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January 21st, 2022

SHOT Show 2022 Day 4 — New and Notable Optics

2020 Shot Show Optics Scopes reviewed

Optics companies from around the globe had scores of new scopes and optics products on display at SHOT Show 2022. There are many good companies in the market these days, all vying to have the “latest and greatest”. We were impressed with new FFP scopes from Zeiss and Vortex. And there were many other interesting optics on display from big and small optics companies. 2022 promises to be a good year for scope buyers, with many innovative new products. Here are some of the notable scope and optics products on display this week at SHOT Show.

Zeiss LRP S5 First Focal Plane Scopes

Zeiss LRP S5 First Focal Plane Scopes
Zeiss LRP S5 First Focal Plane Scopes

The all-new ZEISS LRP S5 Series first focal plane riflescopes consists of two models — LRP S5 318-50 and LRP Sr 525-56 — and are available in four unique configurations with 34mm main tubes. The long-range riflescopes include high-performance optics, highly repeatable, precise and tactile turrets; and a daytime visible illuminated reticle. Models are available in either MRAD or MOA. The optical design utilizes ZEISS Fluoride lens elements, SCHOTT glass and ZEISS’s proprietary T-Star lens coatings for optimum color fidelity, image brightness, exceptional resolution and edge-to-edge sharpness within the entire field-of-view. With the External Locking Windage Turret (ELWT), the user can pull out on the locking collar, make necessary adjustments and then lock-in the selected setting.

Huskemaw — Innovative Scope with INTERNAL Bubble Level

huskemaw scope optic internal bubble level

Huskemaw Optics has some very unique and smart features on their scopes, including a model one elevation AND windage on one central turret. At Industry Day at the Range, Huskemaw showcased another innovative optic. This features a Bubble Level INSIDE the scope. Look at the photo. You can see the bubble level at the bottom of the circle, within the shooter’s view. This is a clever feature that could certainly help hunters and tactical shooters keep their rifles level. Watch this Backfire video from 3:44 to 4:28 time-mark to see how the internal scope level works.

Vortex Riflescopes for 2022

vortex razor gen III FFP scopes

Vortex did not have a display at SHOT Show 2022, but they recently introduced some interesting products for 2022. The new Razor HD Gen III models have attracted attention in the PRS/NRL ranks. In the first video below (from Guntalk TV) Vortex reps explain the features of the latest Razor HD Gen III series. In the second video the Area 419 team looks at the new Vortex Razor HD Gen III 6-36x56mm, a FFP mil/mil model with an eye-opening $3999.99 MSRP. Whoa — that’s serious money by any standard. CLICK HERE for video showing other new-for-2022 Vortex scopes.

March Scopes — How They Are Designed, Built, and Tested

March Scopes Japan factory production

March Scopes Japan CraftingMarch Scope of Japan produces some of the most advanced rifle scopes you can buy. The March 8-80x56mm scope offers the highest magnification you’ll find in any riflescope on the market. And, for ELR competition, the March Genesis 4-40x52mm is truly a game-changer. This revolutionary optic offers an incredible 86 Mils of elevation (vertical) adjustment range.

This video shows how March Scopes are crafted and tested at the factory in the Nagano region of Japan. This is a fascinating look into world-class optics production with design by some very brilliant optics engineers. Enjoy this factory tour video.

Schmidt & Bender 3-21x50mm Exos Hunting Scope

Schmidt Bender 3-21x50 EXOS hunting scope

Schmidt & Bender showcased an impressive hunting scope, the 3-21x50mm Exos. First released three seasons back, this second focal plane (SFP) hunting scope is super rugged and boasts exceptional color fidelity with lenses “optimized to the human eye”. The 3-21x50mm Exos features ultra-repeatable, temperature-resistant elevation and windage turrets. The turrets boast “Zero Tolerance Clicks” that have been verified by S&B’s technicians. The solid, hard-anodized aluminum construction (with beefy wall thickness) allows the Exos to function in temperatures as low as -40 degrees Farenheit (-40°C).

The 3-21x50mm Exos features a single-turn, lockable elevation turret engraved with big digits for easy reading. With patented Schmidt & Bender S-Spring technology, this turret is 100% repeatable/precise and can be operated easily with gloves. The Exos is available in milliradian or MOA click values. The side focus/parallax adjustment runs from 30 yards to infinity. See details in the S&B EXOS 3-21×50 Brochure.

