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January 26th, 2022

5.4 Million New Gun Owners in USA in 2021 — NSSF Report

nssf 2021 gun buyer's survey

NSSF Retailer Surveys Indicate 5.4 Million First-Time U.S. Gun Buyers in 2021
The National Shooting Sports Foundation (NSSF) revealed that at least 5.4 million Americans purchased a firearm for the first time in 2021. Nearly 30% of all firearm purchases last year went to new gun owners, based on NSSF retailer surveys and adjusted National Instant Criminal Background Check System (NICS) background checks. That figure is a 10% decrease from 2020, when an estimated 40% of gun sales when to first-time buyers.

“We welcome these new gun owners to the greater community of law-abiding Americans who choose to own a firearm for lawful purposes, including self-defense, recreational target shooting and hunting,” said Joe Bartozzi, NSSF President and CEO.

nssf 2021 gun buyer's survey

Demographics of Gun Buyers Changing — More Women, More Minorities
NSSF’s 2021 survey of retailers showed several other key findings. Among first-time buyers, over 33% (one-third) were female, and there was a significant increase in Hispanic gun purchasers.

— Over 33% of first-time gun buyers in 2021 were women.
— 44% of retailers saw an increase of African-Americans purchasing firearms in 2021.
— Nearly 40% of retailers saw an increase of Hispanic-Americans purchasing firearms in 2021.
— Over 27 percent of retailers saw an increase of Asian-Americans purchasing firearms in 2021.

nssf 2021 gun buyer's survey

CLICK HERE for printable PDF of NSSF 2021 Survey Results.

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January 25th, 2022

Handguns for 2022 — Nine Notable Pistols and Revolvers

shot show 2022 new handgun pistols revolvers ccw carry gun show

A large selection of new handguns have been introduced in recent months, with manufacturers racing to meet unprecedented high consumer demand. Millions of Americans have joined the ranks of gunowners in the past two years. At least 5.4 million people purchased a firearm for the first time in 2021 based on NSSF retailer surveys and NICS background checks adjusted data. And, for most new firearms owners, their first purchase was a handgun, most likely a 9mm compact. Here are nine notable new handguns* introduced over the last 12 months. Many debuted at SHOT Show 2022, while others were introduced in 2021.

Taurus TX22 Competition SCR (Steel Challenge Ready)

Taurus TX 22 SCR pistol steel challenge
Taurus TX 22 SCR pistol steel challenge

The Taurus TX22 SCR (Steel Competition Ready) was designed as a fun rimfire for steel plate competition and action pistol games. We like the balance and ergonomics of this pistol, and the integrated forward compensator does reduce muzzle flip, allowing faster follow-up shots and better split times.

In this video, watch Jessie Harrison, the world’s best female action pistol competitor, shooting the TX22 on steel, starting at 0:14 time-mark.

Girsan MC P35 Hi-Power from EAA

Girsan high-power hi-power FN clone EA

This is the year of the Browning Hi-Power revival. Springfield Arms brought out the SA-35, FN Herstal has a new High Power, and the Turkish company Girsan now produces the MC P35 (sold in the USA by EAA). Based on the original John M. Browning pistol design, EAA’s MC P35 by Girsan pays homage to one of the most widely-used military handguns in history. The steel-framed MC P35 boasts a 15+1 capacity in a staggered column magazine. With classic styling, good machining, and a sub-$600 MSRP, this MC P35 may be the best bargain among the latest generation of Hi-Power clones. It is offered in three finishes: Two-tone (gray/black), Black, and Dark Earth.

Uberti 9mm Single-Action Classic Revolvers

Uberti classic single action revolver 9mm luger 9x19mm pistol

Italian gun-maker Uberti expands its portfolio of classic single-action revolvers with the addition of new 9mm wheelguns. For 2022, Uberti offers select El Patrón and Cattleman Brass single-action revolvers chambered for the 9mm Luger (9x19mm) cartridge. These revolvers headspace at the cartridge mouth without the need for moon clips, allowing cartridges to be loaded individually into the cylinder and ejected in the regular fashion. With 9mm Luger ammo being available at a lower price than many other handgun cartridges, revolver shooters can put more rounds on target without breaking the bank.

Stoeger Introduces STR-9SC subcompact

Stoeger sub-compact str-9sc optics ready

Based on the original STR-9 compact 9mm introduced in 2019, Stoeger’s new STR-9SC Sub-Compact series offers three models: SSTR-9SC Sub-Compact Optic-Ready, STR-9SC Sub-Compact with Tritium night sights, and base model TR-9SC Sub-Compact. All come with a medium backstrap, left- or right-side mag release, trigger safety, accessory rail, front post/square notch rear sight configuration, and a 10-round magazine. These are all very affordable — the basic STR-92C Sub-Compact has a $329.99 MSRP.

Shadow Systems DR-920P Pistol with Integral Compensator

shadow systems DR920P pistol 9mm luger compensator steel challenge

Shown at the top of this article, the new Shadow Systems DR920P 9mm Luger pistol features a built-in, multi-port compensator at the end of the barrel. This reduces felt recoil and muzzle flip allowing faster split times on multi-target scenarios. NOTE that the front sight is mounted on the forward compensator so it does not reciprocate with the slide.

If you are an 3-Gun or Steel Challenge shooter, you may want to consider this new pistol. The DR920P fits Glock 34 holsters, and ergonomics are similar to Glock, but we like the Shadow DR920P’s trigger better than a standard Glock trigger.

Savage Stance 9mm Compact Pistol

This is the first compact pistol produced by Savage Arms in a century. Outdoor Life notes: “For the first time since 1920, Savage is back in the pistol market, diving right into the most competitive category — the micro 9mm. The Stance is an ultra-thin, polymer-frame semi-automatic striker-fired 9mm with a 3.2-inch barrel. It’s less than an inch thick, but an abrasive stipple finish on the grip and interchangeable back straps should make this one a pleasure to shoot.”

Kimber R7 Mako Optics Installed

Kimber R7 mako optics installed carry handgun pistol

Released in 2021, the R7 was Kimber’s first Polymer-framed handguns. The latest optics-installed R7 Mako ($799.00 MSRP) features a factory-installed CTS-1500 reflex sight for fast target acquisition and accurate shot placement. Capacity is 12+1 with flush-fit mag or 14+1 with extended. This little pistol features co-witnessed tritium night sights, and Hooded ejection port to vent gasses/brass away from the optic. For other features see this video review from Colion Noir:

Taurus Defender 605 3″-barrel .357 Magnum Revolver

Taurus defender 605 revolver 3

The new 3″-barrel Taurus Defender 605 wheelgun comes in four versions, starting at $472.63 MSRP for matte black stainless with rubber grip. Show is the Altamont wood grip model with Tungsten Cerakote finish (MSRP $517.33). These are significantly less expensive than similar S&Ws. Unlike many 3-inch barrel revolvers, the Defender 605 comes with an extended ejector rod for quicker reloads. The Defender 605s come with factory-installed tritium front night sight with an orange outline.

