “Rain-Ex”. This keeps them from getting sticky. — Speedy

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