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January 7th, 2022

Springfield Armory SA-35 NRA Publications’ Handgun of the Year

browning hi-power belgium SA-35 9mm pistol

Springfield Armory’s new 9mm SA-35 pistol has been chosen as the NRA’s American Rifleman Handgun of the Year, and 2022 Golden Bullseye Winner. The NRA Publications Golden Bullseye Awards acknowledge important new products. The winners are selected by a committee of NRA Publications staff, representing more than a century of collective experience in the shooting and hunting industry.

Compared to the classic Browning Hi-Power pistol on which it is based, the new SA-35 offers enhanced controls, modern sights, improved feed ramp design, beveled mag-well, and increased 15-round capacity. Additionally, the SA-35 dispenses with the magazine disconnect as found in the original design. This provides the ability for magazines to drop freely. The new SA-35 also features forged steel parts for strength and durability.

“We are incredibly proud that the SA-35 has been given this prestigious award,” said Dennis Reese, CEO of Springfield Armory. “With this pistol, we have taken a revered design and updated it for today’s shooters.”

browning hi-power belgium SA-35 9mm pistol
CLICK HERE to read full Springfield Armory SA-35 review in Guns America Digest.

Springfield Armory SA-35 9mm Pistol

browning hi-power belgium SA-35 9mm pistol

Springfield Armory’s new SA-35 semi-auto pistol takes advantage of modern materials and manufacturing techniques, while retaining the appeal of the J.M. Browning’s original P-35 design. The 9mm features a forged carbon steel frame and slide and a cold hammer-forged barrel.

browning hi-power belgium SA-35 9mm pistol

Enhancements include subtle but significant changes to barrel feed ramp and extractor geometry to ensure the SA-35 will work with today’s defensive rounds. A factory-tuned trigger, 15-round flush-fit magazine, beveled magazine well, re-contoured “no-bite” hammer design, modern Tactical Rack sights, extended thumb safety and more round out the package. The SA-35 is compatible with the original pistol’s design, ensuring access to the broad selection of aftermarket parts and accessories available.

Guns America has done a thorough Review of the new Springfield Armory SA-35.

The modern SA-35 is based on the original Browning Hi-Power, aka the P-35. The Browning Hi-Power military pistol, considered the best 9mm handgun of all time by some collectors, is one of the most widely-used handguns in history, and is found in over fifty countries.

browning hi-power belgium SA-35 9mm pistol

The initial Browning Hi-Power design came from John Moses Browning, but was then finalized by Dieudonné Saive at Fabrique Nationale (FN) in Belgium. Browning died in 1926, several years before the design was finalized. There have been many variants based on the Browning Hi-Power and many clones as well. See: Top Ten 9mm Handguns of All Time.

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January 7th, 2022

CMP Introduces New Rifle and Pistol CMP League Matches

CMP League Match 2022

The Civilian Marksmanship Program (CMP), starting this month, have authorized CMP League Matches at CMP-affiliated clubs throughout the USA. This will give shooters the ability to enjoy CMP-type competitions at their local ranges. The new CMP League Match Program will be open to any CMP-Affiliated Clubs. Participants’ average scores will be computed by CMP’s Competition Tracker, with awards distributed to the top competitors from around the country.

Beginning January 2022, the CMP will sanction a series of simulated head-to-head rifle, pistol, and CMP Games events for competitors to participate in from their home ranges. A CMP sanctioned match is an event hosted or sponsored by a CMP affiliated organization, where match sponsors agree to use CMP Competition Rules in conducting CMP Highpower Rifle, CMP Pistol and CMP Games competitions. Types of League Matches and available timeframes will include:

Rifle: March 15 – June 15 and/or August 15 – November 15
50 shot National Match Course (Non-EIC) (Full or Reduced)
4X20 (80 shots, Individual) (Full or Reduced)

Pistol: Outdoor Pistol League May 1 – October 31; Indoor Pistol League November 1 – April 30
30 Shot National Match Pistol Course (full or reduced)
900 Pistol Aggregate (.22 Rimfire, Centerfire, .45 Caliber or Service Pistol)

CMP Games Type Match: March 15-June 15 and/or August 15 – November 15
30 Shot As-Issued Military Rifle Course | Carbine | Rimfire Sporter

CMP League Match 2022

How to Get Your Local Club Involved

Interested clubs will need to fill out an application and also submit a match program. Once approved, the match director will be sent a spreadsheet to record official scores that will be compared among other participating clubs. Fees for these events include $10 per league to sanction, plus $2 per competitor.

CMP League INFO, including applications and match instructions, can be found on the CMP website at Or call CMP Competition Support at 419-635-2141, ext. 714.

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January 7th, 2022

Great American Outdoor Show in Pennsylvania Next Month

Great American Outdoor Show 2022 Harrisburg PA pennsylvania

The Great American Outdoor Show returns to Pennsylvania in February 2022. The big event, the world’s biggest consumer outdoor activity show, takes place February 5-13, 2022 at the Pennsylvania Farm Show Complex in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. The Great American Outdoor Show will feature nearly 1,100 exhibitors in nine halls covering 650,000 square feet. In the booths will be shooting sports manufacturers, boat and RV dealers, hunting and fishing retailers, and more than 400 outfitters and boat captains.

“After a brief hiatus due to pandemic restrictions, we are thrilled to once again gather in Dauphin County for the world’s largest outdoor show. Next month, the nation’s best outfitters, outdoor experts, and retailers will gather in Harrisburg for a show you will not want to miss!” said Joe DeBergalis, NRA Executive Director of General Operations.

Great American Outdoor Show 2022 Harrisburg PA pennsylvania

Many Hands-On Activities at the Show, Plus Nearly 200 Seminars
Visitors can expect to enjoy a wide variety of outdoor gear and family activities, including testing their archery skills for prizes in the 3D Bowhunter Challenge, experiencing world-class fishing lessons from pro anglers at the 5,000-gallon Hawg Tank, participating in almost 200 hunting and fishing seminars, and meeting their favorite celebrities and outdoor personalities. To learn more about the 2022 Great American Outdoor Show (GAOS), including guest appearances, special events, and ticket sales, visit or visit the GAOS Facebook Page.

Great American Outdoor Show 2022 Harrisburg PA pennsylvania

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