Ruger PC Charger 9mm Large Format Pistol

Ruger PC charger Pistol carbine

Pistol brace, sling, suppressor, optic, and Glock Magazine NOT included.

The Ruger PC Charger pistol was is a handgun version of Ruger’s PC Carbine. This pistol was actually introduced last year, but now it is being sold without the legally problematic folding stock (err, make that a “pistol brace”). The 2022-model PC Charger still has a quick detachable barrel system, MLOK rail, and a 1913 rail up top for accessories. The PC Charger runs Ruger pistol magazines, and there is a handy, drop-in conversion for Glock magazines. This is hardly a carry pistol, but we can see how someone might favor this for home defense or fun shooting on steel.

CLICK HERE to view MORE New-for-2022 Pistols and Revolvers »

Good Handgun Transport Case — Discrete Gun Luggage

Here’s a sensible transport option for range trips with handguns. This discrete, double-sided unit from Elite Survival Systems allows you to transport four pistols — as well as eye protection, cleaning kits, magazines and ammunition — no more conspicuously than a laptop. There are two identical 2-gun compartments for pistols, plus a top section for your muffs, targets, and other accessories. This bag system earned the U.S. Concealed Carry Magazine Editor’s Choice Award.

laptop computer pistol transport case

* We count the two Uberti single-action revolvers as one new design because they are nearly identical in layout and operation. However there are some differences (e.g. the brass-frame option on Cattleman model only).

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January 25th, 2022

Defensive Firearms — Understanding Terminal Ballistics

Terminal External Ballistics Exterior, Temporary Cavity Permanent Cavity

If you are evaluating a firearm for self-defense use, you should consider three main factors: Reliability, Functionality (sights, trigger, ergonomics), and Effectiveness (ability to halt/neutralize threats). Regarding effectiveness, you need to consider what happens when the projectiles from your firearm reach the target. That involves penetration and terminal ballistics.

A 12ga shotgun is very effective inside 20 yards, with less risk of over-penetration* vs. a centerfire rifle.
Terminal External Ballistics Exterior, Temporary Cavity Permanent Cavity

You’ve probably heard the term “Terminal Ballistics”. But do you really know what this refers to? Fundamentally, “Terminal Ballistics” describes the behavior of a projectile as it strikes, enters, and penetrates a target. Terminal Ballistics, then, can be said to describe projectile behavior in a target including the transfer of kinetic energy. Contrast this with “External Ballistics” which, generally speaking, describes and predicts how projectiles travel in flight. One way to look at this is that External Ballistics covers bullet behavior before impact, while terminal ballistics covers bullet behavior after impact.

The study of Terminal Ballistics is important for hunters, because it can predict how pellets, bullets, and slugs can perform on game. This NRA Firearm Science video illustrates Terminal Ballistics basics, defining key terms such as Impact Crater, Temporary Cavity, and Primary Cavity.

Terminal External Ballistics Exterior, Temporary Cavity Permanent Cavity

External Ballistics, also called “exterior ballistics”, is the part of ballistics that deals with the behavior of a non-powered projectile in flight.

Terminal Ballistics, a sub-field of ballistics, is the study of the behavior and effects of a projectile when it hits its target.

Terminal External Ballistics Exterior, Temporary Cavity Permanent Cavity

*This Shooting Illustrated article discusses over-penetration risks with a variety of cartridge types. “A bullet passing through a threat and continuing with the potential to cause unintentional damage to a bystander or object is a situation commonly described as over-penetration.”

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January 24th, 2022

Bargain Finder 331: AccurateShooter’s Deals of the Week

AccurateShooter Deals of the Week Weekly Bargain Finder Sale Discount Savings

At the request of our readers, we provide select “Deals of the Week”. Every Sunday afternoon or Monday morning we offer our Best Bargain selections. Here are some of the best deals on firearms, hardware, reloading components, optics, and shooting accessories. Be aware that sale prices are subject to change, and once clearance inventory is sold, it’s gone for good. You snooze you lose.

1. Bruno Shooters — Berger Bullets Sale, Big Inventory in Stock

bruno's bruno shooters berger bullets sale
Big selection of Berger bullets, many calibers/weights, good prices

Berger bullets have been in short supply recently, but Bruno’s has a big supply right now, and they are on sale at attractive prices. You’ll find a large selection of bullets from .17 Cal up to .375 Cal, with plenty of .224, 6mm, 6.5mm, 7mm, and .308 caliber match bullets. And some hard-to-find match bullets, such as the 7mm 190gr Hybrids and .30 Cal 200.20X Hybrids are in stock now. Visit now and get your Bergers — Bruno’s has many Berger bullet types not currently available at other vendors.

2. MidwayUSA — Vortex 5-25x50mm Viper PST Gen II, $699.99

vortex viper XP gen ii FFP scope sale 30% off
Good, solid 5-25X FFP optic for PRS/NRL now 30% OFF

This Vortex 5-25x50mm Viper PST Gen II is a good choice for getting started in the PRS/NRL game, being reliable, capable, and affordable. This 5-25X optic features an EBR-2C or EBR-2D MRAD First Focal Plane (FFP) illuminated reticle. Control Elevation and Windage with 0.1 Milrad clicks and Zero-Stop. Now on sale for just $699.99 ($300 off), this scope is covered by the great Vortex VIP unconditional warranty.

3. Creedmoor Sports — Lapua Brass In Stock, Most Varieties

creedmoor sports lapua cartridge brass in stock January
Get superb Lapua brass now before it sells out

Premium cartridge brass has been hard to find recently. Thankfully, Creedmoor Sports has a large inventory of top-quality Lapua Cartridge Brass in stock now. Most of the popular match cartridges are available at reasonable prices. Varieties in stock as of 1/24/2022 include: .220 Russian, .223 Rem, 6mmBR Norma, 6.5×47 Lapua, 6.5 Creedmoor, .260 Rem, 6.5-284 Norma, .284 Win, .308 Win, .308 Win Magnum, and .338 Lapua Magnum.

4. Palmetto State Armory — Rossi RS22 Rimfire Rifle, $129.99

Rossi rs22 RS 22 .22 LR training rifle Mossberg

Rossi rs22 RS 22 .22 LR training rifle MossbergReliable, with very impressive accuracy — awesome deal under $130!