EOTECH 1-10x28mm Vudu FFP Scope and Mini Reflex

EOTECH had both conventional riflescopes and reflex (red dot) sights on display.

eotech vudu FFP tactical hunting scope illuminated

EOTECH’s new Vudu 1-10x28mm First Focal Plane (FFP) riflescope is a good choice for hunting and tactical applications. It can focus extremely close, but the 10X max power is great for spotting game at long ranges. The Vudu features a 34mm, one-piece aircraft aluminum tube and single-piece eyepiece with removable throw-lever. The glass-etched illuminated reticle and first focal plane design allows for distance estimation at any magnification and lighting condition. The low-profile elevation turret includes a push/pull locking system and a capped windage turret for a secure zero.

EOTECH also showcased a new EFLX Mini Reflex Optic for handgun installations. The features are covered in this promotional video. Warning: Sound level is very high. You may want to reduce the volume setting.

Leupold 6HD Patrol 1-6X Scope

Leupold shot show 2022 partrol 6HD

In this video, YouTube host Roger Barrera visited the Leupold booth to learn about the new Patrol 6HD 1-6x24mm optic this should be popular with hunters as well as security personnel. MSRP is $1399.99 with illuninated Firedot reticle or $1499.99 with illuminated CM-R2 reticle.

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January 21st, 2022

SHOT Daily Day 4 — Content for Final Day of SHOT Show 2022

SHOT Show 2022 SHOT Daily magazine digital product review

Today is the final day of SHOT Show 2022. So we’re providing another FREE digital magazine covering many new products at the Show. Here is the digital version of the SHOT Daily print magazine provided to SHOT Show attendees. You can navigate page by page with the left/right white arrows in the gray box below. To quickly scan through the entire 60-page digital magazine, use the slide bar. When you find content you want to read, use the zoom control or click the FULL SCREEN brackets icon at lower right.

SHOT Daily Day 4 — 1/21/2022

CLICK Full Screen (brackets) icon at lower right of gray box to read.

There are two big feature articles you’ll want to read in this SHOT Daily Day 4 edition. On page 24 you’ll find a comprehensive guide to gun and shooting accessories from many manufacturers. This includes bipods, holsters, muzzle brakes, carry packs, hunting cams, eyewear and more. Then, on page 46 you’ll find a guide to Concealed Carry Gear. That includes multiple new holsters, belts, security kits, sights, lights and lasers. If you have a CCW or are considering getting a carry license, check out that article.

IMPORTANT: To read either story, click the full screen (brackets) icon in the gray box above and then zoom to the start page (page 24 for Shooting Accessories, page 46 for Concealed Carry Gear).

SHOT Show 2022 SHOT Daily magazine digital product review

SHOT Show 2022 SHOT Daily magazine digital product review

SHOT Show 2022

NOTE: We have posted the previous SHOT Daily e-zines on our Daily Bulletin. READ SHOT Daily Day 1, SHOT Daily Day 2, and SHOT Daily Day 3 digital magazines here on the AccurateShooter Daily Bulletin. Or you can visit or the SHOT Daily ISSUU Archive.

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January 21st, 2022

How to Avoid Misfires with .22 LR Rimfire Ammunition

rimfire Ammo 22 plinkster cheaper than dirt

“22 Plinkster” is an avid shooter who has produced a number of entertaining videos for his YouTube Channel. In the video below, he tackles the question “Why Do Misfires Occur in .22 LR Rimfire Ammunition?” This is the most common question posed to 22 Plinkster by his many viewers. He identifies four main issues that can cause .22 LR misfires or faulty ignition:

1. Damaged Firing Pin — The dry firing process can actually blunt or shorten the firing pin, particularly with older rimfire firearms. Use of snap caps is recommended.

2. Poor Ammunition — Some cheap brands have poor quality control. 22 Plinkster recommends using ammo from a manufacturer with high quality control standards, such as CCI and Federal.

3. Age of Ammunition — Rimfire ammo can function well for a decade or more. However the “shelf life” of rimfire ammunition is not infinite. You ammo’s “lifespan” will be shortened by heat, moisture, and humidity. You should store your rimfire ammo in a cool, dry place.

4. Mishandling of Ammunition — Tossing around ammunition can cause problems. Rough handling can cause the priming compound to be dislodged from the rim. This causes misfires.

Preventing misfires is essential if you want to succeed in NRL22 competition and other rimfire competition disciplines run “on the clock”.

rimfire Ammo 22 plinkster cheaper than dirt

Top Image courtesy Cheaper Than Dirt Shooters Log.

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