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March 9th, 2022

New Resource: AR-15 Setup, Maintenance and Repair

AR-15 gunsmithing maintenance setup repair book patrick sweeney

AR owners know that their black rifles require regular cleaning and maintenance. And this modular platform allows many options for stocks, fore-arms, and optics mounting. That ability to customize is one of the AR’s major attractions, but customization requires solid understanding of the AR’s design and components.

To help AR owners optimize their rifles and maintain their rifles properly, Gun Digest Media has just released a new, 320-page illustrated book: AR-15 Setup, Maintenance and Repair. Authored by Patrick Sweeney, this book is a “one-stop guide to repairing, maintaining and modifying America’s favorite rifle.” The MSRP for the book is $35.99 from Gun Digest, but it is available on Amazon for $30.11* in paperback. Digital editions are offered by GunDigest for $31.99.

If you need to disassemble and maintain your AR rifle, swap barrels or handguards, add optics, or customize the stock, Gun Digest’s AR-15 Setup, Maintenance and Repair book tells you what you need to know. From field-stripping to barrel mounting and trigger installations, the book covers a wide range of topics. The book provides step-by-step instructions for set-up and maintenance, with hundreds of detailed photos. The book also includes AR gunsmithing chapters with reviews of recommended tools.

Author Patrick Sweeney is a certified master gunsmith and armorer instructor for police departments. Sweeney has also authored the notable 4-volume Gunsmithing the AR-15 series (Vol. 1, Vol. 2, Vol. 3, and Vol. 4) and 20+ other titles for Gun Digest Books.

Whether you want to learn about disassembling your AR for regular maintenance, field-stripping, swapping out parts, adding optics or customizing a stock, AR-15 Setup, Maintenance and Repair guides you through everything you need to know to keep your AR-platform rifle running well. There are also tips on how to improve accuracy, and maintain your bolt carrier group properly.

• Hundreds of detailed photos
• Step-by-step maintenance & repair
• Accessories & modifications
• Tips, tools & techniques

Authored by Patrick Sweeney
Published by Gun Digest Books
ISBN-13: 978-1951115470
320 pages, softcover, 8 ¼ x 10 7/8 inches

Editor’s NOTE: The key to keeping an AR running reliably is proper lubrication (in the RIGHT places), and regular cleaning of the bolt carrier and bolt, including ejector recess and extractor recess. The majority of non-functioning ARs we’ve seen had gunk, lube, carbon, and brass shavings in those recesses.

Other AR Books by Patrick Sweeney
AR-15 gunsmithing maintenance setup repair book patrick sweeney

Bonus Video — AR15 Maintenance with Jerry Miculek

In this helpful video, legendary shooting Jerry Miculek explains how he cleans and maintains his AR-platform rifles. Miculek shoots ARs in three-gun competitions.

* There are other Amazon third-party sellers offering the book starting at $25.48 plus $3.99 shipping.

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March 9th, 2022

Reactive Steel Target Sets for Affordable Rimfire Fun

Birchwood Casey rimfire .22 LR 22LR steel reactive targets pistol rifle

With loaded centerfire ammo in short supply, and primers almost impossible to find at reasonable prices, more shooters are turning to .22 LR rimfire shooting to maintain their skills and have fun. Check regularly for currently available .22 LR rimfire ammo.

A fast-cycling, semi-auto .22 LR rifle like the Savage A22 is great for shooting reactive targets.
Savage A22 Precision Elite rimfire

While shooting paper targets is enjoyable, we like to include REACTIVE TARGETS during a trip to the range with our .22s. Rimfire plinking with reactive targets is FUN and affordable. Decent .22 LR rimfire ammo is not expensive, and a wide variety of very affordable steel targets are available. Rimfire steel is much less costly than the AR500 steel plates used for centerfire rounds. In fact, Birchwood Casey makes a wide variety of reactive steel rimfire targets that retail for under $50.00. These offer great “Bang for the Buck”.

Read Full Steel Target Review on »

GunsAmerica Digest has reviewed a variety of reactive rimfire target systems from Birchwood Casey. We recommend you read this detailed article Little Targets, Big Fun, by Jordan Michaels. He acquired four different steel target systems and tested them at his Texas range. Michales was impressed: “At $30-$55 a pop, Birchwood-Casey’s targets are small enough to be challenging and cheap enough to buy four or five for the price of one centerfire-rated target. They’re also light, portable, reactive, and easy to set up.”

B/C Gallery B/C Back Drop B/C Qualifier Spinner B/C King of Diamonds

Check out how these Birchwood Casey steel targets perform. These animated GIFs show actual shooting sessions with .22 LR rifles and pistols. The targets hold up well, though the black paint comes off. The reviewer notes: “You shouldn’t worry about durability as long as you stick to .22 LR. I shot the heck out of these targets with rifles and handguns using both standard and high-velocity cartridges, and I didn’t notice any denting or cracking. If the targets are going to be kept outside, however, keep an eye out for rust – the black paint comes off immediately.”

Birchwood Casey Gallery Rimfire Target

Original file at GIPHY

Safety Considerations with Steel Reactive Targets
The tester said the targets worked best with a .22 LR ammo with at least 1000 fps MV at the targets. He tested with .22 LR pistols as close as 7 yards, and .22 LR rifles out to 100 yards. Be advised — when shooting steel targets at relatively close ranges ALWAYS wear full-coverage eye protection because ricochets and splash-backs are definite risks. Also comply with all range rules. may earn an affiliate commission on Amazon sales.
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March 9th, 2022

Keep Shooting Despite Shortage of Primers, Powder, and Bullets

Dennis Santiago component shortage reloading shooting sports usa ssusa

The last 18 months has been a frustrating time for hand-loaders, and particular competitive rifle shooters who want the very best components for their match loads. Some of the most popular powders, such as Varget and H4350, are very difficult to find. And the price of primers has skyrocketed, with vendors changing as much as $150-$200 per thousand of popular types such as CCI BR2s. And even brass for popular cartridges, such as 6.5 Creedmoor and 6mmBR has been in short supply. And there are dozens of scam websites now that claim to have primers and powder for sale. Be wary of ANY site that will not take major credit cards, but insist on CashApp, Zelle, Venmo Bitcoin etc. for payment.

Thankfully, there ARE some strategies that can help competitors keep shooting despite the component shortages. First, you can use different types of bullets for practice. Creedmoor Sports offers big-name factory seconds Practice Bullets in multiple calibers. Second, you can look for alternate powder sources if you can’t find the Hodgdon or Alliant powders you prefer. You’ll find a wide selection of Vihtavuori and Accurate powders in stock at many vendors and also look for Shooters World powders. Also if you check local gunstores you may get lucky and find the H4350 or Alliant Reloder 16 you need.

To help fellow shooters overcome the problems of component shortages, our friend Dennis Santiago recently wrote a good article for Shooting Sports USA. This article talks about strategies that can help you keep up your monthly round count. One is to use more available powder and bullets for off-hand practice, where the nth degree of load accuracy is less critical. Dennis also recommends connecting with fellow shooters in your area. You may find that you may trade one hard-to-find component you’ve got for the powder or primers you need. This Editor recently traded some CCI 450 primers for H4350 powder.

Dennis Santiago component shortage reloading shooting sports usa ssusa

We recommend you read the article by Dennis. There are many good suggestions that can help you maintain your live-fire shooting skills, and still attend matches regularly during this time of shortages.

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