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January 4th, 2022

New-for-2022 Products Part II — Shooting Industry Magazine

Shooting Industry SHOT Show new products 2021

Shooting Industry SHOT Show new products 2021Shooting Industry Magazine offers a very comprehensive 2022 New Product Showcase. This major product feature highlights products from more than 100 manufacturers. The first 58 items were featured in the December 2021 New Product Showcase, Part I. Another 70+ new products are featured the recently-released Product Showcase Part II article (January 2022), while Part III is slated for February 2022. CLICK HERE to access recent issues of Shooting Industry Magazine.

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SEE Full January 2022 Shooting Industry Digital Magazine (new products start on Page 60).

CZ-USA New 600 Series Rifles

CZ 600 rifle action lux range trail Alpha controlled feed centerfire

CZ recently introduced the new CZ 600 line of centerfire rifles. The series includes four unique models, with a variety of stock types, barrel profiles, action lengths, and chamberings. User-friendly CZ 600 features include 60-degree bolt throw, adjustable triggers, and the ability to swap barrels/chamberings using optional conversion kits. The CZ 600 Series includes four brand new models: Alpha, Lux, Trail, and Range.* These are designed for accuracy, modularity, and smooth cycling. Expect CZ 600s at dealers in early 2022.

Controlled-Feed Action with 60° Throw: CZ 600 Rifles have a 60-degree bolt throw. This cycles faster than a 90-degree bolt, with more clearance between bolt and optic, allowing for larger scopes. All CZ 600 models boast an oversized bolt knob for improved control with gloved hands. And the actions have controlled-round-feed. The 2-position safety allows bolt cycling with the safety engaged.

EOTECH 1-10x28mm Vudu FFP Scope

eotech vudu FFP tactical hunting scope illuminated

EOTECH’s new Vudu 1-10x28mm First Focal Plane (FFP) riflescope is a good choice for hunting and tactical applications. It can focus extremely close, but the 10X max power is great for spotting game at long ranges. The Vudu features a 34mm, one-piece aircraft aluminum tube and single-piece eyepiece with removable throw-lever. The glass-etched illuminated reticle and first focal plane design allows for distance estimation at any magnification and lighting condition. The low-profile elevation turret includes a push/pull locking system and a capped windage turret for a secure zero.

CCI Lead-Free Blazer Pistol Ammunition

CCI lead-free pistol ammo ammunition Blaser new product shooting industry

CCI’s new Lead-Free “Clean-Fire” brass-cased ammunition used a lead-free Clean-Fire primer combined with flat-nose, lead-free projectiles. This CCI says, “provides consistent, accurate performance on targets without leaving any lead behind on the range or in the air”. The lead-free bullets are as safe and accurate as traditional FMJ bullets. In CCI’s Clean-fire line, 9mm Luger 100-grain cartridges are available in 50-round boxes.

Howard Leight Impact Sport Muffs with Bluetooth 5.0

CCI lead-free pistol ammo ammunition Blaser new product shooting industry

Howard Leight’s new Impact Sport Bluetooth electronic earmuffs feature Bluetooth 5.0 technology, allowing users to stream audio from their Bluetooth-enabled devices. The comfortable, slim-profile ear cups feature four-hour auto shutoff, automatic attenuation of potentially dangerous noise over 82 dB and up to 4X amplification of ambient sound. The earmuffs also deliver a 0.5 millisecond reaction time for a more natural acoustic experience at the shooting range, or anytime attenuation of loud sounds over 82 dB occurs. The rechargeable lithium-ion battery delivers up to 20 hours of operation per charge. New sizes and color: Impact Sport Classic electronic hearing protection is now being offering in a new Youth/Adult Small size that fits better on many youth, women, and men with smaller heads. Youth/Adult Small sizes are launching in new colors: Metallic Charcoal Gray and Berry Pink.

Kimber Mfg. RAPIDE 9mm 1911 Series

kimber 9mm luger 9x19mm model 1911 single stack pistol

For 2022, Kimber Mfg. is adding the RAPIDE DAWN and RAPIDE Scorpius pistols to its Micro 9 family. RAPIDE DAWN pistols feature a frame and slide finished in Silver KimPro II with brush-polished flats and a Gold TiN finished barrel, and include gray/black RAPIDE G-10 grips. The RAPIDE Scorpius pistols are finished in Black KimPro II with brush-polished flats, black DLC-finished barrel and Black RAPIDE G-10 grips. The RAPIDE 1911s are chambered in 9mm Luger with stainless-steel frames and 5″ stainless 1:16″-twist barrels. The RAPIDE series ships with a 9-round magazine. The two new RAPIDE models feature TRUGLO TFX Pro Day/Night sights with orange front ring.

Alliance Sports Group Smart Knife

SmartKnife pocketknife serrated 2022 new product shooting industry

From Alliance Sports Group the SmartKnife+ is a small pocketknife cleverly augmented for additional uses. The Alliance Smartknife+ includes a bottle opener, 0.25″ bit driver with magnetically-stored Phillips bit, three flathead screwdrivers, 6mm-14mm wrenches, wire strippers, pry bar, 2″ ruler and 5cm ruler. The 2.375” partially serrated drop-point blade is 420 stainless steel with black-oxide coating. The multi-use knife measures 4.375 inches long, so it can easily be carried in a pocket.

