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October 1st, 2022

Saturday Movies: Tests and Comparisons of Powder Dispensers

Electronic Scale Powder dispenser comparison test video review Hornady Auto Charge RCBS Chargemaster Lyman AutoTrickler Frankford Intellidropper

Every serious hand-loader benefits from a precise, repeatable, and efficient powder dispensing system. There are many electronic powder dispensers on the market, starting at about $230 for a Frankford Arsenal Intellidropper and $240 for a Lyman Gen6. At the high end, the ultimate powder weighing/dispensing system would be an Auto-Trickler V4 mated to an top-tier electronic Force Restoration scale. Such a system can run $1200 or more, depending on scale cost.

In today’s Saturday video showcase we feature eight videos about electronic powder dispensers, as well as Auto-Trickler systems (both V3 and V4). If you are in the market for a new powder scale/dispenser system, we recommend you watch these videos. You may be surprised by some of the findings, and you will certainly learn more about these machines — their pros and cons. That knowledge can help you decide what electronic powder dispenser best deserves your hard-earned dollars.

Five Powder Dispenser Comparison Test (All Units Purchased)

Electronic Scale Powder dispenser comparison test video review Hornady Auto Charge RCBS Chargemaster Lyman AutoTrickler Frankford Intellidropper

If you are in the market for a sub-$500 electronic powder dispenser, definitely watch this review. This Backfire comparison test is notable because the tester spent his own money to purchase all five powder dispensers being reviewed. That means Backfire could tell the full truth, both good and bad, about the machines. In fact, Backfire bought TWO ChargeMaster Lites because one failed (See 14:12 time-mark). The reviewer liked the RCBS ChargeMaster Supreme, but his top choice overall was the Hornady Auto Charge Pro. He favored the overall design, and really liked the way the dispensing speeds could be easily set faster or slower. Here are highlights from the video review:

00:08 Speed Test
03:09 Accuracy Test
07:57 Frankford Arsenal Intellidropper
09:08 Lyman Gen 6
10:44 RCBS Chargemaster Supreme
12:03 Hornady Auto Charge Pro
14:12 RCBS Chargemaster Lite
14:41 Conclusions

AutoTrickler V3 vs. Hornady Auto Charge Pro

In the Backfire comparison video above, the Hornady Auto Charge Pro powder dispenser earned top marks among sub-$500 units. Here the Auto Charge takes on some tougher competition — an ultra-precise Force Restoration scale fitted with an Auto-Trickler V3, a system that cost upwards of $1150.00 U.S. Dollars. The Australian duo running the comparison found the Auto-Trickler system was more accurate and consistent. Notably, with a dispense speed of just 14 seconds. the Auto-Trickler V3 system was significantly faster than the Hornady machine. The Auto-Tricker V3 has been superseded by the new Auto-Trickler V4 which retails for $490.00 USD. Add $625 or more for a good Force Restoration scale such as the A&D FX-120i.

RCBS New ChargeMaster Supreme and Other ChargeMasters

In this well-made video, Gavin Gear of does a detailed review of the new-generation RCBS ChargeMaster Supreme. He puts it through his paces, verifying its accuracy and repeatability. He shows how the unit can be programmed. At the 17:20 time-mark, Gavin employs an A&D FX-120i Force Restoration scale to check the ChargeMaster Supreme’s charge-weighing precision. The results were good.

Electronic Scale Powder dispenser comparison test video review Hornady Auto Charge RCBS Chargemaster Lyman AutoTrickler Frankford Intellidropper

In the first part of this video, starting at 3:42 time-mark, Gavin Gear compares the notable features of the $430 ChargeMaster Supreme with the $300 ChargeMaster Link and the $899 RCBS MatchMaster.

Frankford Arsenal Intellidropper vs. RCBS ChargeMaster Link

The Frankford Arsenal Intellidropper, now just $230 on sale at Midsouth, was very innovative when first released, offering remote Bluetooth access and a wide range of programmable features. The downloadable App stores your load data and has preloaded bullet and powder databases. This video compares the Intellidropper with another Bluetooth-enabled modern powder dispenser, the RCBS Chargemaster Link. A free RCBS App allows you to control settings remotely.

