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March 23rd, 2022

2021 Bianchi Cup on Shooting USA TV Today

NRA Bianchi Cup Missouri Hallsville Green Valley Dough Koenig Jesse Harrison Duff
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Today Shooting USA TV features the 2021 Bianchi Cup, hosted May 24-28, 2021 at the Green Valley Rifle & Pistol Club in Hallsville, Missouri (near Columbia). The 2020 Bianchi Cup was cancelled due to COVID. In 2021 the four stages of fire are back, but without international competitors, who were locked out due to pandemic travel restrictions. But there was still plenty of superb marksmanship.

NRA Bianchi Cup Missouri Hallsville Green Valley Dough Koenig Jesse Harrison Duff

This episode of Shooting USA airs Wednesday, March 23, 2022 at 9:00 PM Eastern and Pacific, 8:00 PM Central on the Outdoor Channel. Shooting USA is also available On Demand via

Officially, the annual competition is known as the National Championship of NRA Action Pistol. But its is generally called the Bianchi Cup — from the trophy named for one of the founders, John Bianchi. In the past 30 years the match has become the richest handgun tournament in the world.

NRA Bianchi Cup Missouri Hallsville Green Valley Dough Koenig Jesse Harrison Duff

The Bianchi Cup has been called the most prestigious pistol tournament in the world. After the cancellation of the 2020 Bianchi Cup due to COVID-19 restrictions, bringing the match back for 2021 involved challenges given health and safety protocols. In 2021 the NRA turned the organization and management of the match over to a new group from the Green Valley Rifle and Pistol Club.

NRA Bianchi Cup Missouri Hallsville Green Valley Dough Koenig Jesse Harrison Duff

Due to the high accuracy required in each stage of the Bianchi Cup, the tournament is considered one of the most difficult handgun championships on the planet.

Bianchi Cup — the Richest Handgun Match on the Planet

Over the past 30+ years the Bianchi Cup has become the richest handgun event in the world, with cash and prizes for the best scores on four stages of fire for both revolver and semi-auto pistol divisions.

Bianchi Cup — Classic Course of Fire
The Bianchi Cup is a combination of Speed and Accuracy. Competitors shoot from both standing and prone positions and are also required to shoot with both strong and weak hands at various stages. Stages may combine stationary and moving targets. The Course of Fire consists of four separate matches:: Practical, Barricade, and Moving Target, and Falling Plates. Each of the four events requires 48 shots to complete. 480 points are possible on each event. Three of the four are scored on the NRA tombstone P1 target. You must hit in the 10-ring or inner X-Ring on EVERY shot to shoot a “clean” 1920.

Bianchi Cup pistol target tombstone silhouette doug koenig

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March 23rd, 2022

New P322 .22 LR Rimfire Pistol from SIG Sauer

sig sauer p322 .22 LR 22LR rimfire pistol optics ready

SIG Sauer has introduced a new .22 LR rimfire pistol that should be popular with SIG’s centerfire handgun owners (and anyone who wants a quality, polymer-framed .22 LR pistol). This new P322 pistol offers excellent ergonomics and 20+1 capacity, making it good for cross-training and fun rimfire shooting.

This VIDEO explains the features of the new P322 (Loud Volume — turn down at work):

The new P322 was designed and built by SIG Sauer in the USA. It has many premium features, including an optics-ready removable rear sight plate allowing installation of a red dot optic without adapter plates. The P322 offers ambidextrous controls, interchangeable flat and curved triggers, and fiber optic front and rear sights. The P322 even comes with a threaded barrel adapter making it suppressor-ready right out of the box. And with a 20-rd magazine for 20+1 total capacity, the new P322 is the highest-capacity .22 LR pistol in its class. (And a mag extension is offered for 25-rd capacity).

Though it may look like a striker-fired pistol, the SIG P322 is a hammer-fired, single-action-only design (the hammer is enclosed by the rear of the slide). The P322 is blow-back operated with a fixed (non-tilting) 4″ barrel. This helps contribute to excellent accuracy and reliability.

Hands-On P322 Testing by Staffer
Jim Grant of recently posted a very thorough review of SIG’s new P322 rimfire pistol. Grant shot hundreds of rounds both with and without a suppressor. He concluded that the P322 was extremely reliable and fun to shoot: “SIG P322 Verdict –Is the SIG P322 worth a buy? Abso-freaking-lutely yes. The P322 ships with two mags, a threaded barrel, two triggers, and an optic cut. That is an already impressive package but add… that the gun is literally peerless in terms of reliability and you have a recipe for total market dominance. What’s even better is that the gun has a MAP of $399.” WATCH Grant’s video review:

SIG Sauer P322 Pistol Features:

Ambidextrous Controls With Reversible Magazine Catch
Optics-Ready Removable Rear Sight Plate
Fiber Optic Front and Rear Sights
Hammer-fired, Single-Action-Only, Fixed 4″ Barrel
Suppressor-Ready With Included Threaded Barrel Adapter
Interchangeable Trigger Shoes (flat and curved included)
20 Round Magazine Capacity (with +5 optional mag extension)

sig sauer p322 .22 LR 22LR rimfire pistol optics ready
sig sauer p322 .22 LR 22LR rimfire pistol optics ready
sig sauer p322 .22 LR 22LR rimfire pistol optics ready

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March 23rd, 2022

Organize Your Rifles in Gun Safes with Rifle Rods

Gun Storage Solutions Rifle Rod Kit

Running out of space in your gun safe? Here’s a clever product that will allow you to store more long guns in your current vault. The plastic Rifle Rods from Gun Storage Solutions slip in long-gun barrels and then grip the shelf above using Velcro pads. This allows you to nestle your rifles and shotguns much closer together than with the conventional racks provided with most gunsafes.

The handy Rifle Rods are offered in bright orange or basic black. We prefer the orange rods (shown above with the Velcro “receiver” shelf liner provided with the Rod Kit).

Gun Storage Solutions Rifle Rod Kit

Rifles with narrow furniture (such as lever guns) can be placed very close together, saving lots of space. For benchrest or varmint rifles with wider fore-ends, you won’t benefit as much. Note that, in the photo above, all of the guns are fairly slim — none have wide fore-ends. Still we think these Rifle Rods could open up 12″ or more horizontal clearance in a medium-sized safe — that could easily allow you to store six (6) more guns in two rows, as shown.

Rifle Rod Kits Starting at $21.95
A kit with 5 Rifle Rods and loop fabric shelf liner costs $21.95 on, while the 10-Rod Kit with liner costs around $34.95. That’s a lot cheaper than buying a new safe. A six-pack of additional Rifle Rods costs $17.95 on Amazon. You can also purchases rods and fabric directly from Gun Storage Solutions.

WARNING: Always REMOVE Rod from barrel before taking gun to the range. Never place live ammunition in a gun with storage Rod in the barrel!

Product tip from EdLongrange. We welcome reader submissions.
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