Looking for a very affordable first rifle? Here’s one of the best low-cost options you’ll find among .22 LR rimfire rigs. The Rossi RS22 is a reliable, semi-auto rifle that comes equipped with barrel-mounted iron/fiber optic sights. There are also dovetails on the receiver for mounting scope rings. The RS22 also takes most Mossberg 702 magazines. The Rossi RS22 features an 18″ free-floating barrel, adjustable fiber optic sights and a synthetic Monte Carlo stock. For added accuracy, 3/8″ dovetail mounts allow the mounting of a scope or other optic. Overall weight, without scope, is 4.1 pounds.

5. EuroOptic — Athlon Talos 20-60x80mm Spotter, $156.99

athlon talos spotting scope sale eurooptic
Good reviews for budget spotter, now discounted $180 (53%)

The Athlon Talos 20-60x80mm is a solid, affordable spotting scope. And right now you can save $180.00 (53%) with the EuroOptic Athlon Sale. This spotting scope has multi-coated lenses and is fog-proof and waterproof. Verified purchaser reviews have been positive: “This scope is a GREAT value for the money” and “I really like this scope … it is better than most spotting scopes below about $400.” This spotter is also available with tan scope body for the same $156.99 price.

6. MidwayUSA — Hoppes Gun Vise and Cleaning Kit, $32.33

Hoppes gun vise free cleaning kit
Good basic gun vise at great price with bonus cleaning kit

The Hoppe’s Gun Vise is a good basic support for working on your firearms. Clamping brackets in the front and rear hold your rifle or shotgun securely without scratching. The vise is made out of a durable, chemical resistant polymer and has multiple compartments for your cleaning chemicals, tools, and accessories. Included with this vise is a 12-piece Cleaning Kit for rifles, pistols, and shotguns. Features include: Dual lockable no-scratch brackets, multiple compartments for tools, and adjustable feet.

7. KYGUNCO — CCI .22 LR Ammo Sale — Save up to 57%

sellier bellot 9mm luger 9x19mm pistol ammo ammunition discount sale
Great deal on CCI .22 LR ammo — Mini-Mag (40% Off), Quiet-22 (57% Off)

Celebrate — good rimfire ammo is available again, and now at very attractive prices. As part of a big Feed Your Guns ammo sale this week, KYGUNCO has slashed prices on CCI .22 LR rimfire ammo. Among the rimfire bargains are CCI Mini-Mag at $11.99 for 100 rounds and CCI Quiet-22 at just $5.49 for 50 rounds. The latter is a subsonic, 710 FPS, low recoil round that is good for training or indoor shooting.

8. — Sellier & Bellot 9mm Ammo, $16.99/50

sellier bellot 9mm luger 9x19mm pistol ammo ammunition discount sale
Great deal on excellent CCI .22LR Rimfire ammo

Yes, just $16.99 for FIFTY rounds. You read that right. That’s a a great price on high-quality Sellier & Bellott 9mm Luger ammunition with 115gr FMJ bullets. This is reliable, brass-cased ammo. We’ve shot this in many 9mm pistols. It was accurate, though speedier than some domestic brands, so you may feel a bit more recoil. At this price, grab it before it’s gone.

9. Midsouth — Forster Accu-Ring, $14.99

Forster sizing die lock ring accu-ring accuring laser markings
Great accessory makes setting shoulder bump quick and easy

The new Forster Accu-Ring has precise markings so you can set your sizing dies with extreme precision in your press. The anodized ring has laser-etched precision markings in .001″ increments. This allows you to more easily set the amount of sizing and shoulder “bump” you get when you move a die up or down in your press. In addition, if you have a conventional seating die without a micrometer adjustment, this new Forster Accu-Ring can help you achieve more precise bullet seating. SEE Ultimate Reloader Review.

MidayUSA — Blaze Orange Hunter’s Vest, $11.91 (60% off)

midwayusa hi-viz blaze orange hunting vest zippered pockets
Serious 60% savings on Hi-Viz Hunting Vest with pockets

Planning a hunt in 2022? Then grab a Hi-Viz Orange vest for a bargain $11.91 price right now. This Men’s Deluxe Blaze Orange Vest is lightweight yet durable with a quality YKK zipper. It has twin front cargo pockets with handy snaps. This vest is now 60% off, just $11.91 at MidwayUSA. At that price, you might pick up a couple to have an extra for a hunting buddy.

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January 24th, 2022

What Was Hot at SHOT — Other Notable New Products

SHOT Show 2022 new products nosler browning X-Bolt Zeiss Berger

Now that SHOT Show 2022 has wrapped up, we’ve had a chance to sort through the thousands of new products on display and spotlight some notable new items — some that may surprise you. Nosler is now selling suppressors, and there’s an affordable new Howa hunting rig well under five pounds. And 3-Gun and pistol shooters should definitely check out the New Kestrel KST1000 Shot Timer.

Nosler Suppressors — Advanced Design and Metallurgy

Nosler Suppressor aluminum titanium

At SHOT Show 2022 Nosler unveiled its new line of Nosler Suppressors, designed to be very light but also very rugged. With both all-titanium and aluminum/Ti models, the new Nosler Suppressors incorporate cutting-edge materials and construction. Weighing just over 13 ounces, the all-titanium family includes the SR-22Ti (.22 caliber) and SR-30Ti (up to 30 caliber) with MSRP of $899.99 and $949.99 respectively. They are designed to strike an ideal balance between size, light weight, and sound mitigation.

Zeiss Thermal Imaging Camera

The hybrid aluminum/titanium family has two models each weighing just NINE ounces. The 22-ALTi (22 caliber) and 30-ALTi (30 caliber) are engineered to offer the same balance of size, light weight, and sound mitigation for $649.99 and $699.99 respectively. All the ALTi and all-titanium Nosler suppressors are compatible with 5/8-24 (30 caliber models) and 1/2-28 (22 caliber models) threaded muzzles. All four models can also attach over a Nosler muzzle brake.

ZEISS DTI 3/25 Thermal Imaging Camera

Zeiss Thermal Imaging Camera

Along with its excellent riflescopes, binoculars, and rangefinders, Zeiss displayed an impressive night vision system for hunters. The new ZEISS DTI 3/25 Thermal Imaging Camera “provides a view in total darkness, especially at close range,” says Tammo Lüken, Head of Category Management Hunting at ZEISS. The 25mm focal length offers an enlarged field of view of 26 meters at a range of 100 meters and provides a decisive advantage when hunting in wooded areas. The high-resolution HD LCOS display combined with a 0.5 zoom increments deliver detailed images for reliable spotting. The the new DTI 3/25 as well as the ZEISS DTI 3/35 thermal imaging cameras can be connected to the ZEISS Hunting app via Wi-Fi to share photos and videos and even livestream from the field.

