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July 2nd, 2022

Saturday at the Movies: Precision Rimfire Rifles & Competitions

MARS modern american rimfire series tactical NRL22 sunday gunday Center-X PRS .22 David Luu

Rimfire tactical-style matches are now one of the fastest-growing types of rifle competition in the country. The USA has seen a big growth in rimfire tactical matches over the last five years. NRL22 and PRS Rimfire matches are held throughout the country. Right now there are probably ten times as many rimfire tactical matches as sanctioned PRS and NRL centerfire matches. The reason is simple — rimfire ammo is much less costly, and clubs can run challenging rimfire tactical matches at nearly any outdoor gun range that allows shooting out to 200+ yards.

The National Rifle League (NRL) started off sponsoring major centerfire tactical matches, similar to PRS competitions. That proved successful so the NRL added a .22 LR Rimfire series, called NRL22. The NRL22 rimfire discipline has been a major success, as rimfire guns are fun to shoot and ammo is very affordable. The most popular NRL22 matches have drawn up to 200 rimfire competitors. And now PRS has its own PRS .22 Rimfire series. The big NETT PRS .22 match in Terrell, Texas takes place today July 2, 2022.

Precision Rimfire Match with Through-the-Lens Video

Here’s an interesting video featuring a top-tier .22 LR MDT-chassis rifle. The host, Pieter “Piet” Malan from South Africa, runs the excellent Impact Shooting YouTube Channel, which now has 320+ videos on target shooting and hunting. This video features a TriggerCam unit attached to the scope, so you can see hits on the targets, just as the shooter does.

rimfire precision .22 LR NRL 22 PRS Piet South Africa

NRL22 — Affordable, Challenging Rimfire Competition Series

NRL22 is a great way to get into competition shooting with minimal expense. There are five (5) classes: Open, Base, Ladies, Young Guns (8-16) and Air Rifle. Base Class is for the budget-minded shooter — the combined MSRP of Rifle and Optic may not exceed $1200.00 (so you could spend $700 on a rifle and $500 on a scope for example). That keeps the sport affordable. Open, Youth, and Ladies Classes have no price limits on Rifle and Optic. Visit to find an NRL22 match near you.

Precision Rimfire Competition Match Report

This excellent video covers a big rimfire precision match, the King of 0.28 Miles event, held at the Rush Lake Range in MN. The video shows multiple stages with targets out to 300 yards, followed by a 465-yard challenge. Host Dave shot the match with a Vudoo Gunworks V22 rifle in a Grayboe Ridgeback stock, with a Trijicon Accupower 4.5-30x56mm FFP scope. The ammo was Lapua Center-X, a top-tier choice.

Introduction to the .22 LR Rimfire Precision Game

The Modern American Rimfire Series (MARS) was created to offer “a practical/tactical event” that could be shot at modest distances. David Luu founded MARS (intially as the Mid-Atlantic Rimfire Series) to provide PRS-type competition at shorter ranges with more affordable ammo. Though the distances are shorter, the challenge remains: “Shooting a .22 LR at 200-yards is like shooting a .308 at 1,000-yards”, Luu told In this video, to help beginners get started, Luu provides a shortlist of beginner tips and tricks for rimfire PRS. The lead photo in this article come from the MARS website.

Rimfire Ammo Selection — Why Comparison Testing Is Important

Every gun and barrel is different, so you should test various ammo types in YOUR rifle. Additionally, you can benefit from lot testing with particular ammo types to optimize your ammo choice even more. If you’re serious about rimfire accuracy, lot testing can be very helpful, whether at your own rage or a testing center. There is no replacement for starting with a good lot of ammunition your rifle likes.

First Rimfire Precision Match — Lessons Learned

Here’s a helpful video for folks getting started in the Precision Rimfire game. Our buddy F-Class John, a top F-Open competitor (and YouTube video creator), is getting starting in the .22 LR precision discipline. Here he provides lessons learned from his first .22 LR precision match.

