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March 3rd, 2022 — Smart Option for Handgun Shipping ups shipping service pistol handgun rifle shotgun label insurance FFL

If you want to ship handguns, as a private party (non-FFL), there are now very limited options. You cannot use the U.S. Postal Service, and, since September 2021, you cannot use FEDEX. Yes, that’s right, FEDEX no longer allows non-FFLs to ship handguns.

So UPS is currently the only choice for handguns (for non-FFLs). But this can be very expensive because of rules requiring overnight shipping. There IS an alternative that can save you significant money. By ordering your shipping labels from, you could save $50 or more on UPS handgun shipping. It is quick and easy. ups shipping service pistol handgun rifle shotgun label insurance has a large FFL database, so you can verify the recipient’s address and FFL status. The website has a simple to use label-printing process.

All handgun shipments are fulfilled via next day air. Long guns are shipped quickly via ground and typically arrive within 3-5 business days. (NOTE: For rifles and shotguns it is still possible to use U.S. Postal Service and FEDEX, following their rules.) ups shipping service pistol handgun rifle shotgun label insurance FFL

How Works

Go to Click the Get Started Link. The choose handgun or long gun (rifle, shotgun). Use the FFL Database to find the address for the FFL shop to which the gun will be shipped. All shipments must go to an FFL. Then you fill out the billing information. After confirming all the info, print the label. Then you attach the label to your shipment box and take it to a participating UPS facility. (NOTE: some private UPS stores will NOT handle ANY firearms).

Shipping Questions? Read the FAQ Page has a helpful Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) Page. We suggest you read over this before your first shipment. GO TO FAQ PAGE.

Here are some notable Questions & Answers:

Q. Can I ship ammo with my gun?

A. NO, it is against the law to include ammo with your firearm shipment. Loose ammo or boxed ammo cannot be included. Also, inspect (clear) your firearm to ensure it is NOT LOADED prior to packaging.

Q. Should I include identification?

A. Yes, you MUST include a copy of your driver’s license. Dealers will not accept a private party transfer without it. Failing to include your drivers license could delay the recipient from being able to accept their transfer or result in the firearm being returned to you at an additional cost.

Q. Are there any restrictions on what I can and cannot ship?

A. Simply put, yes. You can find our restrictions on our State Restrictions Page. Please note: it is your responsibility to ensure that the firearm you’re shipping is legal to own at its destination. If it is not, the dealer who receives the firearm will not transfer it to its intended recipient[.]

About is a division of The business has now shipped over 1 million guns for over 250,000 customers. This allow to pass on significant discounts for both private party shippers and FFL shippers. ups shipping service pistol handgun rifle shotgun label insurance FFL

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March 3rd, 2022

Colt Anaconda Revolver Wins Golden Bullseye Award

Colt Anaconda revolver wheelgun .44 Mag Magnum stainless steel snake 6

The .44 Magnum Colt Anaconda is BACK, and better than ever. Re-introduced a year ago, the new Anaconda has been a sales success that has garnered major industry honors. The Colt Anaconda has been selected as the 2022 American Hunter Golden Bullseye Handgun of the Year. Published by the National Rifle Association (NRA), American Hunter is the largest circulation hunting magazine in the nation

Colt’s new generation Anaconda .44 Magnum Revolver was released in 2021. Offered with either 6″ or 8″ full-underlug barrels, and bulked-up solid stainless-steel frame, these new-generation Colts are hefty. Fitted with 6″ barrel, Colt’s new Anaconda weighs 3.31 pounds (53 ounces) while the big 8″-bbl Anaconda tips the scales at 3.69 pounds (59 ounces). MSRP is $1499.00.

Colt Anaconda revolver wheelgun .44 Mag Magnum stainless steel snake 6

Guns American Digest reports: “The Anaconda… is based on Colt’s updated .357 Magnum design, scaled up and reinforced for the hard-hitting [.44 Magnum] cartridge. Of course, shooters can always shoot friendlier .44 Special ammunition at the range. These guns are returning with all the same looks as the originals, with full-length underlugs, ventilated rib topstraps, and Colt’s semi-bright polished finish. They ship with … adjustable rear sights and a red ramp up-front.”

The Colt Anaconda is a double-action six shooter with forged stainless steel barrel and frame. Double Action trigger pull is 12 pounds with single action a smooth 5 pounds. The new Anacondas come standard with black Hogue over-molded rubber grips, but Python checkered wood grips can be fitted to Anacondas. For full-power .44 magnum loads, we recommend sticking with the Hogues.

Colt Anaconda revolver wheelgun .44 Mag Magnum stainless steel snake 6

Optics Options for Anaconda
Are you a handgun hunter? Then you’ll be pleased to note that the new Anaconda comes with frames already drilled and tapped for optics. This will allow the fitting of red-dot style optics as well as various long-eye-relief hunting scopes.

Additional Calibers in the Future?
Will the Anaconda be offered in other calibers? Guns America Digest reports: “It’s possible that Colt also has plans for other chamberings, like .45 Colt, but for now, they’ll have no trouble finding buyers for their new-production .44 Magnum Anacondas. Even at the suggested retail pricing, which, in all fairness, is the same as the .357 Magnum Pythons.

Hickok45 Reviews the New Generation Colt Anaconda .44 Magnum:

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