Berger .30 Caliber 245 Grain Long Range Hybrid Target Bullets

Berger LRHT hybrid target .30 Caliber

Berger displayed an impressive new .30 caliber 245 Grain Long Range Hybrid Target (LRHT) bullet. This ultra-heavy projectile is optimized for use with large-capacity cartridges such as the .300 Norma Magnum, .300 PRC, and .300 Remington Ultra Magnum. Berger notes that “the 245 Grain LRHT is a heaviest-in-class solution for the longest of .30-caliber target and tactical applications.” The 30 caliber LRHT boasts a high BC, jump-tolerant hybrid ogive profile that is Doppler Radar verified with less than 1% BC variation. The new 245 Grain LRHTs was developed with the U.S. Military to increase long-range target hit percentage at 1,500+ meters. These new 245-grainers boast Berger’s innovative Meplat Reduction Technology which ensures ultra-consistent Ballistic Coefficients (BC).

Howa SUPER LITE — Hunting Rifle Weighs Just 4 lbs. 7 Ounces

Berger LRHT hybrid target .30 Caliber

“Light is right” — that seems to be the trend in the current generation of hunting rifles. For those long treks in search of game, hunters prefer a light-weight rifle. Now with carbon composite stocks and other weight-savings measures, we are seeing rifles that are one-third lighter than typical hunting rifles of the past. For 2022 Legacy Sports Int’l unveiled the new Howa SUPER LITE Series of rifles. These rigs tip the scales, without optics, at a mere 4 pounds, 7 ounces. Yes, well under five pounds! That’s impressive for a sub-MOA accurate, reliable rifle with a $1399.00 MSRP. The new Howa SUPER LITE features a new action that is larger than a Howa Mini Action but smaller and lighter than a standard short action. The Howa SUPER LITE will be initially offered in 6.5 Creedmoor and .308 Winchester in Stocky’s Carbon Fiber stocks with choice of Kryptek Altitude or Obskura camo patterns. Measuring 39″ overall, the SUPER LITE comes with the nice HACT 2-stage trigger, Picatinny rail, and flush-fit detachable magazine.

Kestrel Ballistics KST1000 Shot Timer

Kestrel kst1000 shot timer Koenig

Kestrel Ballistics released its impressive new KST1000 Shot Timer at SHOT Show. The KST1000 Shot Timer raises the bar, promising to be the most modern, versatile, advanced, and dependable shot timer on the market. And yes it even has Bluetooth capability. Kestrel’s new KST1000 offers five nameable setting presets, two easy-to-use screens, and an extra loud buzzer. The device is compatible with dry fire and suppressed shooting. Backed by a 5-year warranty, this Shot Timer is waterproof, dustproof, and durable (drop tested to MIL-STD-810G standards).

Kestrel kst1000 shot timer Koenig

Doug Koenig, world champion shooter, had the opportunity to test out the new KST1000 Shot Timer and stated, “This is a must-have, next-level shot timer for serious shooters!”

Browning X-Bolt Target Pro McMillan

X-Bolt Target Pro McMillan Suppressor Ready

Making its debut at SHOT Show 2022 was the new X-Bolt Target Pro McMillan suppressor-ready model. This is an updated version of the X-Bolt with a beefed up action in a handsome McMillan stock. Features include a stiffer, heavier receiver, fluted stainless steel barrel with Recoil Hawg muzzle brake on 5/8″-24 suppressor-ready threads, new adjustable Target DLX trigger, and extended bolt handle. This model features a handsome McMillan A3-5 carbon fiber stock with adjustable comb, and a fore-end underside rail.

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January 24th, 2022

Athlon Optics Offers $65,000 in Cash & Prizes for Shooters

Athlong shooting sports giveback prize contest giveaway

Here’s a good opportunity for all folks who compete in the shooting sports. Athlon Optics is running a big Athlon Shooting Sports Giveback program. This program provides competitive shooters from all disciplines a chance at $65,000 in combined cash and prize payouts. Athlon invites participation in multiple shooting disciplines — locally, regionally, and/or nationally.

To enter the Athlon Giveback visit:

Here’s how it works. Athlon will draw four (4) names throughout the year, meet the winners at their next matches, and present them with $5,000 cash along with a $5,000 prize package. You don’t even have to use an Athlon Optic. Just compete in a shooting event locally, regionally, or nationally and enter via the Athlon website at

And for shooters who DO compete with an Athlon optic on their firearm(s), there are more chances to win. Competitors using Athlon scopes who finish first, second, or third in a qualifying match will be qualified to enter the Grand Prize Drawing. That gives them a chance to WIN $20,000 cash and $5,000 in optics. The combined value of all the givebacks and the Grand Prize is $65,000!

Athlong shooting sports giveback prize contest giveaway

2022 Athlon 22 ELR Match

In conjunction with the Athlon Shooting Sports Giveback, Athlon will be hosting the 2nd annual Athlon 22 ELR match. This event provides a course of fire ideally suited to both new shooters and die hard competitors alike. Watch for the official announcement in the coming weeks.

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January 23rd, 2022

Sunday Gunday: The Pink PPC — Michelle Sutton Memorial Rifle

Michelle Sutton 6 PPC memorial pink rifle

Our featured rifle this Sunday is a one-of-a-kind memorial project, crafted in 2008 to honor Michelle Sutton and her service to the sport of Benchrest. Michelle passed away in 2007 after a long, courageous fight with cancer. This special custom 6 PPC benchrest rifle was built in order to raise money to fight cancer. On August 15, 2008, at the 2008 IBS Nationals, the rifle was awarded at a special drawing. Individuals who made a $20.00 contribution to the American Cancer Society were offered a chance to win the rifle, Leupold 45X Comp scope, and an array of shooting accessories (shown below). We’re proud to showcase this unique rifle once again, and help honor Michelle’s memory.

Michelle Sutton–Her Contribution to Benchrest Shooting
by Jim Borden
Michelle Sutton contributed significantly to the growth of Benchrest shooting in general and the International Benchrest Shooters in particular. She was involved in Benchrest shooting from an early age, attending shoots with her family (P.J. and Kaye Hart, Clyde and Mickey Hart). She was an active competitor in her early years and then later provided her leadership, labor and planning skills to make sure that shoots were conducted in an efficient and effective manner. As time passed, she gave up her personal shooting to schedule and plan shoots and to provide the target scoring at matches for 3 to 4 different clubs. It was during her measuring of targets that her famed and sought-after “Smiley Faces” were developed.