Tripod Review — Options for Precision Rimfire Shooters

In this video, Joshua Thomas reviews an excellent, affordable full-size shooting tripod for rimfire precision matches. You’ll find many more honest and informative gear reviews on the Pursuit of Accuracy YouTube channel. And on Joshua’s website,, you’ll find gear recommendations and free downloadable targets. Last fall, Joshua’s CZ 457 precision rimfire rifle was featured in our Bulletin.

free prs nrl target factory pursuit accuracy

jonathan Ocab v-22 vudoo action MPA BA Comp chassis rimfire tactical NRL22 sunday gunday Center-X 6mm creedmoor PRS

The NRL22 match format is a great shooting discipline. NRL22 offers a high fun factor at relatively low cost. You don’t have to reload match ammo. A couple of 50-round boxes of .22 LR ammo will get you through the match. While some people bring lots of gear to matches, that’s by choice and not by necessity. You can keep it simple and still be competitive (and win).

Tips for NRL22 Competitors
by Jonathan Ocab
I am a match director at my gun club and run our local NRL22 matches. People often ask me for tips for competing in NRL22. First, I recommend getting the course of fire for the month in advance and practicing those stages at the range. Here are other specific tips that should help NRL22 competitors improve their gun-handling and match results.

1. Dry Fire Practice — If you are not able to do live fire practice at the range, I encourage shooters to practice their shooting positions at home via dry fire. Setup props or barricades with pasters or other faux targets on a wall in the garage or inside the house and run through each stage.

2. Scope Magnification Level — The most common issue I see with newer shooters in NRL22 is the tendency to maximize their scope magnification. The timer will start, and the shooter gets into position on a target, but the scope is set to 15x or higher and the shooter can’t find the target. The shooter lowers the magnification, locates the target, and then increases the magnification again, takes the shot, transitions to another target, and repeats the process of decreasing magnification, locating target, etc. Novice NRL22 shooters should try using the mid-range magnification. Try shooting 7x-12x and learn to balance field of view and target image.

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July 2nd, 2022

LEE Breech Lock Hand Press — Versatile, Affordable, Portable

Lee breech lock hand press kit
The LEE Hand Press Kit comes complete with: Breech Lock Hand Press, Ram Primer fittings, Powder Funnel, Case Lube, and one Breech Lock Quick Change Bushing.

The LEE Breech Lock Hand Press is a useful addition to any reloader’s tool collection. This Hand Press allows you to resize brass or seat bullets while at the range or away from your loading room. No it won’t replace your Co-Ax or Rockchucker, but this is a handy piece of gear. And it’s very affordable. Midsouth sells the LEE Breech Lock Hand Press Kit, with everything shown above, for $58.89. Or you can buy just the Hand Press by itself for $42.22 at Battlehawk Armory. That’s a great deal.

Lee breech lock hand press kitLEE Hand Press Quick-Change Die Functionality
This LEE Press includes the Breech Lock Quick-Change Die Feature, so you can instantly change dies with just a twist of the wrist. One Breech Lock Quick Change Bushing is included. The Breech Lock Hand Press is light and compact. It tips the scale at a mere 1 3/4 pounds and overall product length is 11.5″. Note: the maximum overall length cartridge the LEE Hand Press can accept is 3.650 inches.

While we don’t recommend the Hand Press for major full-length sizing chores, it does a good job seating bullets. This makes it a handy “field expedient” tool when doing load development at the range. For example you can experiment with seating depth by loading a batch of cartridges at home with the bullets deliberately seated long. Then, at the range, you can re-seat the bullets progressively shorter (in a series of rounds), until you find the optimal Cartridge OAL.

LEE’s Hand Press is also great for decapping operations. One verified buyer reports: “I mostly use it for decapping while watching TV, with a universal decapper die. Of course it is also useful for other operations. I wouldn’t love sizing large rifle cases with it, but if you’ve prepped your cases on a bigger press you could comfortably take it to the range for load development, one round at a time, working right there at the line instead of making a bunch of loads at home that you’ll have to disassemble later. It’s smaller and more lightweight than it looks[.]”

Using LEE Hand Press to Load at the Range
To learn more about using the LEE Hand Press in the field with a compact scale, read Reloading Without a Bench on Author Christopher Mace explains: “whether you want a better way to do load development, the capability to reload out of your ‘bugout bag’, or you’re short of space but wanting to get into reloading, the LEE Loaders and the LEE Hand Press offer you some options.”

Reloading Lee hand press review GunsAmerica

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