Hornady Auto Charge Pro Review by Ultimate Reloader

As the $350 Hornady Auto Charge Pro dispenser was top-rated in the Backfire comparison at the start of this article, we thought we’d include a detailed review from Gavin Gear of If you are thinking of buying a Hornady Auto Charge Pro, definitely watch this video, as it is the most thorough Auto Charge Pro review on the web and Gavin is by far the most articulate tester. SEE FULL TEST.

AutoTrickler V4 and Force Restoration Scale

The AutoTrickler V4, paired with a quality Force Restoration scale, is the “Rolls Royce” of electronic powder dispensing systems, offering unrivaled charge-weight accuracy, great repeatability, and ultra-fast dispensing speeds. If you have the budget — $490 for the V4 plus $625+ for scale — the AutoTrickler V4 is a superb system that lets you load extremely accurate, consistent ammo. This detailed F-Class John video shows how to set up the system properly and control the dispensing and trickling functions.

RCBS MatchMaster vs. AutoTrickler V3 with A&D FX-120i Scale

This video is interesting because it compares the most advanced and expensive mass-market electronic dispenser, the $899 RCBS MatchMaster, with an AutoTrickler V3 mated to an ultra-precise Force Restoration scale. The AutoTrickler V3 + scale system offers wicked fast dispensing while delivering near-single-kernel precision and great repeatability. The MatchMaster has some interesting features, including dual dispensing tubes and a special slower, “Match Mode” dispensing function which provides enhanced precision.

BONUS Video: RCBS ChargeMaster Dispenser vs. Four Scales

This video answers the question “How does a common powder dispenser’s weighing accuracy compare to stand-alone scales?” Here the tester compares the weighing precision of an early-model RCBS ChargeMaster with four dedicated scales: A&D FX-120i (Force Restoration), Hornady G2-1500, Hornady GS-1500 (Gen 1), and a WAOAW milligram scale. These scales range significantly in price, with the FX-120i Force Restoration the most expensive by far. The features/prices of the four scales are listed at 4:41 time-mark. Accuracy/repeatability comparison testing with test weights starts at 10:12 time-mark.

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October 1st, 2022

Forster Accu-Ring — Laser-Marked Die Lock Ring

Forster sizing die lock ring accu-ring accuring laser markings

Forster sizing die lock ring accu-ring accuring laser markingsForster offers an innovative item for precision hand-loaders. The Forster Accu-Ring has precise markings so you can set your sizing dies with extreme precision in your press. The annodized black ring has laser-etched contrasting precision markings in .001″ increments. This allows you to more easily set the amount of sizing and shoulder “bump” you get when you move a die up or down in your press.

In addition, if you have a conventional seating die without a micrometer adjustment, this new Forster Accu-Ring can help you achieve more precise bullet seating. SEE Ultimate Reloader Review.

The precision Forster Accu-Ring was tested by The testers tried the new ring with both a sizing die and and seating die. The test confirmed the ring provides greater precision, compared to conventional die lock rings.

See the Forster Accu-Ring in this Ultimate Reloader product test video:

The product description from Midsouth Shooters explains:

Accu-Ring Cross Bolt Die Lock Ring (Anodized and Laser-Marked)
The Forster Accu-Ring makes setting up your Sizing Die easier by giving you reference marks in thousandth of an inch increments (.001″). To use these reference marks, simply use a fine ink marker to put a point of reference line on your die. Turn the die clockwise to increase the amount of shoulder bump or counterclockwise to decrease the shoulder bump (i.e. increase case’s headspace length).

There are many other factors that could influence the final amount of shoulder bump during sizing. Ductility of the brass or springback, type of case lube used, pulling an expander ball through the neck and the amount of slack in the linkage of your reloading press are a few things that cause variation in shoulder bump of sized cases. The reference marks on your lock ring will help you to zero in on what you want the headspace length of your cases to be.

Remember to lock up the Accu-Ring completely after you make an adjustment before you size a case again. Otherwise you will obtain inconsistent results if the ring is not tightened.

Another use is for non-micrometer seating dies. Instead of guessing with your seating stem, you can make fine adjustments to your seating depths using the Accu-Ring.

The new Forster Accu-Ring retails for $14.99 at Midsouth Shooters.

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October 1st, 2022

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