Michelle made a practice of hand-penciling a Smiley Face on very good targets. (Sometimes she handed out a “frowney face” when someone did themselves grievous harm with one shot.) It came to the point that you could hear on the firing line: “I just shot a small one — I hope it’s small enough to get one of Michelle’s Smiley Faces.”

Michelle Sutton 6 PPC memorial pink rifle

Michelle spent over 15 years as the Chairperson of the IBS Records Committee and she was an instrumental part of the Group Committee, including chairing that Committee for almost 10 years. She and her husband Jack developed the ideas and plans for the four Benchrest Shooting Schools and she led the planning and running of those training programs. She was instrumental in helping a number of the clubs organize and run the IBS Shooters Championship matches.

Michelle battled cancer for over 10 years while at the same time attending to family, friends, business, and the game of Benchrest shooting. She was always an upbeat person and was a joy to be around. Her strength and character set an example for the rest of us to follow.

The Michelle K. Sutton Memorial Rifle Project
Shortly after Michelle’s death in August 2007, Gerry Malerba started organizing the creation of a special rifle to honor Michelle’s memory. The rifle would be the Grand Prize in a Sweepstakes drawing and all net proceeds would support efforts to fight cancer. Gerry enlisted the help of Jim Borden, Mike Mastrogiavanni, and Ward Tarasek to make the project a reality. Thanks to many generous individuals and companies in the shooting industry and Benchrest community, a spectacular custom 6 PPC rifle was built, with a complete inventory of matched shooting accessories.

Michelle Sutton 6 PPC memorial pink rifle

Nick Coppogreco provided gold-plated cases with silver-plated bullets, all housed in a custom, fancy wood cartridge box provided by John Petteruti and Fred Weing. The box has a special engraved message, “Magic Bullets to Cure Cancer” with Michelle’s signature “Smiley Faces”.

Remembering Michelle — P.J. Hart’s Little Girl

I guess my best recollection of Michelle was back in 1971 or 1972. (How time flies….) I saw this little slender girl at the matches at South Creek. I was there with Frank James and some other noted shooters. Michelle was going to shoot the junior match. Here dad P.J. Hart was coaching her. In those days the 222 Rem was king and Michelle proved her shooting skills right away–she took first place, winning a silver tray.

I remember the photo session. The little girl with Popsicle legs and big pink glasses and a pretty pink dress. She was a sweet child. I remember how proud her dad, P.J. Hart, was of her.

After that I saw little of Michelle. Once in a while I would see her at Hart’s shop or at a match with her grandmother Mickey Hart. Michelle was at the age to excel in her studies and I saw very little of her until she started working at Hart Rifle Barrels some years later.

She met Jack Sutton and they married. They had quite a lot in common. Both of them loved to hunt and fish–the perfect match. As time passed, Michelle had some medical problems. The “Big C”, cancer. This was very bad news. She fought the disease fiercely. I would ask her from time to time how she was, on my visits to the shop. Her reply would be “I’m OK”. She never complained, even though she felt terrible. Jack would say very little but you could tell he was deeply concerned. He fought the illness with her, always loyal and faithful by her side. They were a team, and hoped to beat the cancer together.

She tried her hardest to beat this. I remember the last match she scored, at Camillus. I was so proud of her. Even though she was quite sick, she wanted to score for our club.

She was very special… we miss her so much. – Gerry Malerba
The Michelle Sutton Memorial Pink Rifle

How the Rifle Came Together

Gerry Malerba explained how the project got started: “I was shooting at Canastota Conservation Club last year. We had lost Michelle recently, and that was the ‘last straw’ for me in a series of losses to cancer. I vowed to do something about it, so I decided to build a special rifle to raise money to fight cancer. I figured if we could double the build cost of the rifle I’d be happy.

I approached Joan Borden about getting a gunsmith’s price on an action and a Robertson stock. Joan indicated her support for the idea. I was prepared to buy the action and stock, but before long, folks were donating key components. I mentioned the project to Paul Ryan, who donated a Jewell trigger, saying: ‘count me in, I have lost a lot of family to [cancer].’ Then David Apple generously donated a certificate for a new Borden action and Harley Baker kicked in a new Hart Barrel. We were in business!”

Smithing the Pink Rifle
Jim Borden started on the action and was getting it ready when he called Ian Robertson about the stock. Ian not only donated the stock, he put the special pink color (Michelle’s favorite), in his line-up. I guess Michelle was everyone’s friend.

Jim Borden also installed the trigger and bedded the rifle. His son Jim Borden, Jr. donated a butt plate and Jay Lynn Gore did a beautiful 100% coverage engraving on the buttplate. The barrel was sent to Hart and special fluting was done by Michelle’s brother in law Billy Sutton. Michelle’s brother Jim Hart did the chambering job. Many other special items were donated for the rifle, as listed below.

Michelle Sutton 6 PPC memorial pink rifle

All the Pink Rifle Components Were Donated:

The Rimrock Right Bolt, Left Port, Right Eject Action was donated by David Apple (via certificate). The action carries serial number MKS007. The action was polished by Jim Borden, and Michelle’s Smiley Faces have been engraved on the receiver. Paul Ryan donated the Jewell Trigger fitted to the action. Jim and Joan Borden also donated a polished trigger guard.

Robertson Composites donated the special Pink/Black Robertson Rimrock pattern stock. Ian Robertson created this new color expressly for this benefit project and has added it to his inventory.

The one-of-a-kind pink and black anodized Leupold 45X Competition Scope was donated by Leupold & Stevens through Allen Tucker. Kelbly Inc. donated the coated Rings.

The Hart Barrel Blank was donated by Harley Baker. Michelle’s brother in law Billy Sutton did the special fluting and her brother Jimmy Hart did the barrel fitting and chambering.

Jim and Joan Borden donated the polished trigger guard and polished bases. Jim also donated his labor for the inletting, bedding, and action glue-in.

Jimmy Borden donated the polished buttplate. The plate was elaborately engraved by Jay Lynn Gore, with Michelle’s well-known Smiley face in the center of the engraving design.

