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January 13th, 2022

Top 21 Best-Selling Guns of 2021

GunGenius Gunbroker top 20 handguns pistol revolver semi-auto 2020 Best selling firearms pistol gunbroker

Gunbroker gun genius top guns 2021 rifle pistol shotgunEvery month, publishes a Top Selling Report. This reveals the Best Selling Guns for each category of firearms sold on This culminates in a GunGenius year-end report on the Top Selling Firearms of the Year in multiple categories, both new and used. As a special Feature, GunGenius now offers the Top 21 of 2022 for each category. In addition, GunGenius has Top 10 lists for specific types of firearms — rifles, handguns, and shotguns:

Top 10 Handguns (Semi-Auto Pistols and Revolvers)
Top 10 Rifles (Semi-Auto, Bolt Action, Lever Gun, Single Shot)
Top 10 Shotguns (Semi-Auto, Single Shot)

Here are the overall listings — the Top 21 among all gun types:

Gunbroker gun genius top guns 2021 rifle pistol shotgun

Top 10 Best-Selling Bolt-Action Rifles of 2021

We know most of our readers favor very accurate bolt-action rifles. In 2021, on, the Top 10 best-selling bolt-action rifles were, in order:

1. Ruger American Rifle
2. Tikka T3x
3. Savage Arms 10/110
4. Ruger Precision Rifle
5. Ruger Precision Rimfire

6. Bergara B-14
7. CZ-USA 457
8. Savage Arms Axis
9. Ruger American Rimfire
10. Remington 700

This video compares the top-selling Ruger American Rifle with second-ranked Tikka T3x:

The popular CZ 457, ranked #7 overall, is offered in various different configurations, including metal chassis and carbon-stocked versions. Here’s a field test.

CZ-USA 457 Varmint Precision Trainer and Chassis Models

Buying a Handgun? See What Others Choose

Looking to acquire a handgun for personal protection of home and family? There are countless options on the market. Your buying decision may be simplified by seeing what other consumers have chosen, as revealed by nationwide sales trends. You can check firearms sales figures using “Gun Genius”, a new data-crunching service of On you can select any type of firearm (handgun, rifle, shotgun) and see the top sellers for that category.

handgun category defense ccw buying list gungenius

Along with pistols and revolvers as shown above, there are separate categories for: semi-auto rifles, bolt-action rifles, lever-action rifles, single-shot rifles, pump rifles, semi-auto shotguns, pump shotguns, over-and-under shotguns and more. You can also filter for sales trends (upwards and downwards). Drill down to see detailed product specifications and current prices.

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January 13th, 2022

Breathing Control Can Improve Your Vision and Aiming Skills

Vision Eye Target Scope Relaxation Oxygen Target

Do you find that the crosshairs in your scope get blurry after a while, or that you experience eye strain during a match? This is normal, particularly as you get older. Focusing intensely on your target (through the scope or over iron sights) for an extended period of time can cause eye strain. Thankfully, there are things you can do to reduce eye fatigue. For one — breathe deeper to take in more oxygen. Secondly, give your eyes a break between shots, looking away from the scope or sights.

In our Forum there is an interesting thread about vision and eye fatigue. One Forum member observed: “I have noticed recently that if I linger on the target for too long the crosshairs begin to blur and the whole image gradually darkens as if a cloud passed over the sun. I do wear contacts and wonder if that’s the problem. Anyone else experienced this? — Tommy”

Forum members advised Tommy to relax and breath deep. Increase oxygen intake and also move the eyes off the target for a bit. Closing the eyes briefly between shots can also relieve eye strain. Tommy found this improved the situation.

Vision Eye Target Scope Relaxation Oxygen Target

Phil H. explained: “Tom — Our eyes are tremendous oxygen hogs. What you are witnessing is caused by lack of oxygen. When this happens, get off the sights, stare at the grass (most people’s eyes find the color green relaxing), breath, then get back on the rifle. Working on your cardio can help immensely. Worked for me when I shot Palma. Those aperture sights were a bear! The better my cardio got the better and longer I could see. Same thing with scopes. Try it!”

Keith G. noted: “Make sure you are still breathing… [your condition] sounds similar to the symptoms of holding one’s breath.”

Watercam concurred: “+1 on breathing. Take a long slow deep breath, exhale and break shot. Also make sure you take a moment to look at the horizon without looking through rifle or spotting scope once in a while to fight fatigue. Same thing happens when using iron sights.”

Arizona shooter Scott Harris offered this advice: “To some extent, [blurring vision] happens to anyone staring at something for a long time. I try to keep vision crisp by getting the shot off in a timely fashion or close the eyes briefly to refresh them. Also keep moisturized and protect against wind with wrap-around glasses”.

Breathing Better and Relaxing the Eyes Really Worked…
Tommy, the shooter with the eye problem, said his vision improved after he worked on his breathing and gave his eyes a rest between shots: “Thanks guys. These techniques shrunk my group just a bit and every little bit helps.”

Read more tips on reducing eye fatigue in our Forum Thread: That Vision Thing.

To avoid eye fatigue, take your eyes away from the scope between shots, and look at something nearby (or even close your eyes briefly). Also work on your breathing and don’t hold your breath too long — that robs your system of oxygen.

eye vision Vince Bottomley

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