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October 20th, 2022

Train for F-Class Competition with 300-yard Target Centers

F-Class Target center NRA training reduced size
Ben Avery Match Photo by Sherri Jo Gallagher.

The 2022 F-Class National Championships are underway right now at the Ben Avery Range in Phoenix, Arizona. The Mid-Range Championship (Oct. 16-19) finished yesterday, and now the Long-Range Championship runs today, October 20, through Sunday, October 23. With economic inflation and the high price of gas in particular we know many F-Class shooters couldn’t make it to Nationals this year. For them, and other folks who are getting started in the sport, here are some special targets that let you train at your home range, even if it does not have target bays at 600 and 1000 yards. These special 300-yard target centers let you duplicate the exact MOA size of the official F-Class targets, but at closer range.

2015 F-Class Championship Ben Avery
Here is the sleek, carbon-stocked .308 Win rifle Bryan Litz used to win both the 2015 Mid-Range AND
Long-Range F-TR Championship at the Ben Avery Range in Phoenix, Arizona.

These reduced-size target centers were created by Forum member SleepyGator, an F-Class competitor who needed practice targets he could use at 300 yards. There is an official reduced-distanced standard for 300-yard F-Class matches. This utilizes the NRA No. MR-63FC – F-Class Target Center which is pasted over the MR-63 target. It provides a 1.42″ X-Ring, 2.85″ 10-Ring, and 5.85″ Nine-Ring. (The dimensions of F-Class targets are found in the NRA High Power Rules, Sec. 22, part 4, page 70-71 — see sample below.)

F-Class Reduced Target Centers

CLICK HERE to Download F-Class 300-yard Target Centers (.Zip archive with three targets)

To duplicate the 300-yard target, SleepyGator has prepared a printable version of the MR-63FC Target Center, along with a pair of training targets with two bulls and five bulls. The two-bull and five-bull targets mirror the scoring rings on the MR-63FC, but they display only the innermost three rings and two rings respectively. All three targets are Adobe Acrobat (PDF) files that can be easily printed. You may need to adjust the scale (sizing) on your printer to get the dimensions exactly correct. As noted above, when printed, the 10-Ring on all three targets should measure 2.85″. This should provide some handy practice targets you can use between matches. Thanks to SleepyGator for providing these targets. You can download all three as a .Zip archive. After downloading the .Zip file, just click on the .Zip archive to extract the individual targets.

CLICK HERE to Download NRA High Power Rules with F-Class Target Dimensions

F-Class Target Paste Center

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October 20th, 2022

Pumpkin Carving with Hickok45 — Halloween Handgunning

hickok45 youtube pumpkin video model 29 revolver sig M17

Happy Halloween
Hickok45 Carves Pumpkin Faces with Handguns

To celebrate Halloween, here’s an example of master wheelgun marksmanship. Popular YouTube host Hickok45 skillfully creates a smiling face on a pumpkin using a S&W Model 29 .44 Magnum revolver. This is the classic blued, double-action revolver popularized by Clint Eastwood as Dirty Harry. This has become a tradition for Hickok 45 — every year he puts a face on a pumpkin using a different firearm, typically a pistol, but he’s used a couple rifles as well. This year’s 2022 pumpkin-carving effort was done with a suppressor-equipped 9mm Mini Uzi. SEE PUMPKIN Shooting Playlist for all Hickok45’s annual pumpkin blasts.

Want to see more? Hickok45 has also carved pumpkins with a dozen firearms. Here is a pumpkin carved with a genuine, WWI-era Colt 1911 carried by an American soldier in the Pacific theater.

And here is a rather grim-looking face applied using the .40 SW Glock 23.

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October 20th, 2022

Starline .223 Remington Brass on Sale — $34.99/100

Midsouth Starling .223 Rem Remington brass cartridge sale discount sale

Here’s a very good deal for varminters, service rifle competitors, 3-gun aces, and any other gun guys who shoot large quantities of .223 Remington ammo. Right now Midsouth Shooters Supply is offering 100-count bags of quality, Starline .223 Rem brass for just $34.99 per 100 cases. That works out to just 35 cents per case — a very good deal these days for brand new, highly-consistent cartridge brass.

Midsouth Starling .223 Rem Remington brass cartridge sale discount sale

You may want to grab some of this Starline brass before it sells out. We expect to see high demand for this Starline .223 Rem brass at the bargain $34.99/100 price.

Popular .20 Caliber and 6mm Wildcats Based on .223 Remington

Along with being used for .223 Remington loads, this .223 Rem Starline brass can be necked-down for the 20 Practical wildcat cartridge, or necked up for 6mm-223 variants. The 20 Practical is one of our favorite varmint loads, proving very accurate in bolt-action rifles as well as AR-platform rifles.

20 Practical wildcat .223 Remington Rem AR15

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