Treasure Trove of Shooting Gear

Donated Shooting Accessories, Components, and Gear
As an effort to raise money for cancer research, the pink rifle and an array of other items were offered in 2008. Individuals who made a $20.00 contribution to the American Cancer Society were offered a chance to win the rifle. As shown here, the full prize package included: Sinclair Hand Priming Tool (donated by Mike Bryant), Sinclair Reloading Press and Neck-Turning Kit (donated by Sinclair Int’l through Fred Sinclair), Big Foot Rear Bag and Front Bag (donated by SEB and Paul Schmid), 1000 BIB 6mm bullets (donated by Randy Robinette), Farley Coax II Front Rest (donated by Farley Mfg.), Pink Bore Guide (donated by Russ and Martha Haydon), Certificate for 3000 Berger Bullets (donated by Berger Bullets through Eric Stecker), Custom Cartridge Box (donated by John Petteruti and Fred Weing), 100 Lapua 220 Russian prepped cases (donated by Glen Jackson), Gold-Plated Cases with Platinum-Plated Bullets (donated by Nick Coppogreco), Redding Competition Die Set (donated by Redding Hunter), Edgewood Front and Rear Bags (Donated by Jack Snyder).

Michelle Sutton Memorial Pink Rifle

Jack Snyder of Edgewood Bags crafted custom, ‘hot pink’ Front and Rear Bags. Farley donated its Coax II Front Rest, and the Bordens donated a Jackson/Borden Farley Bag container. Other donated accessories not shown in photo include: Jackson/Borden Farley Bag Containter (donated by Jim and Joan Borden), Aluminum Rifle Case (donated by Gerry Malerba), Action Cleaning Kit (donated by Dave Short), Wind Flag set and Carry Case (donated by David Halblom), Wind Flag Poles and Carrier (donated by Randy Perkowski), Gun Tent/Bolt Folder/Stock Boot, Pink with Smiley Face (donated by Bill Gammon).

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January 23rd, 2022

How to Craft a Dummy Round To Aid Barrel Fitting

Gre Tannel GreTan, Gre-Tan Rifles dummy round chambering gunsmith reamer chamber

How and Why to Create a Dummy Round
When you have a new custom rifle built, or a new barrel fitted to an existing rifle, it makes sense to create a dummy round. This should have your preferred brass and bullet types, with the bullet positioned at optimal seating depth. A proper dummy round helps the gunsmith set the freebore correctly for your cartridge, and also ensure the proper chamber dimensions.

Respected machinist, tool-maker, and gunsmith Greg Tannel of Gre-Tan Rifles explains: “I use the dummy round as a gauge to finish cut the neck diameter and throat length and diameter so you have [optimal] clearance on the loaded neck and the ogive of the bullet just touches the rifling.” He recommends setting bullet so the full diameter is just forward of the case’s neck-shoulder junction. “From there”, Greg says, “I can build you the chamber you want… with all the proper clearances”.

Greg Tannel has created a very helpful video showing how to create a dummy round. Greg explains how to measure and assemble the dummy and how it will be used during the barrel chambering process. Greg notes — the dummy round should have NO Primer and NO powder. We strongly recommend that every rifle shooter watch this video. Even if you won’t need a new barrel any time soon, you can learn important things about freebore, leade, and chamber geometry.

Must Watch Video — This has been viewed over 772,000 times on YouTube:

This has been a very popular video, with 772,000 views! Here are actual YouTube comments:

That is the best explanation I’ve ever seen. Thank you sir. — P. Pablo

Nice video. You do a very good job of making this easy for new reloaders to understand. I sure wish things like this were available when I started reloading and having custom rifles built. Once again, great job, and your work speaks for itself. — Brandon K.

Beautiful job explaining chambering clearances. — D. Giorgi

Another Cool Tool — The Stub Gauge

When you have your gunsmith chamber your barrel, you can also have him create a Stub Gauge, i.e. a cast-off barrel section chambered like your actual barrel. The stub gauge lets you measure the original length to lands and freebore when your barrel was new. This gives you a baseline to accurately assess how far your throat erodes with use. Of course, as the throat wears, to get true length-to-lands dimension, you need take your measurement using your actual barrel. The barrel stub gauge helps you set the initial bullet seating depth. Seating depth is then adjusted accordingly, based on observed throat erosion, or your preferred seating depth.

Stub Gauge Gunsmithing chamber gage model barrel

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January 23rd, 2022

Ammo, Ammo, Ammo — New Offerings for 2022

field stream berger hornady norma winchester ammunition hunting 300 prc

Field & Stream magazine recently released a helpful guide to new ammunition offerings as seen at SHOT Show 2022. The article features 21 different new ammo types for pistols, rifles, and shotguns. Many of the new ammo types, such as Hornady CX and CCI Blazer, feature lead-free projectiles. The Blazer even employs lead-free primers. Among the most notable new ammo selections is the Berger line, which features high-BC projectiles and superb Lapua brass. New for 2022 is Berger 6.5 PRC and .300 PRC ammunition. Here are our selection of four notable, new-for-2022 Ammo products for rifle shooters. SEE all 21 new ammo types on

Berger 6.5 PRC and .300 PRC Hunting Ammo

field stream berger lapua ammunition hunting 6.5 300 prc

Berger has added the 6.5 PRC and 300 PRC cartridges to its loaded ammo line which features great Lapua brass. The 6.5 load features the heavy 156gr Berger Elite Hunter bullet running at 2960 FPS. This bullet boast a very high G1 ballistic coefficient (BC) of 0.679. Packing even more powder, Berger’s .300 PRC load features the 0.631 BC Berger Elite Hunter bullet. Tested muzzle velocity is 2895 FPS.

Hornady Hunting Ammo with Solid Copper CX Bullets

hornady cx copper alloy lead-free bullet

For 2022, Hornady has introduced a new CX™ (Copper alloy eXpanding) hunting projectile. This CX bullet is designed to provide outstanding performance when hunting in areas where solid lead or lead-core bullets are prohibited. Hornady states: “The new CX™ bullet from Hornady represents the most advanced monolithic hunting bullet on the market. Its optimized design offers extended range performance, greater accuracy, high weight retention, and deep penetration.” The CX will be available in a number of calibers/bullet weights: 6mm, .25 Cal, 6.5mm, .270 Cal, 7mm, .308, .338, and .375.

Norma .22 LR Rimfire Ammo — Three New Offerings

field stream norma rimfire .22 LR Xtreme, ECO Powder Hunter power ammunition hunting 6.5 300 prc

Norma announced three new .22 LR rimfire ammo types to be released in 2022: Xtreme LR-22, ECO Power 22, and Hunter Power 22. The Xtreme LR-22 should prove popular in the growing long-range rimfire PRS/NRL disciplines. The LR-22 offers higher BC for better long-range performance. The new ECO Power 22 has a lead-free zinc hollowpoint bullet traveling at a very fast 1700 FPS — on the high end for any .22 LR on the market. Norma’s Hunter Power 22 features a 40gr bullet designed for controlled expansion. This Power 22 ammo runs at 1260 fps with 142 foot-pounds of muzzle energy.