RMT Nomad AR-Platform Pivot Tech Trigger

SmartKnife pocketknife serrated 2022 new product shooting industry

The Nomad Trigger from RMT offers patented Pivot Technology, allowing the trigger to adjust freely to the shooter’s natural position. The Nomad Trigger is engineered to move and index correctly every time, allowing the firearm to remain stable through a variety of shooting positions and trigger pulls. The housing and trigger are both made of anodized 7075 aluminum with 440c stainless steel. The Nomad’s hammer is S7 tool steel. The Nomad is set set at 3 lbs. from the factory (not adjustable), with 6 degrees rotating/pivoting freedom and extremely short positive reset. RMT trigger have a lifetime warranty.

ISOtunes Sport DEFY Slim Electronic Muffs with BlueTooth

isotunes sport bluetooth electronic hearing protection muffs 2022 new product shooting industry

Here is another Bluetooth-enabled set of lightweight, slim electronic ear-muffs. These muffs can be used with plugs underneath for increased noise protection. SafeMax Technology limits volume output to 85 dB, while Tactical Sound Control amplifies hearing by 8X and protects against high-impact noises (21 dB NRR). Bluetooth 4.2 allows for monitoring devices up to 30-feet away. The DEFY Slim sports a slim, lightweight design for maximum comfort. These ISOTunes Sport DEFY Slim muffs are powered by two AAA batteries for up to 25 hours continuous run time.

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January 4th, 2022

Trick-Shooting Tuesday — Shooting Aspirin Pills Off a Balloon

Balloon pill trick shot trickshot USAMU SPC Ivan Roe

Now here is an example of truly impressive marksmanship skills and amazing aiming from a USAMU soldier. From a standing position, SPC Ivan Roe shoots a tiny aspirin pill off the top of a balloon — without breaking the balloon. In fact, he does this twice … with iron sights no less.

Balloon pill trick shot trickshot USAMU SPC Ivan Roe

Watch Video to See Aspirin Pill Shot Twice off Balloon:

Balloon pill trick shot trickshot USAMU SPC Ivan Roe

The first time the pill sits on a small piece of tape just millimeters above the upper edge of the balloon (Time mark 00:40-45). But the second time, the aspirin pill lies flat on the top on the balloon — an even tougher challenge. Watch Ivan nail that flat pill again without hitting the balloon at 00:59. No that is truly impressive — and remember it was done from standing with Iron sights!

Balloon pill trick shot trickshot USAMU SPC Ivan Roe
SPC Ivan Roe was using a German Feinwerkbau, an elite precision air rifle favored by Olympic and World Cup competitors. Originally from Montana, SPC Roe is a member of the USAMU International Rifle Team.

Did you like this demonstration of Trick-Shot marksmanship? Then visit the USAMU’s Facebook Page. The USAMU often releases shooting skills/marksmanship videos on Facebook and YouTube, with the Trickshot examples featured on Tuesday. CLICK HERE for another USAMU trick-shot video — hitting a poker chip on a fast-moving target frame with a pistol. Very impressive.

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January 4th, 2022

Beautiful Shiloh Sharps Rifles — A Blast from the Past

Shiloh Sharps 45-70 vintage Quigley rifle

With all the blacktical rifles and plastic tacticool gear on the market these days, it is great to see some old style craftsmanship — hand-built rifles with colored case-hardened receivers, fine engraving, rich bluing, and beautiful wood. We found just that at the Shiloh Sharps booth at SHOT Show a few years back. There were handsome firearms, with beautiful metal and stunning wood. The heritage style of the Shiloh Sharps rifles harkens back to another era, when the West was still wild, and gifted smiths crafted rifles with pride, skill, and true artistry.

The cartridges shown in the photo (left to right above rifle) are: 45-110, 50-100, 45-90, and 40-70.
Shiloh Sharps 45-70 vintage Quigley rifle

This video shows how Shiloh Sharps crafts its rifles, from “Foundry to Finish”:

The Historic Sharps 1874 Lever Action Rifle, An American Classic
Shooting USA has featured the 1874 Sharps rifle, a side-hammer breech-loader favored by plains buffalo hunters. Christian Sharps patented his signature rifle design in 1848. The Sharps Model 1874 (shown below) was an updated version, chambered for metallic cartridges. According to firearms historian/author Garry James, the Sharps rifle “came in all sorts of different calibers from .40 all the way up to .50, and jillions of different case lengths and styles and configurations”.

Sharps rifle 45/110 Tom Selleck accurateshooter
Photo from James D. Julia/Morphy Auctions.

Sharps rifles have enjoyed a bit of modern-day notoriety, thanks to Hollywood. Tom Selleck starred as Matthew Quigley in the hit movie Quigley Down-Under. In a famous scene, Quigley used his 1874 Sharps to hit a wooden bucket at very long range. The Sharps rifles used in the movie were made by Shiloh Rifle company (Powder River Rifle Company). There were actually three Sharps rifles made for the movie. One went to the NRA’s National Firearms Museum while another was raffled off to support NRA shooting programs. The third rifle (Selleck’s Favorite) was sold at auction in 2008.

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