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March 6th, 2022

Sunday Gunday: Eye-Catching Guns from IWA Show in Germany

IWA Outdoor Classics 2022 sunday gunday new rifles pistols shotguns germany

Right now the IWA Outdoor Classics trade show is underway in Nuremberg, Germany. Hosted six weeks after SHOT Show in Las Vegas, the IWA event is Europe’s biggest gathering for the hunting and shooting sports industries. Many new products have been unveiled for the first time this week in Germany, including many interesting new rifles, pistols, and shotguns.

For today’s Sunday GunDay edition we provide “quick takes” on six guns showcased at the 2022 IWA Outdoor Classics shows. Most of these highlighted firearms have been released in the last year or so. Some of the guns are older, but still probably “new” to American readers/viewers.

TTS Xceed R Bullpup Hunting Rifle with Integrated Silencer

Xceed R TTS Bullpup Hunting Rifle
Xceed R TTS Bullpup Hunting Rifle

This is a very unique bolt-action bullpup hunting rifle boasting an “integrated silencer”. That built-in suppressor, a great feature for hunters, keeps the rifle’s overall length to just 33.5 inches (85 cm) with a 19.7 inch (50 cm) barrel. The manufacturer, Tec Target Schneider (TTS) states that this Xceed R rifle has great ergonomics and low perceived recoil. All major metal parts, including the stainless barrel, have a protective matte black coating.

Xceed R TTS Bullpup Hunting Rifle

The barrel can be swapped in minutes. The barrel locks directly into the action liner via six lugs in two rows. A variety of calibers/chamberings are offered. IWA Show Link.

Pedersoli Howdah Deluxe (.45 LC plus .410 Gauge)

Pedersoli Howdah Deluxe pistol shotgun .45 long colt .410 gauge

This unique, double-barreled handgun is a reproduction of the famous Auto & Burglar pistol produced by the Ithaca Company in the 1920s. This Pedersoli Howdah Deluxe version features rifled barrels and special cartridge chambers enabling the interchangeable use of either .45 Long Colt cartridges or .410 gauge shot-shells. The firearm featured manual extractors, plus an automatic safety on the hammers. This unusual, eye-catching pistol has a nice, case-hardened action and oil-finished premium walnut stock. As shown, the Howdah Deluxe version features dark-finished (high polish) barrels, engravings on the action and the opening lever, plus a bright gold-plated trigger. IWA Show Link.

Bergara BA13 Take-Down Rifle

Bergara BA13 take-down rifle

The Bergara BA13 Take Down single-shot rifle can be carried easily in a hunter’s backpack, and then assembled quickly and easily without tools. This makes the BA13 a great stow-away gun for camp, boat, or truck. Along with the wood-stocked version shown, there are composite-stocked versions, either thumbhole (shown above) or standard in black, Wood Camo, and Realtree Edge Camo. In the USA the BA13 is available in .223 Rem, 6.5 Creedmoor, and .308 Winchester. In Europe a variety of other chamberings are offered. The button-rifled fluted barrels are either AISI4041 carbon steel or AISI416 stainless steel. This compact rifle comes complete with iron sights plus a mounted Weaver-type rail. IWA Show Link.

Pedersoli 86/71 Lever Action Boarbuster Mark II Lever-Action

Pedersoli Boarbuster 86/71 Mark II lever action Hunting Rifle

The latest version of Pedersoli’s Boarbuster 86/71 MARK II is a lever gun for the 21st century. Unlike most lever guns, the stock has an adjustable comb, so that it works with an optic. The rifle comes with Weaver/Picatinny scope base on the barrel, plus a provision for fitting a scope offset over the action (see photo). Pedersoli also supplies front and rear iron sights with superluminova technology, which improves sight visibility in poor light conditions. The action, lever, barrel, and feed tube are all Cerakoted, providing extreme protection against both wear and corrosion. IWA Show Link.

Chiappa Firearms Rhino Nebula Revolver

Chiappa Fireams Rhino Nebula Revolver low barrel
Chiappa’s eye-catching Nebula Rhino revolvers feature a unique vivid colors with a blue laminate grip and signature 6 O’clock lower barrel placement. The Nebula 60DS was first introduced with a 6″ barrel in .357 Magnum. Now, for 2022, the Nebula 30DS is also offered in .357 Mag with 3″ barrel. The Chiappa Rhino revolver’s design features a lower bore axis compared to other revolvers so the Rhino’s barrel is directly in line with the shooter’s hand, wrist and arm. This reduces muzzle rise significantly and also reduces the amount of recoil felt by the user. Other Chiappa Rhino revolvers are available in four different finishes (Black, Chrome, OD Green Cerakote, PVD Gold) in 2″, 3″, 4″, 5″, and 6 barrel lengths with a variety of chamberings (9mm Luger, .357 Magnum, .40 SW). IWA Show Link.

Kahr GEN2 Premium Pistols

Kahr gen2 premium pistol

Kahr’s new GEN2 Premium Series pistols have upgrades that make the pistols better for rapid-fire gun games. The 6″ barrel model comes with compensated barrel, a mounted Leupold Red Dot, plus tall target sights. Both the 5″ barrel and 6″ barrel models have front slide serrations, double recoil springs (for reduced felt recoil), and a redesigned magazine base and grip. This model also has a 30% shorter trigger stroke for quicker firing rates. These striker-fired Kahr Gen2 Premium pistols will be offered in a total of 12 models, four barrel lengths, and three calibers including 9mm, .40 S&W, and .45 ACP. IWA Show Link.