Winchester New Lead-Free Copper Impact Hunting Ammo

field stream winchester copper impact hunting ammunition ammo lead-free 6.5 300 prc

Winchester’s new Copper Impact hunting ammunition features a tipped high-BC bullet. Winchester states that the Extreme Point helps create “immediate expansion”. Field and Stream’ reviewer states that “All this, combined with a lead-free bullet that will retain most of its weight, makes for a deep-penetrating big-game stopper[.]” Winchester’s new Copper Impact ammunition for over 12 different cartridge types, including the 6.5 Creedmoor, 6.8 Western, .308 Win, and even the .350 Legend.

Ammunition News — Ammo Inc. Acquires Gunbroker, Builds Wisconsin Ammo Factory

Ammo inc. factory shot show 2022 wisconsin factory interview

In this interview, Mark Hanish (Pres., Global Sales & Marketing) of Ammo Inc. (Nasdaq: POWW) talks about his company. This enterprise is making significant moves in the firearms/shooting sports industry. Hanish discusses Ammo, Inc’s modern new 160,000-sq.ft. ammunition manufacturing plant in Manitowac, WI, and the company’s 2021 acquisition of Through a $240 million merger in May 2021, officially become an Ammo Inc. subsidiary.

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January 22nd, 2022

Saturday at the Movies: SHOT Show Selections

Shot show 2022 video showcase accurateshooter logo

SHOT Show, the huge gun industry trade show, returned to Las Vegas this past week, after a COVID-caused hiatus in 2021. Though attendance was down signficantly this year, it was still a major event, with thousands of companies showcasing products in two massive exhibit halls. There were plenty of new handgun offerings, and notably, some of the big AR-platform black rifle builders are now selling bolt guns. Here is the new Aero Precision A700 bolt-action rifle.

Shot show 2022 video showcase accurateshooter logo

SHOT Show Day 2 Highlights — Nine Companies

This video from the Classic Firearms YouTube Channel spotlights a number of interesting products, both at Industry Day at the Range, and inside SHOT Show 2022. Companies covered include: Zastava (1:00), Kalashnikov USA (6:33), LMT Defense (12:21), Geissele (20:35), SureFire (25:12), Foxtrot Mike (32:20), Maxim Defense (34:15), Great Lakes (44:35), and Sylvan Arms (46.20).

Top Five New Guns from Industry Day at the Range

Shot show 2022 video showcase thegunsnob .375 bishop short magnum accurateshooter logo

There were many interesting rifles and handguns on display at the Industry Day at the Range. Savage’s new straight-pull Impulse PRS/NRL rifle attracted considerable attention. Many of the testers at the range were also impressed by the new .44 Auto Mag which is featured in this “Top Five” video from TheGunSnob channel. The tester said this .44 Auto Mag was “by far my favorite [gun] I shot all day.”

Shot show 2022 video showcase thegunsnob .44 auto mag magnum pistol accurateshooter logo

Magpul New Products

 Magpul stock pro lite bipod Shot show 2022 video showcase

TFB TV showcases multiple new products from Magpul for 2022. We liked what we saw, including a new $600 Pro 700 Lite chassis, and a new 8-ounce bipod. Magpul also had its radical FDP-9 “enclosed pistols” on display. Magpul explains: “With recently confirmed classification of the FDP-9 as a handgun, the purchaser can enjoy the firearm as a self-enclosing, large-format pistol. They may also choose to file the appropriate ATF Form 1 and, after approval, purchase a conversion kit to legally assemble it into the FDC-9. It will then be classified as a short-barreled rifle (SBR) and subject to all NFA laws.”

Mantis — Advanced Dry-Fire Training System

Mantis dry fire trigger reset X2 X3 X10

Mantis makes a variety of firearm-arms mounted systems that monitor muzzle movement and display that through a mobile App. These systems allow dry-fire practice at home — a great way to improve your marksmanship without spending big bucks on ammo. Mantis had a display at SHOT Show 2022. A Mantis dry-fire device fitted to an AR-platform rig (with the Mantis Blackbeard trigger reset system) is featured in this video record at the Mantis SHOT Show booth:

Cutting Edge Bullets — Solid, High-BC Bullets for .22 LR Reloaders

cutting edge bullets .22 Lr rimfire lathe-turned

With the growth of long-range rimfire tactical competition, there has been interest in high-BC bullets fitted into the diminutive .22 LR case. This effort has been pioneered by Cutting Edge Bullets, which offers a variety of .22 caliber projectiles created expressly for hand-loaded .22 LR. Cutting Edge also offers dies and special shellholders for reloading the .22 LR case. This video (from 2020) explains how Cutting Edge pioneered long, high-BC lathe-turned solid bullets for the .22 LR cartridge. These bullets and dies were on display at Cutting Edge’s 2022 SHOT Show booth.

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January 22nd, 2022

Load Development and Practice Targets Plus Printing Advice

FREE Accuracy Precision Rifle Shooting Target
Right-Click target image to download printable PDF.

We created the above target a decade ago. Since then it has been used by tens of thousands of shooters. It has proven very popular as a load development target, since all your load data fits neatly in the boxes under each target. In fact this target is being employed by both rifle-makers and barrel-makers (including Criterion) to test their products. The target was designed for aiming efficiency. The diamonds have 1/2″ sides and you can align your reticle cross-hairs on the horizontal and vertical lines. It is a clean design that is easy to see even at 200 yards with a 20X scope. When we test, we usually crank in a little elevation, setting the point-of-impact higher, so that our shots fall in the gray circles. That way you leave the red diamonds intact for precise aiming. CLICK HERE to download Load Dev target.

We also use these two targets for load development and precision practice.
The circle dot target can also be used for informal rimfire competition at 50 yards.
Right-Click Each Target to Download Printable PDFs.

FREE Accuracy Precision Rifle Shooting Target FREE Accuracy Precision Rifle Shooting Target

GET 50 More FREE Targets on AccurateShooter Target Page »

Printing Targets card stock heavy paper benchrestHow to Print Your Targets
Most of us have access to a printer at home or at work. That means you can print your own targets. You’ll find hundreds of free target designs online, including dozens of downloadable targets on our Target Page. If you’re feeling creative, you can design your own target with a computer drawing program such as MS Paint.

Paper Stock Is Important
If you want your self-printed targets to show shots cleanly (and not rip when it gets windy), you should use quality paper stock. We recommend card stock — the kind of thick paper used for business cards. Card stock is available in both 65-lb and 110-lb weights in a variety of colors. We generally print black on white. But you might experiment with bright orange or yellow sheets. Forum Member ShootDots report: “They sell cardstock at Fed-Ex Kinko! I use either Orange or Yellow. That makes it easy to see the bullet holes clearly.” NOTE: Test before you use the 110-lb Cardstock. On some printers, with the heavier 110-lb card stock, you will need to have the paper exit through the rear for a straighter run.

