March 23rd, 2022

New P322 .22 LR Rimfire Pistol from SIG Sauer

sig sauer p322 .22 LR 22LR rimfire pistol optics ready

SIG Sauer has introduced a new .22 LR rimfire pistol that should be popular with SIG’s centerfire handgun owners (and anyone who wants a quality, polymer-framed .22 LR pistol). This new P322 pistol offers excellent ergonomics and 20+1 capacity, making it good for cross-training and fun rimfire shooting.

This VIDEO explains the features of the new P322 (Loud Volume — turn down at work):

The new P322 was designed and built by SIG Sauer in the USA. It has many premium features, including an optics-ready removable rear sight plate allowing installation of a red dot optic without adapter plates. The P322 offers ambidextrous controls, interchangeable flat and curved triggers, and fiber optic front and rear sights. The P322 even comes with a threaded barrel adapter making it suppressor-ready right out of the box. And with a 20-rd magazine for 20+1 total capacity, the new P322 is the highest-capacity .22 LR pistol in its class. (And a mag extension is offered for 25-rd capacity).

Though it may look like a striker-fired pistol, the SIG P322 is a hammer-fired, single-action-only design (the hammer is enclosed by the rear of the slide). The P322 is blow-back operated with a fixed (non-tilting) 4″ barrel. This helps contribute to excellent accuracy and reliability.

Hands-On P322 Testing by Staffer
Jim Grant of recently posted a very thorough review of SIG’s new P322 rimfire pistol. Grant shot hundreds of rounds both with and without a suppressor. He concluded that the P322 was extremely reliable and fun to shoot: “SIG P322 Verdict –Is the SIG P322 worth a buy? Abso-freaking-lutely yes. The P322 ships with two mags, a threaded barrel, two triggers, and an optic cut. That is an already impressive package but add… that the gun is literally peerless in terms of reliability and you have a recipe for total market dominance. What’s even better is that the gun has a MAP of $399.” WATCH Grant’s video review:

SIG Sauer P322 Pistol Features:

Ambidextrous Controls With Reversible Magazine Catch
Optics-Ready Removable Rear Sight Plate
Fiber Optic Front and Rear Sights
Hammer-fired, Single-Action-Only, Fixed 4″ Barrel
Suppressor-Ready With Included Threaded Barrel Adapter
Interchangeable Trigger Shoes (flat and curved included)
20 Round Magazine Capacity (with +5 optional mag extension)

sig sauer p322 .22 LR 22LR rimfire pistol optics ready
sig sauer p322 .22 LR 22LR rimfire pistol optics ready
sig sauer p322 .22 LR 22LR rimfire pistol optics ready

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