Pardini FR22 Smallbore 3-Position Rifle

Pardini FR22 .22 LR rimfire smallbore 3P rifle

The new Pardini FR22 .22 LR rimfire rifle is optimized for 50 meter 3P shooting events. Key features are the modular, adjustable stock, and a trigger with a very wide range of adjustments. The innovative stock allows the shooter to save time when transitioning from one shooting position to the next in 3-Position events. By unscrewing a single knob, one can completely remove the butt pad, cheek piece, and pistol grip. Pardini states: “The FR22 offers new and original features that give an advantage to the competitor during every stage of the match, especially when time makes a true difference.” FR22 Components include: Centra Spy rear sight, Centra Score front sight, Pardini butt-plate, wood/ergal hand-rest with internal and external weight set, slim cheek piece. The grip is available in 3 different sizes. IWA Show Link.

This video explains the features of the Pardini FR22 Smallbore Competition Rifle

BCM Europarms Barrel Block Rifle

BCM Europarms barrel blockrifle

This interesting rifle is definitely not new-for-2022. It has been around for a decade or so, but it is still noteworthy. This Italian-designed rifle was created for F-Class and long-range prone competition. The key feature is an integrated barrel block that allows the action itself to free-float. We’ve seen this design on rail guns and some 1K benchrest heavy guns, but it is very uncommon to see a barrel block on an F-Class rig. This BCM Europarms rig can be ordered from AmmoTerra in a wide variety of chamberings, with your choice of barrel length and barrel manufacturer. The manufacturer states: “This system allows a complete floating action, avoiding all the possible tensions due to an incorrect tightening. The stock can be made in any available color through anodizing process: light grey, anthracite grey, black, army green, electric blue, red, bright green, or bronze.” The action, which is single-shot only, features a conventional two-lug bolt. The barrel block employs 8 bolts. IWA Show Link.

Francolin (Lazer Arms) XR 410 Revolver Action .410ga Shotgun

Francolin lazer arms XR 410 revolver shotgun

The Francolin Arms XR 410 is a revolver-action .410 gauge shotgun with a 5-round capacity. It features an exposed hammer, checkered Turkish Walnut stock, and 20″ or 24″ barrel. The XR 410 comes with adjustable rear sight, and Fiber Optic front sight on the 20″ or 24″ barrels. This unusual rig is manufactured in Turkey by Tugra Silah, and is distributed in Europe by Francolin Arms. In North America this is sold as a “Lazer Arms” product. IWA Show Link.

Korth Super Sport STX Revolver — $4338.00 Wheelgun

Korth Super Sport STX ATX revolver wheelgun .357 germany

Germany’s Korth Arms makes some of the best revolvers on the planet. Korth’s machining tolerances are second to none. The triggers are superb and the accuracy is excellent. For 2022, at IWA Outdoor Classics, Korth featured a “badass” black heavy-barreled wheelgun, the Super Sport STX Revolver. This features a full-length scope rail and slab sides, for use in Bianchi Cup-type competitions. Korth states: “In addition to the National Standard Super Sport STX, we present the weight-reduced ALX version. Both weapon types are equipped with a 4-position rear sight.” You’ll need serious bucks to buy a Korth Super Sport. The STX model in .357 Magnum sells for 3970.00 Euros (about $4338.00 U.S.). IWA Show Link.

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March 6th, 2022

Remembering John Nosler — Pioneer in Bullet Design

RIP John A. Nosler

John Nosler lived 97 years, passing in 2010. During his long lifetime, John was an iconic figure in the shooting and hunting world. Considered a true pioneer in bullet and ammunition design, Nosler developed the famous Partition bullet in the 1940s. Born on April 4, 1913 in Brawley, California, John built his business from scratch. He founded his bullet company in 1948. He was considered to be one of the great innovators whose designs helped create the premium bullet category and influenced ammunition manufacturers worldwide.

Moose-Hunt Inspires Partition Bullet Design
While hunting in Canada, John experienced a bullet failure on the hide of a mud-caked bull moose. He then began developing a revolutionary new projectile, which he called the “Partition”, because of the barrier that separated the bullet into two sections. One year later, John and a friend traveled back to British Columbia with his new Partition bullets, which were designed to provide deep penetration and expansion. The men bagged two moose with two shots, and the rest is history.

Nosler Partition Bullet John Nosler

NRA Golden Bullseye Pioneer Award
In recognition of his contribution to the shooting sports industry, John was the unanimous choice for the inaugural 2007 NRA Golden Bullseye Pioneer Award. The award was the highlight of a long and fruitful career. Even though he officially retired in 1988 when his son and daughter-in-law, Bob and Joan Nosler purchased the company, John still managed to come to the office on a daily basis until his health declined.

Today, John’s son Bob Nosler still presides over the company as president and CEO of Nosler, Inc., based in Bend, Oregon. Along with bullets, the company now produces cartridge brass, loaded ammunition, and hunting rifles.

To learn more about John Nosler and his bullet designs, get your hands on Going Ballistic, a “Professional Memoir” told by John Nosler to outdoor writer Gary Lewis. CLICK HERE to hear a short John Nosler audio clip or to order the book from the author.

John Nosler remained an avid hunter and shooter even late in life. Gary Lewis recalled that, at age 92, John Nosler attended the opening of a new shooting range outside Bend, Oregon. Even in his nineties, Nosler managed to drill two shots inside nine inches at 1000 yards. John Nosler leaves a legacy that will benefit hunters and shooters’ nationwide. The John A. Nosler Endowment of The NRA Foundation, sponsors the NRA’s Basic Rifle Training Program which instructs novices in safe rifle handling.

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