Printing Targets card stock heavy paper benchrest

Here are some Target-Printing Tips from our Forum members:

“Staples sells a 67-lb heavy stock that I have settled on. I use the light grey or light blue, either of these are easy on the eyes on bright days. I have used the 110-lb card stock as well and it works fine. It’s just a little easier to print the lighter stuff.” (JBarnwell)

“Cardstock, as mentioned, works great for showing bullet holes as it doesn’t tear or rip like the thin, lightweight 20-lb paper. I’ve never had a problem with cardstock feeding in the printer, just don’t stick too many sheets in there. If I need three targets, I load only three card stock sheets”. (MEMilanuk)

“20-lb bond works pretty well for me if I use a spray adhesive and stick the entire back of the paper’s surface to the backer board.” (Lapua40X)

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January 21st, 2022

SHOT Show 2022 Day 4 — New and Notable Optics

2020 Shot Show Optics Scopes reviewed

Optics companies from around the globe had scores of new scopes and optics products on display at SHOT Show 2022. There are many good companies in the market these days, all vying to have the “latest and greatest”. We were impressed with new FFP scopes from Zeiss and Vortex. And there were many other interesting optics on display from big and small optics companies. 2022 promises to be a good year for scope buyers, with many innovative new products. Here are some of the notable scope and optics products on display this week at SHOT Show.

Zeiss LRP S5 First Focal Plane Scopes

Zeiss LRP S5 First Focal Plane Scopes
Zeiss LRP S5 First Focal Plane Scopes

The all-new ZEISS LRP S5 Series first focal plane riflescopes consists of two models — LRP S5 318-50 and LRP Sr 525-56 — and are available in four unique configurations with 34mm main tubes. The long-range riflescopes include high-performance optics, highly repeatable, precise and tactile turrets; and a daytime visible illuminated reticle. Models are available in either MRAD or MOA. The optical design utilizes ZEISS Fluoride lens elements, SCHOTT glass and ZEISS’s proprietary T-Star lens coatings for optimum color fidelity, image brightness, exceptional resolution and edge-to-edge sharpness within the entire field-of-view. With the External Locking Windage Turret (ELWT), the user can pull out on the locking collar, make necessary adjustments and then lock-in the selected setting.

Huskemaw — Innovative Scope with INTERNAL Bubble Level

huskemaw scope optic internal bubble level

Huskemaw Optics has some very unique and smart features on their scopes, including a model one elevation AND windage on one central turret. At Industry Day at the Range, Huskemaw showcased another innovative optic. This features a Bubble Level INSIDE the scope. Look at the photo. You can see the bubble level at the bottom of the circle, within the shooter’s view. This is a clever feature that could certainly help hunters and tactical shooters keep their rifles level. Watch this Backfire video from 3:44 to 4:28 time-mark to see how the internal scope level works.

Vortex Riflescopes for 2022

vortex razor gen III FFP scopes

Vortex did not have a display at SHOT Show 2022, but they recently introduced some interesting products for 2022. The new Razor HD Gen III models have attracted attention in the PRS/NRL ranks. In the first video below (from Guntalk TV) Vortex reps explain the features of the latest Razor HD Gen III series. In the second video the Area 419 team looks at the new Vortex Razor HD Gen III 6-36x56mm, a FFP mil/mil model with an eye-opening $3999.99 MSRP. Whoa — that’s serious money by any standard. CLICK HERE for video showing other new-for-2022 Vortex scopes.

March Scopes — How They Are Designed, Built, and Tested

March Scopes Japan factory production

March Scopes Japan CraftingMarch Scope of Japan produces some of the most advanced rifle scopes you can buy. The March 8-80x56mm scope offers the highest magnification you’ll find in any riflescope on the market. And, for ELR competition, the March Genesis 4-40x52mm is truly a game-changer. This revolutionary optic offers an incredible 86 Mils of elevation (vertical) adjustment range.

This video shows how March Scopes are crafted and tested at the factory in the Nagano region of Japan. This is a fascinating look into world-class optics production with design by some very brilliant optics engineers. Enjoy this factory tour video.

Schmidt & Bender 3-21x50mm Exos Hunting Scope

Schmidt Bender 3-21x50 EXOS hunting scope

Schmidt & Bender showcased an impressive hunting scope, the 3-21x50mm Exos. First released three seasons back, this second focal plane (SFP) hunting scope is super rugged and boasts exceptional color fidelity with lenses “optimized to the human eye”. The 3-21x50mm Exos features ultra-repeatable, temperature-resistant elevation and windage turrets. The turrets boast “Zero Tolerance Clicks” that have been verified by S&B’s technicians. The solid, hard-anodized aluminum construction (with beefy wall thickness) allows the Exos to function in temperatures as low as -40 degrees Farenheit (-40°C).

The 3-21x50mm Exos features a single-turn, lockable elevation turret engraved with big digits for easy reading. With patented Schmidt & Bender S-Spring technology, this turret is 100% repeatable/precise and can be operated easily with gloves. The Exos is available in milliradian or MOA click values. The side focus/parallax adjustment runs from 30 yards to infinity. See details in the S&B EXOS 3-21×50 Brochure.

EOTECH 1-10x28mm Vudu FFP Scope and Mini Reflex

EOTECH had both conventional riflescopes and reflex (red dot) sights on display.

eotech vudu FFP tactical hunting scope illuminated

EOTECH’s new Vudu 1-10x28mm First Focal Plane (FFP) riflescope is a good choice for hunting and tactical applications. It can focus extremely close, but the 10X max power is great for spotting game at long ranges. The Vudu features a 34mm, one-piece aircraft aluminum tube and single-piece eyepiece with removable throw-lever. The glass-etched illuminated reticle and first focal plane design allows for distance estimation at any magnification and lighting condition. The low-profile elevation turret includes a push/pull locking system and a capped windage turret for a secure zero.

EOTECH also showcased a new EFLX Mini Reflex Optic for handgun installations. The features are covered in this promotional video. Warning: Sound level is very high. You may want to reduce the volume setting.

Leupold 6HD Patrol 1-6X Scope

Leupold shot show 2022 partrol 6HD

In this video, YouTube host Roger Barrera visited the Leupold booth to learn about the new Patrol 6HD 1-6x24mm optic this should be popular with hunters as well as security personnel. MSRP is $1399.99 with illuninated Firedot reticle or $1499.99 with illuminated CM-R2 reticle.

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